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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hayden's first house!

My son, Hayden, bought his first house! It's a 1973 mobile home. It's had some wear and tear and needs to TLC, but it's his!!!
He goes to college about an hour away from us and had previously been renting an apartment near campus. Instead of continuing to throw his money away on rent, he decided to sell his truck and buy a mobile home. He found one half way between our house and his college. The mobile home is in a park and he had to apply for a lease. We were so thankful when he was approved! The home was only $2,500 and he paid cash for it, so no debt!
He got the key and paperwork and is now a proud home owner! P.S. To replace his truck, he bought a broken down 1990s Honda Accord for $300.00. He thought he would have to put at least $1000.00 into it, but when he started tearing into it, he realized it was just the starter and he fixed it in an hour for $100.00! I'm a proud mamma!!!
His buddy Andy is going to live there with him and will basically be paying the space rent. Hayden inherited a whole bunch of junk and garbage with the house, so before he could even start he had a lot of clean up. There was a huge of projects...
...but he's got big dreams!
It's a fixer-upper for sure, but he was totally stoked and ready to tackle this project!
It's a tiny home at 600 square feet, but it works for perfect for him. He owns it and he also has a small yard where he can plant a garden. Let's take a quick tour, here's the kitchen and dining area.
Living room.
Andy's bedroom.
Hallway and laundry area.
Hayden's bedroom.
The place has lots of problems....
....the list is very long...
....but he's ready to tackle them.
My husband and I went over to see the progress and we were a little overwhelmed....
...but Hayden and Andy...
...are not overwhelmed at all!
He's proud to be a home owner!
Hayden tore out the lower kitchen cabinets and the floor. He put in a new wood floor that he made himself.
He used our shop to make his kitchen cabinets.
I was so impressed by his planning and craftsman's skills.
I'm so proud of this guy!
They tore out the yucky toilet and vanity and replaced the flooring in the bathroom.
Replaced and repaired lots of drywall.
Painted the walls forest green.
He painted his bedroom walls a pretty sea blue.
It's looking like a home!
Eric helped Hayden install the lower cabinets that Hayden made.
It warmed my heart seeing them work together.
While the guys were installing the cabinets, I painted the bathroom.
Looking good!
Hayden also made a peninsula in the kitchen.
It looks so great Hayden!
I'm so proud of him! He is saving a lot of money every month in rent and he will be able to turn around and sell it someday and more than likely make some money on it!
All the while, he has been attending college and he even made the honor roll!
You are doing so awesome Hayden! I love you so much!

"The Lord hath sought him a man after His own heart." I Samuel 13:14b


Anonymous said...

I am in awe! I'm not his mother and I am proud!
I love reading about you and your family.
Janet V.

Anonymous said...

wow that was some project but he did beautifully. impressive for sure and very smart guy.

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