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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summery beachy scene....

 I made a little summery beachy scene in our alcove.
 It's full of vintage and vintage looking beach items.
 i love this very old postcard of girls in their very modest swim attire at a Newport, Oregon beach.
 Seashells and star fish!
 A cute little chalkware pencil sharpener of a little girl swimming sits next to a metal sand bucket.
 A very old souvenir picture of sea lions at the Oregon Caves. It has pressed lichen under the glass.
 A shell covered treasure box!
 I love these old metal sand pails. They are difficult to find!
 I had a late addition of the little chalkware bathing beauty.
I had purchased her in the spring at an estate sale, but she was broken. I glue her back together and placed her in the display. She's a perfect addition!

"Then God said, 'Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear"; and it was so. God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:9-10

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Today is my 10 year Blog Anniversary!

Ten years ago today I launched my very own little blog called Rose of Sharon.
Blogging was brand new to me and I didn't know what I was doing! All I knew was that I was 45 years old and my full nest was slowly becoming empty and I wanted to learn more about it and talk about it. I searched for articles and had a hard time finding any information and then stumbled across a website where a woman talking about her every day life and sharing photos (The Sparrow's Nest). I was intrigued and asked my son, Mackenzie, if he could help me design a web page like hers to talk about my life and share with other mothers what I was going through with my empty nest syndrome. I thought it was a website, but he informed me it was a blog (which I never even heard the word blog let alone know what it meant!) and he said he could totally help me make one and bonus, it's FREE! He helped me set up my Google Blogger account and helped me design and create Rose of Sharon and the rest is history!
This was my very first post (click here to read it). It was August 19, 2007.  I talked about making jam with my eldest son's girlfriend, Brittany. It was so exciting for me to have a forum to share my thoughts, ideas and give encouragement. It has been a wonderful ten years of blogging and there have certainly been a lot of changes since then! I've also learned a thing or two about blogging, writing posts and photography. Let's go down memory lane and take a look at what life was like for me and my family back in August of 2007 and look at some of the things I blogging about.
A few weeks before my blog launch, my husband, Eric, and I had just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on July 31, 2007.
He was 47 and I was 45 (just a few weeks shy of turning 46). We were still feeling young and spry back then as we had not started any of the "growing old aches and pains" yet!
In August of 2007 we lived on Kings Row in this darling two story yellow house. All four of our sons still lived at home. Life was super good. I think these were some of the happiest days of my life. I'm so glad that I blogged about our life in this time period!
Mackenzie was almost 23.
Cameron was 21.
Grayson was 16.
And Hayden was almost 14.
Eric's mother, Alice, was still alive at the time and very active.
Both my parents were still alive and happy living at their home.
My husband was self-employed as a timber faller (and still is).
I was working part time as a surgery scheduler for cardiac surgeons. I still work at the same company but in a different department now.
I was a working mother trying to balance it all.
Blogging was so much fun back then. I had lots of blogging friends. It was a social gathering with people I had never met face to face. Oh how I miss those early days of blogging, it was so enjoyable. I wish we could go back to that time period, but it seems that everyone uses Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, Snap Chat, etc. now.
Back in August of 2007 Mackenzie was dating Brittany. They got married a year later and sadly divorced in 2015.
There were always so many activities going on with our kids. In the summer of 2007 Cameron was on a city league softball team.
On this day Eric and I went to our friend's farm to pick blueberries. We had so much fun out in the fresh air and were dreaming about having a place in the country like this someday! Little did we know that in just 6 years God would bless us with it!
I also loved to talk about the fun things we did as a family. I used to take the boys to the swimming pool all the time in the summer and August of 2007 was no exception.
I love this handsome picture of Grayson. He was getting ready to start his junior year in high school.
Hayden was so little! He was getting ready to start his 8th grade in middle school.
We also went up to the local swimming holes quite often. This time all the boys and Brittany were with me. We always packed a lunch. Oh my goodness, these are such fun memories.
Sweet Sadie was our awesome dog. Sadly, she passed away a few months later.
We used to take the boat out to the lake a few times a year, which was always so much fun.
On this day, in August of 2007, we went with Eric's father and mother.
What happy memories!
I miss her so much. She was always so much fun.
Like I said, there was always so much going on at our house. On this day Grayson was showing the family his trebuchet he built.
Back then I enjoyed shared recipes on my new little blog. Oh how I miss those days of cooking for my big family.
I did a post on grocery shopping. Going to the store was a big deal back then and it involved lots of planning and I always needed a helper! This day it was Hayden. You can see my big list there in the cart.
I always planned out two week's worth of menus and built the grocery list on that. Trying to feed my hungry husband and our four growing boys was no easy task! shopped for two weeks worth of groceries and meals. Look how cute and little Hayden was! I really miss the days of having my sons around me all the time.
I usually spent about $250.00. Now it would probably cost at least $350.00. Spending that kind of money and having shopping be such a big ordeal is one thing I don't miss! Also note that I'm still driving the minivan! Now I have an SUV, but sometimes I really miss that old minivan, it held a lot and was easy to zip around in.
I used to always post about our fun birthday parties. Two weeks after I launched my blog we celebrated Mackenzie's 23rd birthday...
...and then on September 9, 2007 we celebrated my 46th birthday. I cannot believe how much I have aged in the past 10 years!
A few weeks later we celebrated Hayden's 14th birthday. I can't believe how much he has grown in 10 years!
I talked a lot about decorating. I sure miss our pretty house.
Don't get me wrong, I love our new place in the country, but the inside of Kings Row was so pretty!
Hopefully soon we will start remodeling the inside our Blissful Acres farm house. After seeing the burgundy walls in these photos, I just might paint a few walls here at the farmhouse the same color!
Ten years ago today, I had my four little fledglings in the nest, but then a few short weeks later Cameron moved out...
...and one week later after that Mackenzie moved out. Talk about ripping the band-aid off! Our little nest just lost two birds like that! I actually thought I was going to fall apart, but surprisingly it wasn't that difficult on me. I think I processed a lot of my empty nest feelings when they both graduated from high school. While I really missed them, it felt like it was time and I was happy for them. I think it helped having both Grayson and Hayden at home for a few more years.
Eric and I were very busy watching Grayson and Hayden play three sports a year. We became very close with the other families as we all sat in the bleachers together watching our kids play. At the end of August 2007 Grayson was a junior in high school playing varsity football....
....and Hayden was playing on the 8th grade team. These days were so much fun for my husband and I!
Mackenzie in his new home. He had his music studio set up and was making music all the time. He was also going to college and working.
Cameron in his apartment with his kitty Wheeler. He was going to college and working at Target.
Target is where he met beautiful Megan having no idea at the time that she was his one true love and one day would be his bride and the mother of this son!
And it was in December of 2007 when Grayson and Rachelle met and got together not realizing at the time that they too would one day be married and having a baby!
I look back on these 10 year old photos and remember all of the fun times we had as a family.
Happy 10 year anniversary little blog. I am so happy that I have the past ten years of my life documented. It's a great way to reflect, remember and to count my blessings. God has definitely blessed us with many good things and been with us through the difficult things.

Life's been good to me so far.

"I will remember the works of the Lord; surely I will remember Thy wonders of old." Psalm 77:11

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