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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The loss of a monument in my life....

Back in March I got off work one evening and took a different route home. It took me near 38th street where my old childhood church stood. I lost my Mamma in December and my Daddy in February, so I was full of many emotions. I was looking forward to driving by the old church and go down memory lane again.
I casually glanced over to the west in the direction of the old Church of the Open Bible and I was in absolute shock to see that it was completely gone! This place has significance for me and how can it now be gone??? Just GONE!
While it's not much to look at from the outside, this place holds many precious memories to me.
This church was significant in my family. My parents attended here while they were engaged, were married here and raised their little family here in this little church. My grandparents and aunts and uncles attended this church.
This iconic photo of our little family was taken on the sidewalk leading to the front doors of the church.
I pulled my car over and took some photos and had such a sense of loss and sadness. This is the same view of the sidewalk in the photo above.
After the loss of both my parents and all the other things that had happened in the past few months, this just about sent me over the edge.
Now it's just a pile of rubble. I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not, but as I am aging I get so sentimental and very sad when old landmarks are torn down. This also happened a few weeks after my father died and a few months after my mother died, so I was extra emotional.
I kinda got obsessed with it and started to wonder what happened to all of those old pews and the beautiful glowing cross at the front of the church behind the podium. I sure hope they salvaged them and repurposed them.
I found this photo on the internet from when they were selling the church and it still had the same pews. I actually went to the local recycle place to see if I could find any of the relics, but I didn't find any. It's unfortunate that there was not a photo of the front of the church where the glowing cross was. Also, it looks like they updated the light fixtures, the lights I remember were square.
The looked a lot like this but with three squares. I remember laying on the pew during church and looking up at them and counting the rims.
I remember this building well with it's beautiful hard wood walls, red Azrock vinyl composition tiled floor in the entry and blue carpet in the sanctuary and the very cool sink in the women's lounge....
...that looked much like this, but it was very old and super cool, ahead of it's time!
My parents changed churches when I was about 4, but my grandparents attended The Church of the Open Bible until their deaths. We went to a lot of events at that church with our grandparents. Here's my two sisters and I sitting in the reception hall also known as The Rose Room at our Aunt Grace and Uncle Oscar's wedding anniversary party. I wish I had more photos of the interior of the church, but I couldn't find any.
I think the church meant a lot to me because of our family history, but also because both my father and my Grandfather Irving were on the building committee and helped build it.
So while this foundation was the church foundation, it also is in a big way part of my foundation. My parents raised us with the foundation of Christ.
It's also meaningful to me because my father and grandfather could have very well touched these rocks when this foundation was poured.
In this very space, many souls were saved.
In this space many lives were changed for the better. People came to the Lord. People were healed. Prayers were answered. Some prayers were not answered. Faith grew. In this space my parents love was sealed. In this space I was dedicated to the Lord. Love was here. God was here.
While I was walking around, I decided to take a few mementos home with me. I found a few rocks, broken bricks and chunks of the foundation and put them in the back of my car.
I put them together in one of our flowerbeds.
Sometimes I think I'm strange because I'm so sentimental. But looking at these rocks makes me happy and reminds me of my Daddy & Mamma and my Grandpa and Grandma. Also, I realize that I'm a lot like my Daddy because he was sentimental and always brought home rocks, bottles, sticks and other items he found as keepsakes.
I'm so glad I did it because I just drove by again and it was all fenced off and now was a huge construction site. They are building a high-rise apartment complex here.
Even though it's gone, this spot will always be special to me as it is where I got my start in life.
As I was searching the net for photos of the old church (there were not many) I found this picture of the original cornerstone. I think this is so awesome, I sure hope that someone saved it.

It's a little ironic when you think about it. The church was built in late 1955. My parents were the first couple to be married in the church right after it was completed in April of 1956 and it was torn down sometime at the end of 2016. The church building and my parents marriage lasted the same amount of time, almost 60 years.

"Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away." Matthew 24:35

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." Matthew 18:20


Elena said...

This was a very interesting post. I can so identify with you. I am the same age you are and I am becoming even more sentimental than when I was younger. I always have been sentimental. I have been going through a journal my mom wrote when my folks were dating and first married. My folks met in a small Bible School in Portland and I was reading through one of their yearbooks also. So fascinating to see your folks in a different light. When I was young, their youth seemed so far away but now that I am older, I can understand and see them as they were and can so identify with them. A very amazing transformation as I get older.

Sue from NY said...

Sharon, what a great post. It was obviously where you were meant to be to be able to collect the rocks at just the right time. You will always remember every time you look at your garden

Rue said...

I'm a sentimental fool and I would have done the same thing. How tragic that they're building a high-rise apartment building there. Nothing is sacred anymore.

I love your new kitten! He's adorable and so glad he's making you happy, my friend.


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