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Friday, June 2, 2017

Changes in my kitchen....

We've made a little change in our kitchen. It's phase one of many phases that will slowly come. 
When we first bought our place something that really bothered me about the kitchen was the location of the fridge. I disliked the idea that you could see and hear the fridge from the living room and also that it was just "floating" there with no cabinetry around it, but my biggest pet peeve...
....was that it was six steps from the sink and nine steps from the stove!
We have lived in the house for over three years and I studied and studied this kitchen. What in the world could we do to change the kitchen that would cost little to nothing, as we did not have a budget for a major overhaul. Mind you, we've had tons of projects to do outside on our property such as building a shop, the garden, landscaping, repairing fencing, removing a tack room, building a she-shack, pouring cement sidewalks and patio, etc. I've had to wait for my kitchen make-over.
I measured and thought, thought and measured and finally decided that maybe we should utilize this weird alcove where there once stood an old fashioned wood stove (if I won the lottery, I would add on to the kitchen and I would put an antique wood stove in here again!). I had the idea to move the fridge there (well, I wanted to do that when we first moved in, but our's was too large). The solution was to buy a smaller fridge that would fit in this space. We measured and searched the internet and discovered they do have short fridges, so my hubby and I went to town to a scratch and dent place and we found one that was short enough to fit.
We bought it and had it delivered. We emptied it and put all our food in bags and coolers.
The delivery men came and set it all up for us.
There was a 16" gap between the fridge and the wall in the alcove and I was so delighted that my mother's quaint Amish cupboard was 15" and fit in there perfect. Down the road I would like to have a cabinet maker make us a custom fit cabinet here, but for now this works really great!
People think I'm kinda crazy to go from a 24.0 cubit foot fridge to a 14.0 cubit foot, but it's worth it to me to move it closer to the sink and stove and to have it fit in the alcove. It's just my hubby and I and so far it's worked fine for us. We have a spare in the garage and we put our old fridge in my hubby's shop, so we have lots of back up space if we need it!
I like how it opened up the kitchen when you first walk into it.
I'm excited that I still have room for my table.
I'm very happy with the layout. It's 3 steps to everything!
My husband likes it too.
Down the road, I would like to remove the little walk-in pantry (even though I love it!) and have a carpenter make us a wall pantry, which would leave proper room for a table at that end and I would love to have this......
.....fabulous old farmhouse cabinet on that wall where the fridge was. I found this inspiration piece at an antique store. This is exactly what I want my kitchen to look like! It was a little pricey though at $4,000.00! My husband said he could make something similar and we could distress it to look like it's from an old farmhouse for a fraction of the cost. In the meantime though, we have to live with things the way they are and make it work.
We still have a problem though we need to deal with now and that's the "above the fridge" cabinet. My husband didn't have time to remove it, so we had to live with it hanging around for a few weeks.
I put my pie safe in the corner temporarily.
The day finally came for the removal! Eric took the cabinet right out to his shop and installed it above his new fridge out there (our old kitchen fridge)!
It definitely left a mark! haha
I quickly painted it. Now I'm just staring at it waiting for the paint to dry!
I have had this cool cabinet sitting behind the laundry room door for three years just waiting for this day to finally make an appearance.
I emptied it, dusted it off and painted it black.
I also painted the pie safe black, but I left the shelves cream.
My husband is so talented and so amazing. I asked if he could make me a cabinet to fit on this wall temporarily until we "really" re-do the kitchen and he whipped out this baby. I love it. It fits perfectly and has chicken wire inserted into the doors. He also painted the inside white. It's a perfect place to house my collection of antique cookbooks.
So here's the final area to keep us until we have the money to do more remodeling.
I like it. I filled the glass wall cabinet with my jadeite and orange ceramic ware.
I love the fact that when I glance over there from the couch in the living room I no longer see the fridge but I see the quaint shelves along with our little table.
The pie safe turned out well too.
I moved the TV to the end of the counter and painted the white pottery on top of the cabinets black. I would love to find a black braided rug to put under the little table. I placed the old stereo cabinet in the center of the room as a makeshift island.
One more thing!
I hung a little towel bar on the end of our little island and now I have a little place to display one of my favorite things.
It's a little tea towel that my sisters and I found in the back of our mother's towel drawer in her kitchen. It's a sweet little embroidered towel that she stitched when she was young wife and mother! I love it!
We still have more that we want to do to the kitchen, but we are going to wait until we have more time and money. We'd like to paint the cabinets, get new counter tops and new floors. I brought home several paint samples to try and figure out the right shade of cream to paint the cabinets. I have put them all over the room to see how they look in the light. I also would love to put up cream colored small print wallpaper. We already have the hardware for the cabinets, I ordered them when we first moved in, but have not had time to install them. They are black half-moon bin pulls and black knobs.
I would really love to get distressed marble for the counter tops. It's surprisingly affordable.
I would really loved to have large planked distressed hard wood floors. This would be our biggest expense. I wish that we could come across old wood from a barn or old school or store or something.
We are also going to get new light fixtures, which is going to be really fun and make such a difference.
I'm leaning towards the old school house lights. I love the one in the center, but why does it have to be $249.00? Thankfully we have time to do more shopping and comparing.
The thing I really wish we could do is move the laundry room out of here. It's in a pass-through back hallway in the center of the house leading into the kitchen. While it's handy to have near the bedrooms, it's annoying because it's so visible and you hear laundry going no matter where you are in the house.
We have a three car garage and I would love to turn the small bay into the laundry room/mudroom. My husband and I are still in negotiations. haha. We will see. I think it would be a great solution, he's thinking of the financial piece. I actually don't think it would be horribly expensive and having a mud room would be wonderful on this farm. If we removed the washer and dryer from here, I would like to install upper and lower cabinets with a counter and use it kind of as a butler's pantry. It would be great for extra kitchen storage, especially if we remove our little walk-in pantry. As I said, it's still under negotiation, so will just stay as is.
 For now though, I'm pretty happy with the small change of moving the fridge.
I love my cozy kitchen.

"Let your light shine." Matthew 5:16


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I also enjoy looking at all your pretty things. You have a lovely home indeed! Can't wait for your next post!
Take care, From Belinda

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the improvements you are making to your farm home. I really like the black. I was thinking I wanted to do black appliances with some black accents. with white cabinets. Really excited to see what yours is going to look like. You are so blessed to have such a wonderfully helpful husband. Thanks again for sharing your life. Love and Blessings, Donna, from Arkansas

Shan said...

Sweet Sharon,

What a treat! Your kitchen is are so clever! I love the fridge in the little alcove along with the wooden pantry cupboard. So cute!

I just love the black cabinets with the cream you have me thinking about what I can do to improve the "cozy" factor in my own kitchen.

Blessings to you,

kelly ( serenity cottage ) said...

I love all these changes and you have given me so many ideas to do on budget for when I move into the farm house!

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