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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The loss of a monument in my life....

Back in March I got off work one evening and took a different route home. It took me near 38th street where my old childhood church stood. I lost my Mamma in December and my Daddy in February, so I was full of many emotions. I was looking forward to driving by the old church and go down memory lane again.
I casually glanced over to the west in the direction of the old Church of the Open Bible and I was in absolute shock to see that it was completely gone! This place has significance for me and how can it now be gone??? Just GONE!
While it's not much to look at from the outside, this place holds many precious memories to me.
This church was significant in my family. My parents attended here while they were engaged, were married here and raised their little family here in this little church. My grandparents and aunts and uncles attended this church.
This iconic photo of our little family was taken on the sidewalk leading to the front doors of the church.
I pulled my car over and took some photos and had such a sense of loss and sadness. This is the same view of the sidewalk in the photo above.
After the loss of both my parents and all the other things that had happened in the past few months, this just about sent me over the edge.
Now it's just a pile of rubble. I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not, but as I am aging I get so sentimental and very sad when old landmarks are torn down. This also happened a few weeks after my father died and a few months after my mother died, so I was extra emotional.
I kinda got obsessed with it and started to wonder what happened to all of those old pews and the beautiful glowing cross at the front of the church behind the podium. I sure hope they salvaged them and repurposed them.
I found this photo on the internet from when they were selling the church and it still had the same pews. I actually went to the local recycle place to see if I could find any of the relics, but I didn't find any. It's unfortunate that there was not a photo of the front of the church where the glowing cross was. Also, it looks like they updated the light fixtures, the lights I remember were square.
The looked a lot like this but with three squares. I remember laying on the pew during church and looking up at them and counting the rims.
I remember this building well with it's beautiful hard wood walls, red Azrock vinyl composition tiled floor in the entry and blue carpet in the sanctuary and the very cool sink in the women's lounge....
...that looked much like this, but it was very old and super cool, ahead of it's time!
My parents changed churches when I was about 4, but my grandparents attended The Church of the Open Bible until their deaths. We went to a lot of events at that church with our grandparents. Here's my two sisters and I sitting in the reception hall also known as The Rose Room at our Aunt Grace and Uncle Oscar's wedding anniversary party. I wish I had more photos of the interior of the church, but I couldn't find any.
I think the church meant a lot to me because of our family history, but also because both my father and my Grandfather Irving were on the building committee and helped build it.
So while this foundation was the church foundation, it also is in a big way part of my foundation. My parents raised us with the foundation of Christ.
It's also meaningful to me because my father and grandfather could have very well touched these rocks when this foundation was poured.
In this very space, many souls were saved.
In this space many lives were changed for the better. People came to the Lord. People were healed. Prayers were answered. Some prayers were not answered. Faith grew. In this space my parents love was sealed. In this space I was dedicated to the Lord. Love was here. God was here.
While I was walking around, I decided to take a few mementos home with me. I found a few rocks, broken bricks and chunks of the foundation and put them in the back of my car.
I put them together in one of our flowerbeds.
Sometimes I think I'm strange because I'm so sentimental. But looking at these rocks makes me happy and reminds me of my Daddy & Mamma and my Grandpa and Grandma. Also, I realize that I'm a lot like my Daddy because he was sentimental and always brought home rocks, bottles, sticks and other items he found as keepsakes.
I'm so glad I did it because I just drove by again and it was all fenced off and now was a huge construction site. They are building a high-rise apartment complex here.
Even though it's gone, this spot will always be special to me as it is where I got my start in life.
As I was searching the net for photos of the old church (there were not many) I found this picture of the original cornerstone. I think this is so awesome, I sure hope that someone saved it.

It's a little ironic when you think about it. The church was built in late 1955. My parents were the first couple to be married in the church right after it was completed in April of 1956 and it was torn down sometime at the end of 2016. The church building and my parents marriage lasted the same amount of time, almost 60 years.

"Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away." Matthew 24:35

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." Matthew 18:20

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Blondie and Skeeter....

 We brought our sweet new kitten, Skeeter, home about a month ago.
 He was doing surprisingly well in all areas except for one....
 ...meeting, greeting and getting along with our dog, Blondie.
There may or may not have been hissing involved.
We started in on couple's therapy right away. We put Skeeter in his crate right next to Blondie. Blondie is so sweet, she just wants to be friends.
But Skeeter keeps growling and hissing, so Blondie is actually a little nervous and scared.
 Finally we got to a point of them sleeping within a few feet of each other.
My husband helped with their therapy too.
I kept putting Skeeter right next to Blondie. He would stay there for about 2 seconds and would run off. Blondie just tried to ignore him and sleep.
 They played a little, but the kitten kept hissing.
 We had a little "Dog and Pony" show. Skeeter thought it was kinda fun, but Blondie was very nervous.
Can you see how her tail is between her legs?
 Blondie is so curious about her new little friend.
 Skeeter is getting more used to the big yellow dog.
We also did extreme one on one therapy, haha, five minutes together in the shower (not water of course!)
 It seems to be working!
 Finally, they became more tolerant.
 They could be around each other without hissing.
 In fact, a little friendship has developed.
And a little love. cute!!!
 They are becoming pals!
This kitten has no idea how Blondie will be his best friend, fun playmate and fiercest defender!
It has been a few weeks since I took the first photos in this post and recently took this sweet photo of them kissing out in the yard. Now they are great friends, they run and play together outside and sleep together at night! It's wonderful!

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

Friday, June 2, 2017

Changes in my kitchen....

We've made a little change in our kitchen. It's phase one of many phases that will slowly come. 
When we first bought our place something that really bothered me about the kitchen was the location of the fridge. I disliked the idea that you could see and hear the fridge from the living room and also that it was just "floating" there with no cabinetry around it, but my biggest pet peeve...
....was that it was six steps from the sink and nine steps from the stove!
We have lived in the house for over three years and I studied and studied this kitchen. What in the world could we do to change the kitchen that would cost little to nothing, as we did not have a budget for a major overhaul. Mind you, we've had tons of projects to do outside on our property such as building a shop, the garden, landscaping, repairing fencing, removing a tack room, building a she-shack, pouring cement sidewalks and patio, etc. I've had to wait for my kitchen make-over.
I measured and thought, thought and measured and finally decided that maybe we should utilize this weird alcove where there once stood an old fashioned wood stove (if I won the lottery, I would add on to the kitchen and I would put an antique wood stove in here again!). I had the idea to move the fridge there (well, I wanted to do that when we first moved in, but our's was too large). The solution was to buy a smaller fridge that would fit in this space. We measured and searched the internet and discovered they do have short fridges, so my hubby and I went to town to a scratch and dent place and we found one that was short enough to fit.
We bought it and had it delivered. We emptied it and put all our food in bags and coolers.
The delivery men came and set it all up for us.
There was a 16" gap between the fridge and the wall in the alcove and I was so delighted that my mother's quaint Amish cupboard was 15" and fit in there perfect. Down the road I would like to have a cabinet maker make us a custom fit cabinet here, but for now this works really great!
People think I'm kinda crazy to go from a 24.0 cubit foot fridge to a 14.0 cubit foot, but it's worth it to me to move it closer to the sink and stove and to have it fit in the alcove. It's just my hubby and I and so far it's worked fine for us. We have a spare in the garage and we put our old fridge in my hubby's shop, so we have lots of back up space if we need it!
I like how it opened up the kitchen when you first walk into it.
I'm excited that I still have room for my table.
I'm very happy with the layout. It's 3 steps to everything!
My husband likes it too.
Down the road, I would like to remove the little walk-in pantry (even though I love it!) and have a carpenter make us a wall pantry, which would leave proper room for a table at that end and I would love to have this......
.....fabulous old farmhouse cabinet on that wall where the fridge was. I found this inspiration piece at an antique store. This is exactly what I want my kitchen to look like! It was a little pricey though at $4,000.00! My husband said he could make something similar and we could distress it to look like it's from an old farmhouse for a fraction of the cost. In the meantime though, we have to live with things the way they are and make it work.
We still have a problem though we need to deal with now and that's the "above the fridge" cabinet. My husband didn't have time to remove it, so we had to live with it hanging around for a few weeks.
I put my pie safe in the corner temporarily.
The day finally came for the removal! Eric took the cabinet right out to his shop and installed it above his new fridge out there (our old kitchen fridge)!
It definitely left a mark! haha
I quickly painted it. Now I'm just staring at it waiting for the paint to dry!
I have had this cool cabinet sitting behind the laundry room door for three years just waiting for this day to finally make an appearance.
I emptied it, dusted it off and painted it black.
I also painted the pie safe black, but I left the shelves cream.
My husband is so talented and so amazing. I asked if he could make me a cabinet to fit on this wall temporarily until we "really" re-do the kitchen and he whipped out this baby. I love it. It fits perfectly and has chicken wire inserted into the doors. He also painted the inside white. It's a perfect place to house my collection of antique cookbooks.
So here's the final area to keep us until we have the money to do more remodeling.
I like it. I filled the glass wall cabinet with my jadeite and orange ceramic ware.
I love the fact that when I glance over there from the couch in the living room I no longer see the fridge but I see the quaint shelves along with our little table.
The pie safe turned out well too.
I moved the TV to the end of the counter and painted the white pottery on top of the cabinets black. I would love to find a black braided rug to put under the little table. I placed the old stereo cabinet in the center of the room as a makeshift island.
One more thing!
I hung a little towel bar on the end of our little island and now I have a little place to display one of my favorite things.
It's a little tea towel that my sisters and I found in the back of our mother's towel drawer in her kitchen. It's a sweet little embroidered towel that she stitched when she was young wife and mother! I love it!
We still have more that we want to do to the kitchen, but we are going to wait until we have more time and money. We'd like to paint the cabinets, get new counter tops and new floors. I brought home several paint samples to try and figure out the right shade of cream to paint the cabinets. I have put them all over the room to see how they look in the light. I also would love to put up cream colored small print wallpaper. We already have the hardware for the cabinets, I ordered them when we first moved in, but have not had time to install them. They are black half-moon bin pulls and black knobs.
I would really love to get distressed marble for the counter tops. It's surprisingly affordable.
I would really loved to have large planked distressed hard wood floors. This would be our biggest expense. I wish that we could come across old wood from a barn or old school or store or something.
We are also going to get new light fixtures, which is going to be really fun and make such a difference.
I'm leaning towards the old school house lights. I love the one in the center, but why does it have to be $249.00? Thankfully we have time to do more shopping and comparing.
The thing I really wish we could do is move the laundry room out of here. It's in a pass-through back hallway in the center of the house leading into the kitchen. While it's handy to have near the bedrooms, it's annoying because it's so visible and you hear laundry going no matter where you are in the house.
We have a three car garage and I would love to turn the small bay into the laundry room/mudroom. My husband and I are still in negotiations. haha. We will see. I think it would be a great solution, he's thinking of the financial piece. I actually don't think it would be horribly expensive and having a mud room would be wonderful on this farm. If we removed the washer and dryer from here, I would like to install upper and lower cabinets with a counter and use it kind of as a butler's pantry. It would be great for extra kitchen storage, especially if we remove our little walk-in pantry. As I said, it's still under negotiation, so will just stay as is.
 For now though, I'm pretty happy with the small change of moving the fridge.
I love my cozy kitchen.

"Let your light shine." Matthew 5:16

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