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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saying goodbye to my mother....

 On January 22, 2017 we held a memorial service for my dearly departed mother. It just didn't feel right to me to take photos of the service, but now that it's over, I really wish I had. It was a beautiful service. I felt like we really honored her with words, music, prayer and the slide show. We were happy that there was a good size crowd there and we heard so many good things about our mother. We served coffee and cookies after the memorial and visited with so many old dear friends of our parents.
My father loved the service. He was the happiest I've seen him since before she passed away. We had this photo of her at the front of the church with big bouquet of flowers. Right after the service he asked who's picture it was and I said, "Yours!" and gave it to him. He wanted me to get a picture of him hugging mom one more time. He held on to this picture of his beloved Shirley the rest of the evening.
Daddy holding the picture of Mamma with us four kids.
Daddy and his girls including Mamma.
 Ridley telling his Great Grandpa he loves him. The circle of life.
After the memorial service the immediate family went out to pizza at the old pizza parlor we always ate at when growing up. My parents ordered pizza from this place and had it delivered almost every Sunday night! This was such an intimate, cozy, loving time. I am so glad we did this.
 Here's my Daddy with almost all of his grandchildren & spouses and great grandson (missing Lane & Whitney, Grayson and Samuel).
The fruits of my father's life! Wow, what a wonderful family we have, what a legacy of love! Thank you Mom and Dad for starting all of this!
Good bye sweet mother. I will forever love you.

This is a post I wrote on Facebook that night:

"I feel like we gave Mamma a good send off today. I'm emotionally spent and exhausted, but yet so full of love. God, family, relationships, love ~ that's what it's all about. My heart is full. I'm going to sleep well tonight. Rest in peace Shirley May. I love you."

"Love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12

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