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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Picturesque cabin on the river

We absolutely loved staying in this quaint little cabin on the Rogue River.
It was built in the mid 1930s and is the only surviving cabin of the five that were originally built. Sadly the others were lost in a big flood. This picture was hanging on the wall in the living room.
I found this photo on the internet, there has since been a privacy fence built, but in this photo you can better see how close it is to the water,  how small it is and how picturesque it is!
It's a tiny little one bedroom cabin. I'm guessing it's about 24' x 24'
It has been lovingly restored to the 1930s era.
It's as though we stepped back in time.
I love how they accessorized it with vintage items.
This is the main living space.
Two craftsman style lazy boys just for us!
The original stone fireplace is simply amazing!
We were mesmerized by these cool owl andirons with glass eyes that light up from the flames.
There were even a few pieces of hoof legged furniture. While I can appreciate it as antique cabin furniture, I really don't care for it, it's a little on the creepy side!
Love this dancing bear picture!
Wood paneling and wood floors make for a great cabin feel and check out the antique phone!
Love the doors.
The bathroom is so cute. I love the tile floors.
This is such a cool light fixture.
Cute bathroom accessories.
This place is so tiny, I'm standing in the bathroom door and I'm practically in the living room and kitchen!
The kitchen is the tiniest I've ever seen.
But it has everything!
This 1930s stove really works!
They did an awesome job decorating this place to feel like the era.
The owner told us that he converted this old ice machine into a real refrigerator.
He put the refrigerator motor outside and piped in the cold air! Pretty ingenious. It is so stink'n cute!
The counter tops are hand hewn wood.
What a darling light fixture.
Not a detail was spared, there's even old cans of food in the cabinet!
And antique utensils! I was so inspired by the fact that they are actually letting us use the Bakelite flatware that I bought myself some to use at home!
Charming canisters.
What's a kitchen without a cookbook! Love it that they have the antique White House cookbook! Also an old hand crank coffee mill that really works!
I love this old ice-cream maker. I've never seen one so small nor in white! It's on my shopping list to find one!
I really like this old cheese grater too. Love the crystal knob. I think I will be on the hunt for one of these as well.
Fun old jadeite juicer.
Here's another view of how tiny and cute this place is. I'm standing in the kitchen and you can see into the living room and down the hall to the bedroom. I love it!
I'm completely fascinated by these cool light switches. I asked the owner about them and he said they are new, they are reproductions of 1930s switches!
There were cute light fixtures all throughout the house.
The master bedroom was very romantic and cozy.
It was wonderful having a door right out to the deck overlooking the water.
We loved staying in this cabin! It was so nice for us to have a romantic get away, but it was so extra special to me to be able to stay in such a darling place that's decorated to the period it was originally built.
It was truly like we stepped back in time to 1937!

"Comfort, comfort my people," says the Lord your God." Isaiah 40:1

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