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Friday, May 5, 2017

More freezing rain....

 The snow hadn't even melted yet and we had more freezing rain dump on us!
 Oh, I'm getting tired of these cold, cold, cold days and nights.
 I have to admit though, it is absolutely gorgeous!
 Everything looks like it's covered in glass.
Eric and I took a little walk around the property. We wanted to assess if there was any more damage to our trees.
We were so nervous that we would lose more trees and or large branches.
 Thankfully we didn't see any new breakage, but we still had to get through the day.
Meanwhile I got some fantastic photos!
There are icicles everywhere!
There's no doubt, Winter is here!
 I sent this photo to my little grandson and he loved it. His Tonka is definitely snowed in!
 I forgot to put away this little Santa and reindeer and now he's frozen in time!
Well, we were hoping we wouldn't lose power again,  but sadly we did. However, this time we were seasoned vets and we knew what to do! We had plenty of firewood to stay warm.
 And we still had the generator on the back porch so Eric just had to plug it in.
 We're old pros at this now and even plugged in the TV! We didn't get access to the cable channels, but we did have access to the movies we recorded on the DVR.
 Eric is so sweet and called our neighbor who has 50 cows across the street.
She doesn't live on the property and due to the ice she was unable to get here to feed her cows.
He offered to feed her cows and horses for her and she was very grateful!
  I'm so proud of my hardworking neighborly husband!
 The cows sure seemed happy to see us!
 I don't know how they can stand to be out in the freezing weather, but it doesn't seem to bother them at all!
 The horses were thankful too!
I thought her bench looked so cool covered in snow and ice.
 Also the roof to her little shed.
 After that we decided to head to town to check on Eric's father.
 His place was iced over as well.
 He was happy to see us too!
 I'm so thankful that we live so close to him and can check in on him. He didn't lose power, which we were grateful for!
 Since we didn't have any electricity we decided to eat breakfast in town. So even though these times are tough, there are fun times too. :)
We headed back home hoping that the power would be back on, but it wasn't. We just stayed warm and watched a movie with power from the generator. Finally that night about 11:00pm the power came back on. We were so thankful that it was only 24 hours this time instead of a week. It's only been one week into the new year and it's already been tough. Oy vey.

"From the breath of God ice is made, and the expanse of the waters is frozen." Job 37:10

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