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Monday, May 29, 2017

Farm animals!

A few months ago our neighbor, Teresa, told us that her cows started having babies and she invited us over to see them. We also were going to buy two cows from her and we needed to pick them out. We planned a day when we were watching our grandson, Ridley, so that he could see the little calves too!
My husband cracked me up. I asked him if he could help Ridley get his coat on and instead of picking the new size 3 coat for Ridley, he grabbed the 24 month coat! It's just a little tight! haha
 We had to take a little journey to get to the cows. Thank goodness for a lending hand to....
 ....get one leg over....
 ...then the other.... conquer the fence!
Now we go through a field...
 ...then through another field and...
 ...then through mucky muck!
Phew, we made it! Let's go check out the cows!
 We finally made it to the corral and we saw the mamma and baby.
Oh my gosh, that face! He's so cute!
 Ridley was so excited! There were other babies that were born, but they were too far out in the field for us to see them.
I love these two so much!
So stink'n cute!
Aww, this is so sweet, he's nursing.
Oh honey, you are darling!
Teresa then showed us the cows we got to pick from.
We picked Oscar, the black and white Angus/Hereford mix on the very left and Rudy, the big red Hereford hiding in the back.
Ridley and I explored the barn.
This is where she feeds them. I can't believe how much muck and goo they stand in!
Ridley had fun playing on the hay bales.
Next we looked at her horses. They are so pretty!
We came back home and fed our goats!
These are such precious moments for me!
We looked over to the pond and saw that our little geese couple had their babies!
We've been watching the male and female swim around the pond and then all the sudden the female was gone, so we realized she was sitting on their eggs. Then all the sudden the whole family made an appearance. What a blessing to have them live on our pond! They are such a sweet little family!
I love this scene of Grandpa cleaning Ridley's boots. Be still my heart!
What a wonderful day we had. We absolutely love farm life!

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him." Psalm 34:8

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