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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A golden St. Patty's feast!

 We had a great St. Patty feast again this year. Here are some late photos of our celebration. I found this idea on the internet. An old pair of leprechaun shoes filled with lucky clover greet you at our front door. I found these little boy dress shoes at a thrift store for two bucks, but after I tried to beat them up, they are still too new looking and I am on the hunt to "upgrade" them, haha, or should I say "downgrade" them? I am looking for more of a ankle boot, real leather and real beat up, even with holes in them. I am hoping I might find a pair of women's in a free box at a garage sale this summer. I found the clover in our field, so this was a very inexpensive decoration.
 Had a little fun with my nails!
 Kitchen windowsill display.
One of my favorite things is the framed four leaf clover. I found it in an old book at my parents house. I believe it was found by my great grandmother in the 1930s-1940s.
 I created a fun little leprechaun village in our centerpiece box on the farm table.
 I placed branches, lichen and moss from our yard in the box.
 Then added my whimsical elves and gnomes.
 Vintage laddie and lassie cardboard cutouts grace the china hutch.
 My new fun area to decorate, the alcove, is filled with more vintage goodies.
 Some leprechauns can look a little creepy, but I love em!
More vintage goodies.
 For the family dinner, I set the table with mixed patterns of green dishes.
 Simple, yet festive!
 My lucky leprechaun!
The cutest little leprechaun!
 We had some fun times playing with the green felt hats.
 Cameron and Megan brought green appetizers!
 The youngest and the oldest enjoying their snacks!
 Eric and I gave Cameron and Megan a little gift for their baby boy that's due in July. A little tiny pair of rubber boots and a sweet soft blanket. We just found out they were having a boy and I wanted to get them something.
 This year I made shepherds pie.
 Rachelle made soda bread.
 She also made a green salad.
 The dinner was pretty good. I'm not sure I'll make it again though.
 Even Ridley got to have a special plate and drink from a green glass!
 Brittany made chocolate mint brownies for dessert.
 They were delicious and safe on my low carb diet, made with all health stuff! Yummy!
Our neighbor overlooking part of our property and pond of a beautiful rainbow. Maybe the gold is nearby!

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis 9:13

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