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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The last thing I remember it was Thanksgiving....

The last thing I remember, it was Thanksgiving. I can't believe that it's the end of April now. So much has happened since Thanksgiving, but it's almost like time stood still in my mind and we are still back at the end of November.
I feel like I've been through a whirlwind. Life was good and going along at a busy, yet predictable pace. We had a simple yet lovely Thanksgiving with my parents at their assisted living facility. I'm so thankful that we had this gathering. I'm so thankful to have memories of eating, talking and laughing with them, as it was the last happy family gathering I would have with my parents. We hugged and kissed and said our good-byes. 
That weekend I decorated the whole house for Christmas except for the tree. 
I'm so thankful that I got it all done and even packed away all of the storage boxes. 
I went to work that Monday, November 28th and received a call that my Mamma was very, very ill and expected to die. Time seemed to have stopped at that moment.
My beautiful mamma died Saturday, December 3, 2016 (click here to read the story).

Sometimes when life throws a curve ball (or two) I feel like I can't handle it, but I don't even know why I allow myself to think like that because the hard truth is, there is no choice about it. We all have to go through difficult times. I am writing this post to encourage others with life's difficulties and also to remind myself that, no I can't handle it on my own, but God can! God gave me strength. He held me up. His Word comforted me. He surrounded me with amazing people to help hold me up in prayer as well as support me in other ways. I am truly thankful and never want to forget God's blessings.

These are some of the things that happened since that somber day.
My mother passed away on a Saturday afternoon. I was with my father and siblings and returned home that evening about 7:00pm. My husband ordered pizza for dinner and he was so delicate, loving, supportive and kind to me. The next morning I did not feel up to going to church, but Eric and I read the Bible and prayed together.

I was so worried about my Daddy. I had to see him, so my husband and I drove out to see Daddy to check on him. He was so very heartbroken. He just lost his other beautiful half. But the good news is that he was eating and the aids that work there told us he slept good. I'm so thankful for the sweet girls who work at his home, they love him and are almost like daughter's to him, so while it was very difficult to leave him, I knew he was in good hands. Also, the other residents have become family to him and there's always so much life and activity there.

After we left Daddy, we swung into a Christmas tree lot and bought our tree. I was so thankful that I had the house decorated before Mamma started to pass, it would have been so stressful if I hadn't even started or if I was right in the middle with boxes everywhere.
Weeks prior we had planned to have a big family dinner on Sunday night with a double birthday celebration for Grayson and Rachelle. The kids all contacted us wondering if I was still up for it and I decided that that's exactly what I needed, to have my loving family around me. I had all the groceries to make chicken and rice and the cake, so that morning, before we visited Daddy, I busied myself in the kitchen cooking and baking. This was a lovely evening, my kids are all so loving and supportive and seeing my precious grandson was just what the doctor ordered!

I am so thankful for the bereavement benefits my job offers, they gave me four paid days off. I didn't have to work the whole week, which was such a blessing. The next couple of days I pretty much just prayed, thought, cried and rested.
On Wednesday I watched Ridley and we stopped in to see my father. Ridley got him to smile, but he was definitely sad. I am so worried about my sweet Daddy.
When we got home Ridley helped me decorate the tree.
My niece, Victoria, got married the following Saturday, December 10th. They held the reception in their barn, so on Wednesday night I drove to my sister's house (Kathi) and spent the night and helped them decorate the barn. This was a very big job and it was so very cold (26 degrees) but it was so much fun too! We got lots done.  It was great therapy for Kathi and I to work side by side and talk so much about our dear mother as we helped prepare the festivities. On Saturday, Eric and I picked up Daddy and drove him up to the wedding. It was good for him to be there to see his granddaughter get married and see all the immediate and extended family. He had a nice time. My other sister, Kelli, and her husband took Daddy home after the reception.
The next morning Eric and I went to church where they had the Christmas pageant. It was darling. It was so good to be in church. So many people were kind and loving to me. I was feeling very down and kept weeping. On top of all of my sadness regarding my mother, I was also so, so very heartbroken over the loss of another relationship. It was almost too much for me to bear. My heart was very, very heavy.
I was feeling so sad that afternoon, pondering many thoughts about life and what does it all mean, but when I went out side to get some firewood, I saw this beautiful huge rainbow reminding me of God's promises. He is in control.
I went back to work on Tuesday and was greeted with such love by co-workers. I didn't concentrate that well, but I got my work done and the day flew by. I was really, really emotionally exhausted.
I was supposed to be watching Ridley the next morning, but a huge ice storm was coming in and all the schools in our area were canceled the next morning, so Brittany didn't have to work and would be staying home with Ridley. Right then, our youngest son, Hayden, called and said he unexpectedly had to get all four wisdom teeth pulled and the dentist squeezed him in Wednesday morning. He spent the night with us and Eric took him down to his appointment.
Meanwhile, I noticed that my beloved kitty, MacGyver, was acting very sick. I made him an appointment for the vet that afternoon and it was just the worst news I could get, he had feline leukemia and was dying. The only option was to put him to sleep. I just lost it. I started bawling. Why??? I've had so much loss and now my wonderful kitty. I kissed him and told him good-bye. My drive home without him was just the worst. My heart was truly broken.
When I got home, Hayden was asleep on the couch recovering from his oral surgery and our electricity was out. While the freezing rain was so beautiful, it caused havoc to our whole county. We lost power before I took the kitty to the vet and it never came back on. It was really scary because it was dark out and we kept hearing cracking of limbs and trees going down. We went out with a huge flashlight to look, but it was very dangerous with branches falling everywhere so we went in. We will see the damage in the morning.
Thankfully my husband bought a generator last fall and boy were we glad we had it. He had it going out on the back patio and hooked up an extension cord so we had a few lamps on and were able to make coffee and listen to the radio. We found out that thousands of people in our whole state lost power.
At dawn we went out to assess the damage and it looked like a war zone.
We were devastated by the loss of trees and limbs.
One of our trees out by our pond fell and landed in the middle of the road. My husband cut it into smaller chunks with his chainsaw and our neighbor helped him get it off the road.
We had so much damage to our property and lost 9 panels of fencing.
So on top of not having power, having all the damage to our property and living with subfreezing weather, I had concerns about my third son, Grayson. A few weeks prior he received a real blessing regarding his job. He applied for and received a promotion to the lineman program at the utility company. He started the new position on December 5th and now just a few days into his new job he was thrown into helping the crew with getting the city's power back on during one of the state's worst ice storms.

He worked 72 hours straight through the first three days of the storm. While he was not actually working directly on the power lines, he was doing very dangerous work with downed power lines and dangerous trees and limbs resting on power lines. I was so worried because he was so new at the job, but also that he was working non-stop and I was worried about him getting so fatigued. Not to mention he was working in terrible conditions with the freezing rain still coming down.
Meanwhile, Eric and I started cleaning up our property. There were branches everywhere, it was a huge mess.
Happier times at our Christmas party in 2013.
I was getting very anxious because we were planning to have a big Christmas party with all of our friends on Saturday the 17th. We had done this for about 10 years, but took the last two years off, so we were really looking forward to it and actually all of our friends were looking forward to it too.  I felt like it would really boost my mood to have our house filled with friends and laughter. But sadly, by Friday at 5:00 we still had no power and had to cancel the party. This along with everything else that had happened put me into a downward spiral of sadness, depression and yes, a little bit of self pity.
Every day was the same, wake up in hopes of the power being on, the realization it's not on, being freezing cold out and not feeling like doing one thing, but heading out and picking up limbs. I was getting down, but thankfully, God sent us some angels.
Our pastor, Brent, and his son, Caleb, came over and helped us for several hours cleaning up our property.
Then our friends, Kevin and Angie came over. Kevin helped Eric outside and she visited with me and cheered me up. She brought a big crock pot full of hot chili and all the fixings and we asked them to stay and eat dinner with us.
We found out that both Cameron and Megan and Grayson and Rachelle's property had lots of damage as well. We paid it forward and went to their homes and helped clean up their places.
Here's Eric and Cameron on Cameron's roof removing a branch that poked a hole in their roof. Praise the Lord it didn't go through into their bedroom!
Grayson was still working crazy hours and had no time at all to deal with the damage to their property. Thankfully though, by Saturday electrical crews from other counties came to help and Grayson's crew was able to go on 16 hour shifts from 6:00 am until 10:00 at night. I was still worried about him, but at least he was able to get home and sleep in his own bed. I thought the kids were wise and Rachelle would take him to work and pick him up at night to avoid him falling asleep at the wheel on the long drive home.

Anyway, Eric, Rachelle and I worked several hours and made a lot of progress cleaning up their place.
Rachelle was so sweet and invited us to stay for dinner. We still didn't have power, but Grayson and Rachelle did (they only live one mile from us, so it was kind of strange, but we were grateful!). It was so nice to be in a warm house with lights on! Eric watched the news and I did my fingernails.
I went to work on Monday and we still did not have power. I forgot to mention that because we don't have power, our well doesn't work, so we have no water.  I drove to Grayson and Rachelle's to take my shower and get ready for work. I was so thankful that I had a place to shower, but it was wearing on me. I was so tired of living like this with insulation in our sliding glass window and the power cords everywhere. It also makes me realize how spoiled we are with all of our modern conveniences of electricity and running water! I am also so thankful that we have the generator. We are truly blessed, but I'm just getting fatigued from all of it.
I was tidying the house and saw what I thought was a chunk of wood laying next to the stove. I grabbed it to throw it in the wood box and screamed in pain. It was actually a piece of a brick that had broken from inside the wood stove. My husband had just found it in the stove and pulled it out and laid it there minutes before. He said it was actually a glowing red when he took it out of the stove. He felt horrible that I grabbed it and I ended up getting 3rd degree burns on my fingertips.
Also, my tennis elbow had flared up to the point that I was almost in tears. On the pain scale, it was a 10. The pain was throbbing up into my shoulder. Since I went off sugar a year ago I have not had to have any steroid shots, but because I did all that heavy lifting with cleaning up the branches for several hours every day for several days in a row, I re-injured it something awful. I made an appointment to get another shot, but couldn't get in until the middle of January. I used ointments and braces and ibuprofen to get me through until then.
Meanwhile, Hayden sent me this picture and he said that his mouth is not healing right and his left cheek hurts terribly and is extremely swollen. I was so worried that he had an infection and it's so close to his brain. Oh my gosh, why is all this stuff happening? I don't know if I can take much more!

I was relieved that later that day when he called the dentist the dentist asked to see him and they got him on antibiotics.
Tuesday morning we woke up to still having no power. This makes 7 days with no electricity or water. I went to work and I was really getting down. I put a post on Facebook asking people to please pray and send me scriptures of encouragement. So many people sent me scriptures and words of encouragement. I felt their prayers! My heart was lifted. This scripture really ministered to me. Finally, that afternoon, I got the call that our power was back on!! Praise the Lord!!!
It was evening on December 20th, could we save Christmas? We had so much clean up to do and we still needed to do our Christmas shopping! I also needed to get my grocery shopping done too. I was thankful because I had a few days off and we got everything done. I even had time to make my mamma's wonderful fudge. This was really meaningful to me because Mamma made it every year and gave it to our teachers when we were little and later in life her and Daddy delivered it to their neighbors and the widows at church. I found this list of the baking she had planned to do one Christmas and it made me really sad. I know that this will be a difficult season as I mourn her.
Before all the craziness hit, I had taken everything off the walls in our powder room planning on redecorating it for the holidays. We were planning on having a big gathering on Christmas day with my Daddy, my sister and her family and our family and I wanted the powder room to look decent. I was happy that I had energy and time to do a little craft. It felt really good too to tap into my creative side, it's real therapy for me!
Eric and I went power shopping on December 23rd and got everything on our lists. We went out to dinner and had a fun nightcap when we got home.
Christmas eve day I enjoyed my tradition of wrapping gifts while watching a Christmas movie. That afternoon we went to Ridley's Christmas performance at church, which was ADORABLE! Later we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of french dip sandwiches with Hayden and Eric's dad.
Then we followed tradition of watching A Christmas Story and eating lemon cheesecake.
Christmas morning was quiet but special with my hubby and son. You can still see a little swelling in Hayden's face, but I am so thankful that he's so much better!
Later the family came over for a big feast. I was so happy that my Daddy was able to join us! I also was so happy that Grayson  was with us too; he was done working his crazy hours and God protected him during that time.
Christmas was over and we rang in the new year. I'm ready for a new start....
...but there's a few more difficult times waiting around the corner such as a snow storm and another huge loss.

For now though, I'm thankful for everything God brought us through. I'm thankful that He has comforted me through the loss of my beautiful mother. No matter what life brings, God is with me.

"Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you." Deuteronomy 31:8


Sue said...

So sorry for your loss, Sharon! Thank you for sharing of the faithfulness of God through these many trials, and you have come through victorious, to God be the glory!

Curious Thinker said...

I'm glad your blog is back on as months ago I tried to read your blog and it was disabled. Anyway, I'm sorry about your parents but least they're together in heaven. I'm also sorry about your cat as an owner of two cats myself who lost one cat couple of years ago, our pets are part of the family. Glad you and your family are now doing okay. God Bless.

PS I started a new blog at the beginning of this year although I haven't posted a lot of stuff yet due to being busy with other stuff but I hope you can stop by and check it out sometime. Thank you.

Shan said...


Oh how often I have thought of you! Thank you, sweet lady, for sharing this journey. Despite the sadness, you bring such joy to those around you and your care and concern for others is such a lovely example of Christ's own love for us.

I have been praying for you and I hope that this spring will bring you peace and joy and a "new season".

Sending you hugs,

Christie said...

Hi Sharon,
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog recently and leaving a comment for me, because your comment led me to your heartfelt and beautiful blog. I was so thankful to find the Deuteronomy 31:8 scripture that you shared. I needed that reminder from God's word, (it was just what I needed to hear, in a "now" moment for me, from God). I can never thank you enough for sharing it, it gave me strength during a difficult week of waiting for test results from my doctor. I was trusting the Lord, but getting weary too while I waited. Praise the Lord, all was well with the test results. I'm good. I know God works through his people and I know he worked through you, so I wanted to thank you.

The memorial that you and your family had for your parents was so beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss, hold on to all the wonderful memories you shared... you will see them again. God bless you and your sweet family.

P.S. I wanted to leave a link to a song for you, it's helped me through many difficult times. It's called "It Is Well"

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