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Saturday, November 5, 2016

I did it.

I voted this morning. I feel relieved to have this done, but I actually am not proud of who I voted for.  For the first time in my voting career, I have had this feeling. I do feel that this person is the better of the two. It's so sad what our country has come to. Ultimately, I KNOW that GOD is IN CONTROL no matter what the outcome. THY will be done! Whoever gets voted in, I will pray for them. I believe we American's must stand together. In God we trust.

In God I trust.

"God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne." Psalm 47:8


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel Sharon, as I feel the same way. We will be voting on Tuesday.

as always starzie said...

Hi Sharon! I hope I share your optimism someday. I do think one of the candidates was much more qualified. We do need to think about the example we are setting for our children and grandchildren. Have we lowered our standards so low that our youth do not have a president they can be proud of and really look up to? When they display behavior that is unacceptable and we tell them it is not to be tolerated, what will be their comeback? That our President, the most powerful man in the world, is who they are emulating. I know I must put these matters in Gods hands but I have to admit my faith has been shaken. Today I am beyond sad. I'm sorry for verbalizing my opinion. In all of my 65 years I don't think I have ever been so discouraged.
God bless,
Hugs from Darlene

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much and always look for a new post. I also voted. I am very pleased with the election results. I pray that God will
be with Mr Trump and our country! Belinda

Anonymous said...

I voted also. I think Trump is the change our country needs. May God bless him and our country. Belinda
P.s.. I look forward to your blog posts.

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