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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bountiful garden...

Welcome to the garden!
God blessed us with a bountiful garden this year!
This is a side door to the garden, but we don't use it that often, we'll go around to the front to go in, I just wanted to show you the cute zinnia's we planted around it.
They are in full bloom and are just gorgeous. Unfortunately, we had to plant and replant three times! They would not come up for the longest time. We are seriously thinking about making a green house so we can start them and a lot of our other plants from seed much easier.
Let's pull the latch...
....and walk into our "not so secret" garden!
Immediately to the right of the main gate we have bell peppers and they are doing great!
Next we have artichokes. We ate several, which were delicious, but....
...several went to seed, which is kind of a bummer, but wow, they are so pretty.
Next in that row is our zucchini.
Immediately to the left of the garden gate we have eggplant growing!
This is our first ever attempt and they are doing amazing!
Then we have our row of tomatoes. We only bought 3 plants this year and had probably another 6 volunteer, and needless to say.......
......our tomato patch is now out of control and a huge mess, but we have plenty of yummy tomatoes!!! Next year we are going to make wood stands to hold them so we won't have this big mess!
These cherry tomatoes volunteered and I'm so happy because they are scrumptious!
Another volunteer was this huge pumpkin plant!
It has gone crazy and has given us almost a dozen pumpkins!
We planted one cucumber plant and had another three volunteer. That's okay with me, I love them!
My garden assistant, MacGyver, is showing up for his shift. haha
I added a little table for two in the garden this year. It's such a pretty spot to sit and visit.
Our flowers in the base of the windmill are doing phenomenal.
I was so thrilled to see this beautiful butterfly.
I don't know about you, but I have not seen nearly the amount of butterflies that I used to see as a child and it makes me sad. Since we've moved to the country, I have seen more, but usually just one or two at a time. I want to plant more flowers that attract them.
Our bush beans did great this year.
They gave us plenty to eat for many dinners, to can and to pickle.
The onions did great too.
I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring out this great drying system for the onions. I went to a recycle center looking for some kind of lightweight screen or rack to lay them on and found these vent covers, which are perfect!
They are strong, lightweight, stackable and cheap at only $1.00 a piece! We laid two 2x2x8s on two sawhorses, placed the racks on them and then laid the onions on them to dry out in the hot sun for 10 days, turning them every couple of days. We left them right in the garden, which is fully fenced in so the deer can't get to them and also they were not in our way (last year we laid them out on the patio and it was an ugly mess for two weeks). It worked out great!
Once the onions were harvested, my husband planted late crops of lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower.
We originally had a spring crop of broccoli in these two rows, which produced wonderfully and then my husband planted corn. He planted the corn too late, so we did not get any cobs. :( Oh well, we will give it to the cows.
Another big disappointment this year were our blueberries. They started out great, but the birds got to them, so we never got to harvest them. Next year my husband is going to put nets over all of our berries.
The strawberries did great though!
And so did our raspberries and  boysenberries.
Oh my goodness, they are fantastic! We actually got a second crop of the raspberries so we froze a ton.
The boysenberries are absolutely gorgeous.
They are so large too and delicious!
The asparagus has grown fabulously, but we must wait two more years before we get to start harvesting it. I can't wait!
We planted sunflower seeds on two sides of the garden perimeter, but they did not grow up so well like they did last year. As a side note, I love looking out from the garden over to the field so see our cows grazing, they are just so beautiful.
I'm thankful we got a few healthy sunflowers, this one is really pretty.
Well, that finishes up our garden tour for 2016.
It has been a bountiful garden for sure!

"Build houses and live in them; and plant gardens and eat their produce." Jeremiah 29:5


Sue from NY said...

What a beautiful garden! Looks like the harvest will keep you busy canning and freezing the bounty. Such a blessing.

gin said...

Bountiful indeed!! Perfect food in a country life.

Denise said...

Gorgeous garden!! And your assistant is too cute! Our garden did nothing at all. We were so disappointed to find out that nothing grew, not one thing. I pray it turns out to be a better one next year. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any butterflies in quite some time. When we first moved here, 18 years ago, I saw many but not anymore. They are so pretty.

Kelly ( serenity cottage ) said...

This was so much fun and exciting to read!!

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