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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our 4th of July celebration!

We had such a fun 4th of July! We actually started on the 3rd with an impromptu barbecue with family, friends and neighbors.
Ridley met two new friends Jillian and Sydney and they had so much fun playing together.
After dinner we built a fire and roasted marshmallows.
It was Ridley's first smore!
Brittany and Ridley spent the night and we planned a big breakfast. I loved sharing some morning talk with my grandson as he drank his milk and I had my coffee.
My sweet husband made bacon and eggs.
I made a big fruit salad with fresh raspberries from our garden!
Our tradition is to eat out on the patio/deck and Eric's father came over and joined us. It was fun!
Then we went to the parade. Our friends "reserved" our seats, so we had an awesome spot in shade.
I thought this house was so decorated so cute. I told the owner that it's darling and very "Pinterest-ey"
I love this shot of Brittany and Ridley walking together. I love his little flag. We walked a few blocks to find her friends who were there.
When we found them they were getting snow cones for their son, Boaz, so Ridley got to have one too. Ridley and Boaz are best buddies. Notice the rocks in their hands, the booth behind them is for a rock hound club and they were giving polished rocks to all children 10 and under. I love all this small town stuff!
Be still my heart!
Love this girl!
Let the parade begin!
Ridley loved it!
It was so much fun!
My hubby and I have celebrated 38 4th of July's together!!!
It was so much fun watching it through Ridley's eyes.
You can guess Ridley's favorite part! Candy!!!
Grandpa enjoyed the Popsicle someone threw at him.
Ridley was really cute and shared his candy with all of us.
Brittany was smart and brought Ridley blueberries and nuts to snack on so he wouldn't eat so much candy.
There were many cute floats!
It was a great parade and really long too.
It was a great time.
After the parade I met my sister and her kids and we hit a couple of thrift stores, which is always fun. That night we barbecued steaks and had corn on the cob with left over salads.
Eric's brother, Mark, was visiting from back east and he came over with their father.
When it got dark Eric and I met Grayson and Rachelle and a bunch of their friends at the local grade school to watch the fireworks show.
It was so much fun, it was a great show!

I hope you had a great Independence day too! God bless America!

"For you have been called to live in freedom...use your freedom to serve one another in love." Galatians 5:13


Anonymous said...

So many "firsts" for Ridley. It made me smile. When we experience things through the eyes of children it reminds us of the wonder and excitement from the first time we experienced it. Maybe that's why God gives us children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc to open our eyes to the wonder. To remind us.

Love your posts

Anonymous said...

What a perfect 4th of July you had. So glad it was wonderful for you your family and friends. Hubby and Inhave spent 44 4th of July together.We flew to Utah to spend the week with my daughter son in law and Grandbabies. First 4 th of July we ever spent with them.

Pamela in Ohio

gin said...

A busy fun 4th for you and yours!

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