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Friday, July 15, 2016

A little seaside display....

 I've been wanting to make a little summery-beachy display for several years, but never had enough stuff and couldn't think of a good place to make my display. It finally came together this year and I love how it turned out!
 I made my display on top of my pie safe in the kitchen. I wanted to hang something on the front of it, so I made this picture. I printed a darling old photo from a book cover and framed it in this old beat up yellow wood frame. I really like the results!
 I have been collecting odds and ends for a few years.
 Just last week I found the last piece, which is this reproduction vintage sand pail.
I had a box in my hobby closet that I was slowly filling up with goodies such as the "no fishing sign", the seashells and the vintage saltwater taffy tin, awaiting the day that I created my display.
 A friend brought me this neat cast iron starfish from Mexico.
  This little book about two brothers at the beach is so sweet.
 An old shell-covered treasure box is perfect in the display!
 Love this cute little swimming beach baby.
 The inspiration to the whole beach display was found in a Mary Engelbreit magazine. She showed a glass cookie jar filled with sand and a little beach scene. I loved it the minute I saw it and wanted to recreate the idea.
It's hard to find cool vintage looking figurines and when I found this lovely bathing beauty, I snagged her up and kept her for the day I made my display.
 When I went to the beach with my daughter-in-law a few weeks ago, I found a few more seashells and driftwood and brought home some sand.
 It's so magical!
 Watch out bathing beauty, that crab might get your toes!
 I've had this old book for many years and have kept it in the box, just waiting for this day!
I recently found this wonderful book, We Visit the Seashore, at a garage sale. It's full of reproduction antique beach photos.
 I love this cute little picture that someone had made.
 This was a big craft in the 70s and I think it would be fun to try it again. I think what they did was buy a set of greeting cards like thank-you notes or invitations and then cut out multiple layers of certain items and glued them together to make a 3-D effect. I might do a similar craft with my daughter-in-laws some day.
I am so happy with my cheerful summery beachy scene, it was worth the wait!

"The sea that He made belongs to Him, along with the dry land that His hands formed. Come! Let us worship and bow down; let us kneel in the presence of the Lord who made us!" Psalm 95:5-6


Shan said...

Oh, Sharon....sooooo cute! I just love this! I have one of my Victorian bedrooms decorated in a Seaside Motif, so I may have to borrow a few of your adorable ideas.

You really brightened my day...thank you!


Denise said...

This is too cute! I love it!!

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