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Thursday, July 21, 2016

How I made my little beach picture....

 The other day I showed you my beach display in the kitchen and showed you this picture that I framed and hung on the front of my pie safe. Today I want to show you how I did it.
 First of all I found this really cute water baby illustration on the net and printed it. I adore vintage illustrations and this is no exception, look at those darling little faces and the colorful sea creatures! It's so precious!
The next step was to find a picture frame. I went out to my shed where I store old frames and couldn't believe it when I found this beat-up wood frame with yellow shipped paint. Perfect. Then I went to my craft cupboard and found a cute patterned paper to use as the background.
 I glued the paper to a piece of cardboard with a glue stick..
...and smoothed it out making sure that all the bubbles are out and the edges are glued down.
 Then I trimmed the photo down to fit....
 ...and then adhered it to the mat I made.
 Then I placed it in the frame.
 I wanted something bright and contrasting to use as a hanger, and decided on this cute gingham ribbon. I cut two pieces about 10 inches long.
 Then glued it securely to the back with a glue gun.
 I glued it once, let it dry and then glued it again. I wanted to make sure it was strong enough to hold the picture.
Then I tied a bow and hung it on a small nail on the front of the pie safe. I love to do projects like this, it's creative, yet simple and cheap. I am really happy with the results!

Have a great day!

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

Friday, July 15, 2016

A little seaside display....

 I've been wanting to make a little summery-beachy display for several years, but never had enough stuff and couldn't think of a good place to make my display. It finally came together this year and I love how it turned out!
 I made my display on top of my pie safe in the kitchen. I wanted to hang something on the front of it, so I made this picture. I printed a darling old photo from a book cover and framed it in this old beat up yellow wood frame. I really like the results!
 I have been collecting odds and ends for a few years.
 Just last week I found the last piece, which is this reproduction vintage sand pail.
I had a box in my hobby closet that I was slowly filling up with goodies such as the "no fishing sign", the seashells and the vintage saltwater taffy tin, awaiting the day that I created my display.
 A friend brought me this neat cast iron starfish from Mexico.
  This little book about two brothers at the beach is so sweet.
 An old shell-covered treasure box is perfect in the display!
 Love this cute little swimming beach baby.
 The inspiration to the whole beach display was found in a Mary Engelbreit magazine. She showed a glass cookie jar filled with sand and a little beach scene. I loved it the minute I saw it and wanted to recreate the idea.
It's hard to find cool vintage looking figurines and when I found this lovely bathing beauty, I snagged her up and kept her for the day I made my display.
 When I went to the beach with my daughter-in-law a few weeks ago, I found a few more seashells and driftwood and brought home some sand.
 It's so magical!
 Watch out bathing beauty, that crab might get your toes!
 I've had this old book for many years and have kept it in the box, just waiting for this day!
I recently found this wonderful book, We Visit the Seashore, at a garage sale. It's full of reproduction antique beach photos.
 I love this cute little picture that someone had made.
 This was a big craft in the 70s and I think it would be fun to try it again. I think what they did was buy a set of greeting cards like thank-you notes or invitations and then cut out multiple layers of certain items and glued them together to make a 3-D effect. I might do a similar craft with my daughter-in-laws some day.
I am so happy with my cheerful summery beachy scene, it was worth the wait!

"The sea that He made belongs to Him, along with the dry land that His hands formed. Come! Let us worship and bow down; let us kneel in the presence of the Lord who made us!" Psalm 95:5-6

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our 4th of July celebration!

We had such a fun 4th of July! We actually started on the 3rd with an impromptu barbecue with family, friends and neighbors.
Ridley met two new friends Jillian and Sydney and they had so much fun playing together.
After dinner we built a fire and roasted marshmallows.
It was Ridley's first smore!
Brittany and Ridley spent the night and we planned a big breakfast. I loved sharing some morning talk with my grandson as he drank his milk and I had my coffee.
My sweet husband made bacon and eggs.
I made a big fruit salad with fresh raspberries from our garden!
Our tradition is to eat out on the patio/deck and Eric's father came over and joined us. It was fun!
Then we went to the parade. Our friends "reserved" our seats, so we had an awesome spot in shade.
I thought this house was so decorated so cute. I told the owner that it's darling and very "Pinterest-ey"
I love this shot of Brittany and Ridley walking together. I love his little flag. We walked a few blocks to find her friends who were there.
When we found them they were getting snow cones for their son, Boaz, so Ridley got to have one too. Ridley and Boaz are best buddies. Notice the rocks in their hands, the booth behind them is for a rock hound club and they were giving polished rocks to all children 10 and under. I love all this small town stuff!
Be still my heart!
Love this girl!
Let the parade begin!
Ridley loved it!
It was so much fun!
My hubby and I have celebrated 38 4th of July's together!!!
It was so much fun watching it through Ridley's eyes.
You can guess Ridley's favorite part! Candy!!!
Grandpa enjoyed the Popsicle someone threw at him.
Ridley was really cute and shared his candy with all of us.
Brittany was smart and brought Ridley blueberries and nuts to snack on so he wouldn't eat so much candy.
There were many cute floats!
It was a great parade and really long too.
It was a great time.
After the parade I met my sister and her kids and we hit a couple of thrift stores, which is always fun. That night we barbecued steaks and had corn on the cob with left over salads.
Eric's brother, Mark, was visiting from back east and he came over with their father.
When it got dark Eric and I met Grayson and Rachelle and a bunch of their friends at the local grade school to watch the fireworks show.
It was so much fun, it was a great show!

I hope you had a great Independence day too! God bless America!

"For you have been called to live in freedom...use your freedom to serve one another in love." Galatians 5:13

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