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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We got our garden in!

Isn't this a cute picture of my grandson "mowing" the grass! Actually I posted this picture to show you the garden in the background reflecting it's still dormant condition. I took this photo on February 17th. We haven't touched the garden since about the end of October.
On April 2nd my hubby and I headed out to start working on our garden. We've had some gorgeous weather here this spring and this was one of those beautiful days. Eric rototilled up most of the soil to kill the weeds. You can see our artichoke plants are just starting to grow back from last year and same with the berries in the background of this photo.
We were quite surprised to find a couple of heads of cauliflower that made it through the winter. We steamed it up for dinner and it was delicious!
We both absolutely love asparagus, but we have never, ever planted it in our garden...that is until now!
Eric made deep furrows for me.
I opened the packages and was surprised to see these balled up roots that were rubber-banded together.
I separated them out and....
....planted them 18 inches apart. We are so excited to finally start growing asparagus!
We planted a few early crops of lettuce...
...more lettuce...
...brocoli and...
My father-in-law helped us by watering our newly planted early crops.
Let's fast forward to May 6, 2016 and take a stroll in the garden to see how things are doing. Wow, it looks like our artichoke plants are doing great!
Oh my goodness! Check out the growth to the raspberry bushes!
The boysenberries are doing great too! There are tons of flowers which means we should have tons of berries!
When we walk towards the berry bushes, theres a steady quiet humming of the bees as they are busy working. If you look closely in the photo above, you can see a busy little bee. This is a win/win relationship! Our beekeeper friend came to see how are bees are doing and he was so happy to report that they are thriving and doing amazing! He thinks we will get honey for sure this summer!
My sweet hubby planted some petunias in our flower bed at the base of the windmill.
We have a few surprise volunteer plants growing here and there! I wonder if this is a cucumber or pumpkin?
It's been so hot that we have had to start watering already.
The blueberries are already starting to come on!
The strawberries are blooming!
The rhubarb is going nuts and has gone to seed. My husband cut it all back.
All of my herbs have come back, but they are overgrown. I will have to trim them back.
A few weeks ago when we were working in the front yard, my husband brought over a load of bark mulch from a pile we had and when I was working in it, I found an acorn with a skinny little root growing from it. My son, Hayden, was home at the time and he thought it was so cool and encouraged me to plant it, which I did in this pot. Now, a few weeks later, it has popped up from the ground, is thriving and actually has grown a few leaves! What I thought was interesting though was that the nut was once buried and it has worked itself up to the top of the soil. I'm sure God has a purpose for it.
So the garden is looking pretty nice, but the bad thing is that while all the good vegetation is growing, so are the weeds. Grrr! They are everywhere and simply must be pulled.
I had such a good day last week when I was watching little mister and he played with trucks in the garden while I weeded. It was really a wonderful time.
It was hard work, but feels so good and it is great emotional therapy was well!
Last wednesday we had two dump-truck loads of cow manure delivered to spread in the garden. Peeee-yew!
Before we spread the manure in the garden, we planted more vegetables. My husband bought more onions to fill in where some of the earlier ones we planted didn't grow.
I planted a row of bush beans. Yum!
It's amazing that this little seeds will grow into big plants!
We planted two slicing tomatoes and one cherry tomato. We had several tomato plants volunteer and we decided to leave them to see how they do.
We also planted eggplant, cucumber, pepper and zucchini starts. We also planted sunflowers, zinnias and sweet peas all around the outside of the garden.
Then Eric covered everything in manure, let's just call it fertilizer, shall we? haha
He said that this not only will help the plants to grow bigger and stronger, but also help hold the moisture in so we won't have to water quite as much.
We will have to be sure to really wash our produce that touches the ground. The toxins in the manure will dissipate over time.
The asparagus are already growing amazingly for just being in the ground for a month!
The lettuce and broccoli are also doing well.
The blueberries are getting bigger.
Oh, this feels so good to get this done!
Everything looks so clean and fresh!
Now we just need to continue to weed it and keep it watered. I am so thankful for our garden and can't wait to watch it grow!

"In simple humility, let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation-garden of your life." James 1:21

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden space! There is nothing better than "home grown." Are you able to enjoy the bounty of your hard work during the winter months by freezing or canning the fruits and vegetables? And such a wonderful variety you've planted. I might go vegetarian with all that deliciousness!

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