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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quince de Mayo!

Every year we celebrate Cinco de Mayo by having a big Mexican feast, but this year it was delayed 10 days, so we celebrated Quince de Mayo at my lovely daughter-in-law's house. Eric and I packed up a sombrero, a bucket of margaritas, margarita glasses, pinata and of course the stilts and headed over there! I'm not sure how it got started, but playing on the stilts became part of our tradition.
Brittany borrowed my box of decorations and she made her house so cute!
I love how she hung the lights under the counter.
She had most of the food all laid out on the counter.
What a cute display!
She worked hard and is such a darling girl!
The rest of the family brought side dishes and dessert.
Megan made these delicious enchiladas, Rachelle brought beans and rice and Eryn brought sopailla.
I was so impressed by Brittany's homemade crisp taco shells!
Time to eat!
Everything was delicious!
I heard a bunch of laughing in the living room and when I went in there I discovered they were playing around with the face swap app. It was really hilarious, especially when they swapped Great Papa Jim's face with Ridley's!
Eric and Grayson did it, but they look so much a like it wasn't that noticeable!
Time for the pinata!
Great Papa Jim decided to give it a try.
He hit it hard and it actually broke off the string!
Then my hubby gave it a try.
I love his smile. It was really fun for all of us!
It's Ridley's turn again.
He broke it open! He was so excited! He especially loved getting a bag of marbles!
Time to break out the stilts! I love it that we do this!
Uncles helping Ridley try it. :)
Hayden and Eryn!
Hayden and Ridley were racing and it looks like Ridley won!
The boys set up an obstacle course for Ridley, it was so cute.
Uncle Cameron put the sombrero on Ridley and then told him to go put it on someone...
...guess who he picked? Love.

We had such a fun evening. I love and cherish my family so much and I love and cherish these times we have together.

"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31

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