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Monday, April 4, 2016

Precious cake topper

Ya'll are going to think I'm crazy for this garage sale purchase I made last Friday. It's a 1979 Precious Moments wedding cake topper. I actually have been looking for this for a few years now and finally found it the other day for just $2.00. No, it is not my style, but it is very precious to me.
It's precious to me because almost 34 years ago an identical one sat atop our wedding cake on July 31, 1982.
It actually was not ours. We borrowed it from my sister and her husband (Kelli and Ralph) as they used it for their wedding cake when they got married two months before us.
This little topper is really not my style, I really would have preferred a traditional old fashioned couple.... this. What a lovely dashing couple they are, her with her sleek dress and him with his tux and top hat. But, the Precious Moment's figurines were quite fashionable in the early 80s and I caved with what was in style.
A few years ago I asked my sister if she still had the topper and she said she gave it away a long time ago.
I started getting nostalgic and wished that I had my wedding cake topper. I decided I wanted to find a topper just like it, so was on the hunt at every thrift store and garage sale.
It means a lot to me now.
That day was a very special day for us and this little couple was there with us. :)
So now they are with us again.
Some day we might have a big anniversary party with a cake and everything and we can put this precious wedding cake topper on top of our cake.
For now they will be treasured in our china hutch. I'm glad I found them.

So now that that treasure has been found, I will move on to a new quest, I'm on the hunt for those silver goblets that we toasted our new life together with. They were specially engraved, his said, "Eric loves Sharon" and mine said, "Sharon loves Eric". Why, oh, why did I give those away??? Do you think I might ever find them one day? I hope so!

"The Lord bless you and keep you." Numbers 6:24 ~ The scripture inscribed on the bottom of the figurine. 


Denise said...

Oh, I hear you on giving things away. I have gotten so mad at myself for tossing things out that I should have kept. I hope you find them soon! My mom, sisters and I loved the Precious Moments figurines. I used to work in a retail store, back in the 80's, and sold them..everyone wanted those little cuties. So glad for your find!

gin said...

So glad you found them. Good luck on your quest to find the goblets.

Kathi said...

Sharon, They are so sweet. I am so glad you found them and could keep them as a keepsake. I love it that our weddings were so sweet and simple. You are so lucky to have had your wedding in our home. It's so meaningful that you are cutting and eating your cake right in the kitchen we grew up in. You were such a beautiful bride. Hugs, Kathi

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