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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hayden and Eryn....

 I want to introduce you to my son's new girlfriend! Her name is Eryn and they have been together for almost six months now. They met in October and he brought her over for dinner to meet us in January. Eric and I liked her right away.
 They seem so happy together! She has been to several of our family dinners and she gets along great with everyone.
 It is so good to see my son so happy. He has been very picky and only had a couple of short term girlfriends (like 2 months) in his life. He is such a cutie and had girls after him all the time, but he knew what he wanted and was willing to wait until he met her. And then he met Eryn! Hayden really likes her.
 Eryn seems quite smitten with Hayden as well.
 She goes to University of Oregon and he goes to Oregon State.
Last weekend was fun because we saw them all weekend. They surprised us and came over Friday night for a bon fire and we had a great visit. They surprised us again and showed up Saturday afternoon; he worked on his car and she did homework and they ended up staying for dinner.
When they walked in the door on Saturday, she handed me this awesome plant! Isn't she sweet!
 We had salmon for dinner and while it was barbecuing they played on the quads.
 We made plans to go cut firewood on Sunday morning. We drove up to the mountains to this beautiful spot where you can see this gorgeous view of the lake. I love this picture of them!
 When they first came over in the morning I said, "Eryn, I've got something for you. I think you two have been together long enough, it's time you had this..." and I handed her his old football sweatshirt with his number on the back. She was so excited to have it and promptly put it on. Hayden was excited for her to wear it too.
 She's a hard little worker!
 I loved watching them together. They have good chemistry and are so sweet together. I feel like she brings out the best in him!
After we cut firewood, we stopped for breakfast and I caught this great photo of them holding hands under the table. They are so cute!!!
 I am so thankful for this sweet girl for my son. Is she the one I have been praying for since he was a baby? Maybe so! Maybe she's the one!!! I am so thankful to see my son so very happy! I'm so thankful to see them both so happy!

"And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us." I John 5:14

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Judy said...

What a cute couple they make :)
I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I'm glad you found your cake topper, that really is a cute one and it does fit you both as the dashing couple would have as well. I have a few Precious Moments but I'm very picky on which ones I get.

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