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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We are close to becoming real ranchers!

We moved to our little farm about 2-1/2 years ago and our dream was to some day have cows out in this 1 acre field that is in front of our property. We had so many other projects to do, so this was put on hold. Slowly we got the major projects done, so my hubby started taking the steps to prepare us for our cows.
The first thing he did was to replace the whole front section of fencing as there were many broken and loose boards.
This was a very big project that he did at the end of last summer.
One evening Eric was showing me the work he had accomplished on the fence project and I snapped this cute picture of him giving Blondie a drink from the hose. It's just such a cute picture, I had to post it. :)
He finally got the fence completed. The whole thing really needs to be replaced as it is in disrepair, but he is going to fix them one section at a time.
The next thing he did was fence off the southwest corner of our property. This stake is the property line where the fence will start.
He put three big railroad in for the fence corner.
Ridley and I walked out there to check it out. Isn't he so dang cute! Our property goes all the way down through the pond to the road.
The next step was to make more corner posts.
My husband is such a hard worker!
After he placed the main posts, he hung the gates. He was so smart and salvaged all the old gates that we found on our property. We didn't have to buy any!
He does such great work!
Next he put in the smaller fence posts between the large posts and attached goat fencing with a hot wire.
I'm amazed at how my city boy has turned into a real rancher!
He has learned so much about fencing, barns, animals, using a tractor, etc. and he loves it!
It turned out so nice!
We met our neighbor across the street who owns this big lush field full of healthy gorgeous cows. Her name is Teresa and she actually grew up in our house and her father built it! We were so excited to learn this news and she said she has the original plans for our house and some old photos, which she is going to bring to us! I would love to see pictures of the original kitchen! We invited her over to see the inside of the house and she really enjoyed that. She said the inside has changed quite a bit.

At one time her father had 200 acres and slowly divided it and sold it. She was given 80 acres across the street from us where she raises cattle and horses. She has a beautiful barn, but there's no house there yet. She lives in town and drives out every day to work the property. When her husband retires they are gong to build, which we are really excited about.
Anyway, we started talking with her and my hubby and her struck up a bartering deal. She said she would give us two of her yearlings in trade for Eric cutting down trees on her property.
My husband is such a hard working fair man and he gave her her money's worth! Here he is working the burn pile. He left her place in such great shape. We are so close to making the big trade, we have a few things to finish up at our place and then we get to pick out our two cows.
Meanwhile, he added hot wire to the fencing in our front field.
It's solar powered!
There was gravel here once and he removed it with the tractor, laid down grass seed and covered it with hay.
We got a big water trough....
...and a salt lick. I do believe we are good to go! Let's do this!
We walked over to her house one evening last week and....
...walked out into the field where....
...she called the cows and they all came running over to the fence. Aren't they all so cute! They lined up perfectly for us to take our pick. We decided on the twin boys, the two on the end on the left side. Their names are Jasper and Two-ey (he was born second, thus the name).
The big move is in a few days and we were so excited! Now when I look out the front door, I won't see an empty field anymore, I will see two beautiful cows!

"He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the labor of man, so that he may bring forth food from the earth." Psalm 104:14


Anonymous said...

What a treat today ! I check back quite often and hope you decided to open your blog again . I am so happy to be able to read all that has been happening. I really missed you and am so happy today . With all that you have been through and share I want you to know that reading what you share really helps me. You get me thinking about things and how you handle them , you really help me work through a lot of my own things. Thank You Sharon for that , I am truly grateful. Donna xo

Kathi said...

Sharon, I am so impressed with the hard work you and Eric have done on your property. Your place is breath-taking. What a joy to have two cows to look after. You are true ranchers now. Ridley is so cute out in the field. Love ya, Kathi

Rose of Sharon said...

Hi Donna! You are so sweet to leave such kind comments. I am so happy that my blog encourages you. I pray that the Lord will bless you as you are having similar transitions and that you will feel His joy, strength, peace and love!

Thank you Kathi! We sure love the country life!

gin said...

Thank you for opening your blog back up. I look forward to checking in on you and see what you are up to every week. I normally don't comment every post. Your farm is growing and becoming more beautiful each season. I read all the way down of the posts I have missed and was so saddened by your Christmas sadness. I too have 3 young married children with little families of their own. Tho we are very close and get together often, I know where your thoughts are coming from. It's like me and you were blessed our entire life, we were blessed with wonderful parents. Then we worked hard at it to make a happy home for our own family when we started our marriage and family. You are right, things change, they have too. I constantly remind myself that my children with their young families are doing the same thing for themselves that I was doing for my family when I was that age. I have to remember that my children are doing for their family like I did for mine. It's only natural. In fact, we instilled that in their hearts and minds. I have to give them their space. They haven't forgotten me. They're just being just like me when I was that age. Blessings on your family and wishing you a blessed spring!

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