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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our cows have come home!

Here they come!
 Our cows are here!
 Hi you two! Don't be scared, you will be in your new home soon!
Our neighbor Teresa (whom we got them from) loaded our twin boys up in her trailer and drove them across the street to us. We were surprised at how quickly they excited the trailer at our house.
 I thought they might be scared and not want to come out of the trailer, but nope, they just jumped right out.
 They promptly went out into the middle of our field and started grazing! We were so amazed and so happy that they seemed to feel right at home here!
They were a bit timid and found comfort down by our antique tractor. They can see their old field with all their old cow friends across the street, which is probably comforting to them.
 Aren't they handsome!
They look good in front of our house!
 It's amazing to me how tame and sweet they are.  I offered them some hay and...
 ...they came right too me!
I can't believe I'm feeding my own cows in my own front yard!
This is awesome!
They are truly gentle giants!
They are so beautiful.
 Now when I walk by the front window and look out, I see my beautiful cows!
 Now when I open the front door I see my beautiful cows!
 Now when we come home from church...
.....we see two beautiful cows in our front field!
We both are so excited to have cows and to observe them every day. It is a little disheartening to know the real reason we have them. I am worried I'm going to fall in love with them and come butchering season next fall I won't want it to happen, but this is part of life and I do feel really good that while they are alive they are living a very happy life.
We are now officially real ranchers!
Oh you beautiful babies!

"And God made the beast of the earth after its kind and cattle after its kind and every thing that moves upon the earth after its kind; and God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:25


Belinda said...

I am thrilled your blog is back! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life. I too have aging parents and it is so heart-breaking to see them struggle so but today is a good day and at least I still have them. My father will try to keep going for my mother because he loves
her so. The past couple of years he has gone through chemo and is on oxygen for cope. My mom has macular degeneration and has lost
vision in one eye and now gets monthly shots in the other. She fell and broke her foot a while back when she missed a step. I know my
parents can make it as long as they have each other. I'm the oldest of 4 daughters who adore their parents. I thank God everyday for them
and the love they have given to us. I feel I can cry at a drop of a hat when thanking and worrying about them. But today I'm glad they are
Here by the Grace of God and it is a Good Day!
I thank your cows are sweet. You are very Blessed like myself ( we temporarily forget)

Maybe it is my harmonies too after all I'm no spring duck at 54 years old ---did I tell you I have a soon to be 11 year old son named David
I know I have to keep going because God gave me a miracle baby at almost 44 years of age....

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, I am sooooo jealous, we hope to get our own beef cattle, right now we buy from our neighbor but he's been talking about retiring from raising beef someday :( He does such a great job tho I hate to see him stopping but he's getting into his 70's. We raised meat birds last year and plan to do it again. We live near the Amish and they will butcher them for us at a very reasonable price. We are starting to figure out when we want to get them for this year. Raising your own chickens is so nice.
I'm slowly catching up on your posts :)

Erin said...

I was so,excited your blog was back but unfortunately since I read your cow post I won't be reading any longer! I thought you were getting the cows as pets like your goats! I can't read about them and then know they are being sent off to the butcher

Kathi said...

Erin, I would not stop reading your blog if I found out that you did not eat meat. Sharon has a wonderful blog with many many areas of interest that we all can enjoy and learn about. Her cattle is just a small portion of her life. You will be missing out. Kathi

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