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Friday, January 22, 2016

Thistle Creek Cottage....

Welcome to my little she-shed, she-shack, mom-cave. I named it Thistle Creek Cottage and I love it!
My husband made it for me last spring. Please click here to read all about that. In a nutshell, I asked for basically a lean-to to hold my front porch decorations and he made me this 12x16 shop and he painted it yellow and added the brick to match the house. I think it turned out so darling!
The last time I blogged about it, it was still empty, but finally in the summer I had a chance to move in.
It was a lot of work moving all my junk from the 2nd little outbuilding that we have in our backyard. It's always hard to go through stuff and organize it, but it feels so good! It always feels good to throw things out too!
I finally got done and this is the finished product! My grandson calls it the "little house". :)
We don't have an attic, so this is where I am storing old junk that I'm not using, but also don't want to throw out. I have been inundated with special treasures from my parents home. My Dad was a collector and his garage and shop were full of really neat things. He gave me the cool old violin case and there's actually a violin inside. It was my grandfather's, but it was in bad repair. My father started restoring it, but never finished. Maybe some day I'll finish what he started.
I found the very old wire spool  and the old corn cobs at my Dad's as well. The other items were garage sale finds.
I put this little basket with a pillow in it for my kitties to sleep in when they come to visit.
It's so nice to have this big counter to do projects on as well as the little work table with chairs.
I placed my collection of black floral trays on the lower shelf. I am hoping to use them inside the house when we remodel the kitchen (some day).
I filled these crates with treasures from my father's collection.
I've had this pop crate since I was in high school.
This shelf was my mother's.
My Daddy collected pocketknives. These are a few of them.
He had a bunch of jars filled with odds and ends. I salvaged a couple of them.
So many cool things!
This is a photo of my Grandfather Harry.
Some of my father's old tools. I love the wood handles.
Oil cans from my Dad's.
Some antique bottles in the north window.
Some colorful dollar store bottles in the south window.
My Daddy collected antique bottles and he would go up to the woods and actually dig around old homestead sites to find them. My sisters and all divided them up. I kept my favorite ones inside my house.
I found all these old red spice containers at a garage sale. Some of the boxes are tin and some are cardboard. The cute little glass containers were hanging in my mother's kitchen for 40 years!
An assortment of nails.
Here's an old light fixture and antique light bulb my father found on one of his digs.
The molly toggle can was painted by my Grandpa Irving and he used it in his shop.
I have all of my crafty items out here along with paints. I was thrilled when my sisters said that I could have the antique clock that was always hanging in my Daddy's garage. I also have their old radio, which I listen to every time I'm out there!
On the north wall I have two big sets of shelving. On the right I have more spare decorating things that would go in an attic if I had one. On the left I have bins filled with my seasonal front porch decorations.
I hung my seasonal wreaths on the west wall behind the door.
I put together a little display honoring my father with an old pair of his jeans, an old plaid flannel shirt, an old hat, his old thermos and hard hat, a log book from when he drove truck and other small things. The lunch pail is not his, but he had one very similar to it when I was a tiny girl.
On this shelf I put an old toaster and a couple of old coffee pots.
It took me a little while to come up with the perfect name and finally I came up with Thistle Creek Cottage.
I even have a newspaper box!
And my own mailbox!
Hopefully someday I'll start receiving sweet letters from this little guy and all my future grand kids!
I love my cute little donkey and cart flower box that I have sitting out front.
I love my little cottage and I've used it quite a bit already. It's so nice to have a place to store my things and to work on projects. 

"The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing."
Zephaniah 3:17

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