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Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas Season

We had a very busy Christmas season. There were many blessings and good times, but I have to admit, it was very different and there were many times that I got sad. I will be blogging about that soon. Here are a few of my favorite things!
My husband and I hosted a fun evening with some of our friends. We invited three other couples who are lifetime friends and had such a great evening with tons of laughs. We ate, drank and played games. It was lovely!
I was so happy that my Christmas cactus bloomed! This was a gift from my son, Cameron and his wife, Megan, for my birthday two years ago. This plant was started from a clipping of his plant which he received from his Grandma Alice.
I was also very pleased the my African Violet bloomed as well. This was especially meaningful to me as this flower was a gift to me from my sister, Kathi, for the funeral of my beloved mother-in-law, Alice when she passed away in October of 2014.
We enjoyed the December church services.
Especially the children's performance.
They are so cute! It is such a blessing to see the faith of a child!
My grandson and I delivered poinsettias to my parents at their assisted living facility.
Daddy was too tired to get out of bed. :( But he sure enjoyed seeing Ridley.
My Daddy's hands with mine and sweet Ridley's.
We also delivered a poinsettia to my Aunt Helen. She is such a blessing!
I had a fun day shopping with my sister and her daughters, Victoria and Jessica. We went to the mall, had lunch at Olive Garden and then went to a thrift store. We sang Christmas songs in the car. It was a very great day!
My son, Mackenzie, flew into town from Denver and stayed with us. I met him and Ridley at the mall to do a little shopping and went out to lunch. We had such a great time together!
I did my traditional wrapping while watching Christmas movies.
There are lots of presents under the tree!
We had an early Christmas with the family to spend it with Mackenzie while he was in town and Brittany and Ridley before they left town. We had lasagna, salad, french bread and I made two lemon pudding pies using my mother's famous recipe!
The girls and I made some goodies!
We also did a craft!
We made fun Christmas signs.
Mackenzie and Ridley.
Brittany and Ridley.
All my beautiful girls!
I so appreciate their help in the kitchen!
Grayson and Ridley playing hide and seek!
After dinner Eric read the true Christmas story out of the Bible.
I loved having all my family around us! It was so precious seeing Ridley listen to his Bampa reading the story of Baby Jesus.
Time to open gifts! Ridley helped deliver the gifts to everyone!
Helping Mama open!
Ridley's turn to open!
Helping Daddy open! The kids all decided to exchange homemade gifts and it was so meaningful for them. They put a lot of thought into the gifts and they all turned out beautifully.
Helping Bampa open!
I was just so, so blessed when my boys (and the girls) all stayed up late and talked for a couple of hours about every subject under the sun. I'm so impressed with all of them and how smart they are! They were discussing science, computers, politics, etc. They are all so cool.
Christmas eve was different this year, but we made the best of it. My parents are not very mobile anymore and my Daddy is in a wheelchair. The place where they live has a really cute room called the "Coco-Cola" room that families can reserve. We signed up for it on Christmas Eve from 5-7 and we ordered pizza. My sister, Kelli and her family joined us as well as my father-in-law, Jim.
We invited my father's siblings, Josephine, Helen and George.
Hayden came with us.
My sister Kelli and I enjoyed the evening.
Hayden with his cousins, Samuel and Joseph.
The boys played a little pool.
Josephine and Helen exchanged gifts.
Mom and Dad opening their gifts!
Oh how I love my Daddy!
Mama and Daddy looking cool with their hats and gang signs! :)
On the way home it snowed! We actually had a white Christmas!
The next morning we started with coffee in a Christmas mug! I tried very hard to make sure Hayden felt special and kept many of the traditions, even though he's the child at home.
We started with opening our stockings.
Then we opened our gifts.
We had our traditional french toast and bacon for breakfast. We had a quiet afternoon, which was actually nice. I started getting dinner ready because the rest of the family was coming at 4:00. I prepared a big ham dinner.
The kids all got there and we had some appetizers and opened gifts. Cameron is pretty happy with his paper gift!
Hayden likes his liquid gift!
 It was so nice to have Eric's father join us.
It's Rachelle's turn to open.
Grayson surprised us with this amazing water wheel that he made for us for our creek! It's mainly for us to look at and enjoy, but he said we could set it up so that it actually generates power! Isn't it cool!
After we opened gifts we played a very fun round of hearts and had pie.
Jim had a lot of fun and he did really well!
It was a great way to end our fun evening.
Christmas is over and it was very special, but it was also very different and a little sad for me. I tried to see the silver lining and be thankful. I am truly thankful that God gave us his one and only son and that every one of us who believes in Him will have eternal life.

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6
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