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Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween!

 Welcome to our home all decorated for the season! It looks as though a few crows have stopped to rest here!
 Uh-oh, we have a rat infestation! lol
 Owls and spiders will greet you in the entryway!
 It's kind of sad for me to have my home all decorated for Halloween with no children living here any more, but we do have a certain little mister who will be visiting soon all dressed up for his Bampa and Grammie!
 I found this awesome vintage Trick or Treat bag from the late 60s at a garage sale when my hubby and I were on our little get-away this summer.
 Love this amazing old, old, old cardboard kitty. Isn't he cute as he is playing his guitar and singing!
 I grouped a lot of my vintage Halloween goodies on top of my pie safe.
 I love orange and black! The little white puppy looks a tad bit scared though.
 Love the masked Raccoon!
Come and sit a spell in our cozy kitchen!
 My kitchen window display.
Love the way these vintage blow mold pumpkins look when they are all lit up. I also hung this very old pumpkin garland on the hutch in our family room. It is so festive and fun!

Wishing you a very fun, safe and happy Halloween!

"Therefore He is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them." Hebrews 7:25

Hugs, Sharon

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I finally have a table in my kitchen!

 I am so excited that I figured out a way to put a little table in my kitchen!
 We have a challenging kitchen. It is very long and not very wide. We have a brick wall that actually has an alcove that once held a wood stove. I copied the previous owners and hid the hole with a big china hutch. I felt like the kitchen looked so empty in the middle, so I put a little cabinet there as an island. I put a small table on the right side of the hutch flanked by two black chairs and set my TV on it. I never have liked it that much and desired to have a table in my kitchen just like I see in old movies.
I found a cute little wood table with an oak top and black painted legs at a garage sale for $20.00. It gave me inspiration to figure out a way to put it in my kitchen. I finally got the idea to move the china hutch down, put the island in the alcove and I moved the table in. Here you can see our little alcove. I really wish we had budget to add on and push our kitchen out to the south (where the sink is now) and then put a gas fireplace in this alcove and have to comfy wing back chairs on either side. It would be such a great cozy reading nook, but I can only dream.
 I moved all the furniture and lugged the table in all by myself. I kind of liked it, but I was a little scared. It would take some getting used to. It seems like it's missing something, perhaps a tablecloth would help.
 I didn't have a tablecloth, but I found this black and white checked fabric. Yes, I think that's what my little table needed, it needed to be softened.
It has been so fun for me to do my Bible study in my little cozy kitchen!
I decorated my house for Halloween and put this cute orange and black plaid tablecloth on my table and I love it.
Having a real tablecloth made all the difference. I am now on the hunt for two more chairs.
I moved the TV to the table in the alcove and hung my little shelf above it.
This is really growing on me!
We seem to have more room in here now.
My husband likes it too. I am so excited that my company can come and sit and visit with me while I'm cooking!
I think having the table will be so nice when I make large meals, bake or do projects.

My kitchen is still not my dream, but this is one step closer. My husband said we will work on it soon. One thing I know for sure is that I want to paint the cabinets cream and add black pulls and knobs. I would really like to figure out a way to move our fridge closer to the sink and stove. When they remodeled this house, they put the fridge too far from the heart of the kitchen. I have been trying to figure out a low budget way of moving things around. I wonder if we could move it to where the trash compactor is and tear out the pantry and reconfigure the cabinetry down in that corner. Do any of you have any suggestions for us?
For now, I am much more happier with my kitchen and am so thrilled to have a table in the center!

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!" I Chronicles 16:11

Hugs, Sharon

Friday, October 23, 2015

Saying so long to the garden for the year....

We have had the most amazing garden this year. It has been a real treat to have it and a real labor of love for both my husband and I. It was really sad when in September I realized we were harvesting our crops and the garden was getting "done" for the year.
The tomatoes are still producing, but you can see that the plants are all sprawled out and some of the leaves are dying.
The leaves are turning on our precious little tree that we started from a favorite tree at our old house.

The artichokes went to seed.
I love my garden and I'm sad to see it dying off.
The beans over-grew and got too large and hard.
The corn is done producing and all withered.
It's time to dig up the corn patch.
It makes me a little sad to do this.
The zucchini is deteriorating.
The pumpkin plants are dying off, but we got some beauties!
We picked the pumpkins, remaining zucchini and gourds and ripped up all of the plants.
My hubby rototilled the area and it looks so empty now.
We are very pleased with our crop!
The sunflowers don't look so happy anymore. They look wilted and kind of depressed. They were once so bright and perky, but they served a great purpose of bringing beauty to our garden and feeding the birds with their seeds!
However, the berries are doing awesome!
We are happily surprised that they are producing fruit this first year!
The zinnias we planted around the outside of the garden are gorgeous with their vibrant colors!
We are going to plant more of these next year. They are so pretty and the deer don't eat them!
We cleaned up this whole area.
We gave the goats a bunch of the old plants. They were in heaven!
The rest went into the compost pile. My husband made this little bin out of old wood pallets.
Wow, the compost pile is really working. I took this picture 11 days after the one above, look how much it's already compacted and it's starting to break down!
I am saving the corn for my fall decorating on the porch.
I think it's pretty.
Actually, our garden is not quite through growing this year, my husband purchased some winter crops. We have broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce.
Look how well the new plants are growing! I took these pictures just 12 days apart, the first photo was taken September 19th and this one October 1st!
It's kind of sad to walk into the garden now.
The tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are no longer here to greet us.
The onions, beans, pumpkins and corn are long gone.
But, we still have our berries, artichoke plants and our winter crops! And it does feel really good to get it all cleaned up for winter.
Good night for the winter sweet garden. You have been good to us! We will replant you next spring!

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest." Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Hugs, Sharon
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