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Monday, August 31, 2015

Rain, beautiful rain!

It was so wonderful to wake up and find that it had rained!
I put my farm coat on over my bathrobe and PJs and walked around the property to check it out.
We have had such a long hot summer with no rain showers. I took these photos on the morning of August 30th and we have not had rain since April!
True Oregonians love the rain!
I'm a true Oregonian!
Especially after a long hot summer, it's just so refreshing!
It's as if God has cleaned everything!
Even our sunflowers love the rain!
It makes the colors bolder and....
...more vibrant! I love the way the air smells after a good rain too!
I love the way the road looks after a fresh rain. It looks clean.
After church we went to the hardware store and actually got caught in a downpour!
Everyone we ran into felt the same way! It's exciting. We're all happy to see you rain, we've missed you!

"That He will give the rain for your land it its season, the early and late rain, that you may gather in your grain and your new wine and your oil." Deuteronomy 11:14

The magical wedding venue

 I cannot believe how Terri and Rick (Rachelle's mother and stepfather), with the help of Grayson and Rachelle, transformed their property into the most magical place for the wedding. Everything was perfect. It was the most beautiful scene. When guest arrived they came to this cute little area to sign the board, leave their gift in the vintage Volkswagen and grab something cool to drink.
 Bales of hay served as seats for the wedding guests. They covered them with white floral sheets.
 The ceremony will take place in front of these to majestic oak trees. They hung an old limb between the two trees and then hung Rachelle's grammie's old window in the center. It is flanked by beautiful toil, wine barrels and roses. Notice the beautiful white horse grazing in the field in the background!
 Rachelle made these cute signs with their vows written on them. "From this day forward" "For better or worse" "Till death do us part". They are posted along the cute little trail leading to the back of the property where the reception will be held.
Grayson made the entry out of tree limbs from their property. I made the sign that's hanging there, "Live, Laugh, Love". I was so touched when they said they wanted to use the bike I painted and used for the rehearsal dinner. She had a friend do all the chalkboards and they turned out amazing!
 They rented the tables and chairs, which look so pretty!
 I can't believe how magical this all looks! There are lights hanging in all of the trees!
The bride and groom will sit here with the serene creek running behind them!
 A few months ago this whole area was covered in blackberries! They really worked hard to make this happen and it was well worth it!
 A friend of Rachelle's made this bar for her wedding and said they could use it and then pass it on to another couple getting married. It's perfect!
 She borrowed plates from family and friends. I love the way the mixed patterns look!
The rustic centerpieces are made of slices of a tree trunk. They placed beautiful flowers in mason jars on top. They turned out so pretty.
 Here's the display from our barn party that they wanted to use. It looks cute here!
 The cake table is wonderful! It's made from two whiskey barrels topped with a board and covered in burlap. Rachelle made the cute "Love is Sweet" banner.
 I love the simple, yet elegant cake sitting on this rustic chunk of wood with their initials carved in it! That is such a cute idea and they will always have the cake stand as a memento!
 They hung photos of the happy couple on string hanging in these trees. So cute!

Well, the place is ready, let's get this wedding started!!!

"All things were made by Him; without Him nothing was made." John 1:3

Hugs, Sharon

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A very intimate dinner in the barn!

Rings bought...check. Venue set....check. Invitations sent...check. Cake ordered...check. Ceremony planned....check. Honeymoon booked...check. Rehearsal done...check. All that's left for these two is to enjoy the rehearsal dinner and wake up tomorrow and get ready to get married!
Here they come! They are so happy!
Tomorrow they will be married!
The sun was just starting to set when they arrived, which was nice because everyone got to see the cute barn (click here to see complete barn decor photos). They all raved about it! We were so happy to do this for our kids.

We had set a budget after our first son got married and we took their wedding party to a restaurant that was near the church. When Cameron & Megan got married we discussed with them that we could take them to a fancy restaurant too with the same high budget (we always do things really fair between our kids), but if they preferred, we could do an intimate dinner on the property and cook the food ourselves for a fourth of the price and we would give them the difference in cash from the original budget that was set. They decided to do that and then Grayson & Rachelle decided the same thing. We ended up having our friends cater it, but it still was a fraction of the price of taking this big group to a restaurant and it was so much fun in the barn!
The atmosphere was so awesome. Everyone is happy about this union.
We really had a great time!
We had pulled pork sandwiches, potato-mac salad, baked beans, coleslaw and spinach-strawberry salad.
 For dessert we had cobbler and ice cream. It was delicious!
This is Bob and Teresa. They catered the food for the party and did such an excellent job! They are our old neighbors and good friends of ours. They catered Cameron and Megan's rehearsal dinner last year and did such a great job that we hired them again and, you won't believe this, but they are also catering the wedding tomorrow and preparing a lasagna dinner for 200 people! I don't know how they do it, but they sure do it well!
Grayson and Rachelle enjoyed the dinner.
Eric and I are so happy.
I wore my "Groom's Mom" pin!
Rachelle's mother, Terri, and her husband, Rick. It's so neat to know that Rachelle's parents love Grayson as much as we love her!
Rachelle's father, Tim, and his wife, Kim.
Cameron and Megan. They are saying how familiar all of this is to them! haha
Pastor Dave, Brittany and two of Rachelle's friends, Sam and Anna.
Hayden with Rachelle's brother, Austin and two of the bride's maids, Jill and Stephanie and a friend, Vivian.
It was so intimate and romantic. It turned out just as I had hoped.
Rachelle and her lovely mother. You can see where Rachelle gets her beauty!
We shared cute stories about Grayson and Rachelle and there was much laughter and love.
It was a perfect night. I loved it that eventually it got really dark out there and it was so romantic and fun. The crickets and frogs were singing and it was truly magical!
Love is in the air!
I love this girl and am so proud to call her daughter!
It always comes to an end too quickly.
Everyone's leaving. What a great evening and we all look forward to the big day tomorrow!!!
It was so magical and so memorable. I will always cherish this night.
One last kiss goodnight! They say to each other, "Sleep tight my love, for tomorrow we will be married!"

"Then the Lord God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him." Genesis 2:18

Hugs, Sharon
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