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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

 He is risen! He is risen indeed! Easter is such a wonderful time to celebrating remembering that we are saved through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and arose on the third day! I thank God so much for His precious sacrifice. Here are a few pictures of our Easter decorations this year. I stenciled this sign and placed it out on the front porch along with some sweet little chicks.
 Little bunnies out on the front porch.
 Cute little Peter Cottontail is there to greet our visitors.
 I love these egg wreaths.
 I just made this wreath yesterday. I glued on several different fun vintage spring and Easter items onto a floral wreath. I love how it turned out.
 I simply glued a ribbon to the back of this cute old cardboard cut-out.
 I decorated the top of my pie safe with more vintage Easter eye candy.
 The wooden Easter Express wagon was a real find. I purchased it at a garage sale and the gentleman said it was his as a boy about 70 years ago!
 I have two of these sweet little ceramic chicks pulling an Easter cart. The first one I purchased from a home candle party back in the 80's and was my first Easter decoration. I later found a twin at a thrift store.
 I love this vintage wind-up tin chicky.
 I put more fun vintage Easter chicks in the window.
 They are so cheerful!
 I like this shot because you can see our tulips in bloom out in the garden.
 I put some fake chocolate bunnies on my black hutch.
 In the family room I made a little vignette on a silver tray.
 I love this old handcrafted treasure with Jesus inside. It's made from a real egg! I am so happy it has survived and now I get to display it.
 I am having fun changing out the box display on our farm table. For Easter I filled it with two ceramic bunnies, hydrangeas and several vintage German eggs.
 I love these bunnies! I got them at a garage sale for $10.00 for the set.
 They are just fantastic and remind me a bit of Beatrix Potter's bunnies.
 I appreciate the work that goes into handcrafted items. This egg is so detailed and so pretty.
 I have been collecting these made in Germany cardboard eggs for many years. I usually find one a year. The illustrations are so amazing.
 Here's the backside of the centerpiece.
 I am so happy to have a neat way to display these vintage eggs.
 The green wire basket filled with eggs in the center was from my mother-in-law's collection. I love it.
 Mrs. Bunny is so busy and so sweet!
 I placed a few things in the powder room.
 Love the darling vintage postcard.
 I filled this antique basket with all kinds of vintage treasures. I especially love the sugar egg, it's amazing that it has survived all these years.
We lit up the old rugged cross that's out in front of our house to celebrate our Risen King!

Wishing you a very special Easter.

“And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.” Luke 24:2-3

Hugs, Sharon

Thursday, April 2, 2015

For Mardell....

Jesus loves you and is holding you in His arms.

My dear friend, Mardell, I am thinking of you and praying for you as you are grieving the loss of your husband. May the Lord comfort you and give you peace and strength.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

Hugs, Sharon

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My sweet little cottage...

 I love my new little cottage that my husband made for me!
It started out with my small request of him building me a simple shed on the east side of our house to hold my front porch decorations. I was thinking perhaps a little 6'x6' shack.
I thought it would be simple like these two sheds he made, the one to the left is for garden equipment and the one on the right is the wood shed. My only request is that I wanted it to have an A frame roof line rather than this shed style roof as it would be seen from the road and I wanted it to be cute.
My husband and I were often times out on this side of the property discussing my new shed and contemplating design ideas.
One thing led to another and he ended up designing a new sidewalk and everything!
The rest of the house has a sidewalk around it, so now this completes it.
I assumed it would not have a true foundation, but just sit on gravel like the woodshed and garden shed, but he decided it should have a nice thick foundation.
He hired a friend who is a contractor to lay the cement (Mark). Eric framed up the sidewalk and helped Mark frame up the foundation. The little cottage will be 12'x16'.
The cement's all poured!
It looks really nice!
Once the cement dried Mark started framing up the house.
It's looking awesome!
I can really visualize it now!
The next step was putting the siding and roof up.
It's looking like a cottage!
And of course a door!
The next step is working on the interior.
We've had these cast off kitchen cabinets out in our barn for several months now. We actually got them from Eric's sister when she remodeled her kitchen. We were originally going to use them for our outdoor kitchen/barbecue area, but my husband decided to put them in my cottage!
Eric cut them to fit perfectly along the south wall. He attached a thick board across the top of them creating a nice workbench for me!
He was going to leave the walls with the studs exposed, but then he remembered he had a stack of white thin boards leftover from when he built his shop and said they would work perfect for my little shop. So now I actually have walls!
We purchased these used bricks to put along the front of the cottage so it will match our house.
I primed the wood where the bricks will go.
We decided to have the bricks go up about a third of the way. We will let this dry and sit a few days before we lay the bricks.
A well deserved break time!
While my husband and father-in-law, Jim, were installing the cabinets....
...I did small jobs such as spray painting the vents...
....and caulking all of the cracks.
Things are looking really great!
My husband is such a hard worker.
I am truly blessed.
Eric's father is a blessing too!
The cabinets are all in. Eric also built me shelves above the cabinets...
....under the window...
...and on the north wall. Now that it's complete inside, I am having second thoughts about just filling it with junk. I kind of want to make it all cute inside. But, I must stay focused and remember it's true purpose. He made these shelves big enough to hold those big plastic tubs, which will hold my decorations. I will, however, try to make the workbench area kinda cute. :)
Our friend, Matt, laid the brick for us and it turned out wonderful!
My sweet hubby painted random bricks yellow and white to match the brick on the house. I am going to rub some dirt or ashes on them to age them a bit. He made the cute shutters for all three windows.
Then he made a window flower box and painted it black to match the shutters.
On this day we had Eric's father helping us again and also our son, Hayden.
Eric's doing the finishing touches by planting cute yellow pansies in the window box.
They are so cheerful!
He also made a little flowerbed in front of the house and planted hydrangeas.
We're thankful for this helper!
It's all done and looks simply adorable! I feel very special. This is a true gift and act of love from my husband and I am so grateful.

Now, what shall I name it? I have a few ideas such as Cabbage Rose Cottage, Enchanted Cottage, Sunny Brook Farm Cottage and Hollyhock Cottage, but I haven't decided yet.

"And He said, "My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest." Exodus 33:14

Hugs, Sharon
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