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Friday, January 30, 2015

Someone's been eating my garden!

This is a story about plants disappearing in our garden. First it started with these three Maple tree starts that we brought over from a fabulous tree at the old house. They were just tiny little starts, but we watered and fertilized them and they grew to this size. We were waiting until they were big enough to plant on our new property.
 Then one day we went out to the yard and discovered that they had been eaten down to their stems! All their luscious new foliage eaten to the bones. They are wiped out. Gone. Kaput.
 My husband blamed my beloved goats because they had recently escaped their pen and he thinks that's when the incident happened. He says they had both means and motive!  I disagreed with my husband saying that when they got out they were found right around the barn near their pen, they were never seen down by the house. Also, where's the evidence? Our goats leave lovely little poop pebbles wherever they go and there was no pebbles to be found in the vicinity. We agreed to disagree (even though I was right and he was wrong - haha) and we moved on and forgot about it. This was sometime in June or July. forward to September when I took this lovely picture of our beautiful flower bed in the front of the house. We planted these flowers in June and faithfully watered and fertilized them.  They grew to be so full and beautiful until......
 ...two days later I went outside and discovered this! Nooooooooo!!!!! Oh my gosh! Something ate all of our beautiful flowers!
 Who would do such a thing?
They were completely mowed down! This time my hubby could not blame the goats, as they have been locked up tight in their pen with not even an attempted escape and, again, there are no pebbles to be found within 100 feet!
I dreaded walking out to the front porch where I had my beautiful antique cart filled with gorgeous pansies. Were they still going to be intact?
 This is a picture I took just a few days prior and.....
 .....sadly, this is what I found. Oh, boo-hoo. :( I feel so violated. What did all this damage?
Well, the next morning I got my answer! Not just one, not two, but FOUR deer were in our front yard having a smorgasbord of delicious treats! They came for the fabulous breakfast bar at Sunny Brook Farm!
 I couldn't believe my eyes! I ran and got my camera and was so happy that I snapped these photos of catching them in the act! Here's the proof that it was not the goats!!!
While they make me stink'n mad, I sure enjoyed watching them, they are so pretty! We have watched them at a distance in our backyard, but I have never been this close to them. They truly are beautiful creatures. So now that we have hard evidence of the true perpetrators...
....the case against Nelly, Duncan and Daisy has been closed and their records have been expunged!

"As the deer panteth for water, so my soul panteths for Thee." Psalm 42:1a

Hugs, Sharon
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