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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nesting newlyweds....

Three month's ago today my son, Grayson, married his true love, Rachelle. The last time we saw them on August 15th they were doing this....driving away in the get-away car (Jeep)!
And get-away they did! They had a fabulous honeymoon in the Bahamas! They sent these cute photos while they were on their honeymoon. They had a trip of a lifetime! 
 While the kids were gone, Rachelle's mother, Terri, and her husband, Rick, had a great idea of posting all of the signs from the wedding along the sides of their street leading to their home to greet them home from their trip. I loaded up my signs and met Rick and Terri down there. 
We started small with a little G&S sign at the start of their road.
Here's Rick pounding in a sign.
It was really fun!
And it turned out so cute!
There were signs up and down the 1 mile street!
The love birds little love nest!
Welcome home!
They got in late Saturday night and Sunday morning I received a text from Rachelle thanking us for the warm welcome home! She said they thought it was so funny and made them smile.  She then asked if Eric and I would like to come over to her mom's house and have dinner and watch them open gifts! This just made my day.

As a side note, after church Eric and I went the hardware store and ran into Grayson and Rachelle! It was the first time in the two weeks since they got married that we have seen them and it was so much fun. Also, right at that moment it started pouring down rain and all of us were so happy about it because we were having a drought. It was just one of those magical moments!
We had left over lasagna from the wedding (they froze it) and I made a blue berry cobbler. Sadly though, the night we had the dinner Grayson had to work overtime and missed it, so we all went back over a few days later to watch them open their gifts. It was such a fun evening and they got so many beautiful gifts! They are so in love and so happy!
A few months ago I showed you photos of their mobile home that sits on gorgeous 19 acres (click here to read about it). It's just one mile away from us, so we are thrilled! The mobile home is very old and needs to be demolished, but they are going to make it livable for now and save their money to build their dream farm house. I am proud of how wise they are with their finances.
They were both so busy before the wedding that they didn't have time to fix it up. They want to make it homey and cute, but do not want to spend a lot of money, so they are mainly painting and will purchase  budget carpeting.
These are some photos of the "before" pictures.
It's a work in progress and soon I will be able to show you the after photos, but they are still working on it.
The people who lived here before left it in bad shape and the kids spent a lot of time just cleaning it and making it livable.
It's a typical 1970s mobile home with plastic cabinets and.....
...very 70's orange, brown and yellow linoleum, which I actually think is kinda cute!
Just cleaning it and adding some homey touches made it look so much better!
Grayson made new bathroom counters out of stained 2x6 boards and then put a high gloss varathane sealant on it. They bought the new sink with plans of tearing it out and using it in their new home when they build. Before the wedding they fixed up the bathroom and master bedroom
Much to their surprise, they got a free kitty with the house. They kept hearing noises in the vents and their dog, Layla, kept sniffing and staring at the vent holes. They finally realized there was a cat in there and coaxed him out with Tuna. He was a scared, but sweet kitty and they decided to keep him. They named him Greg after the previous owner who left him there. Luckily Layla and Greg became friends and get along great!
They have a really nice garden out their back door, and their property is absolutely gorgeous. They have 19 acres and it goes all the way back beyond those trees.
After Grayson and Rachelle were home from their honeymoon for a couple of weeks I went over to help Rachelle do some cleaning and painting.
Getting rid of this awful postal tape was top on her list! The window was cracked and for some odd reason the previous owners sealed it up with this ugly tape. It had been on there for quite some time and was basically baked on. It took a lot of elbow grease along with Goo-Gone and razor blades, but we got it all off!
After that we painted the office.
She's so cute and so sweet too!
We talked and laughed as we worked, it was so much fun and we got the whole room painted! While we were working inside, Grayson was working hard outside.
She made a fantastic lunch for all of us.
I am so happy for my son and his bride. They are off to a great start! As soon as they complete their updating, I will post the "after" pictures.

"I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. " Ecclesiastes 3:12

Hugs, Sharon

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