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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Farm life...fences and stubborn goats

So this happened last August. Let me explain... started with this. It's our fence on the front of our property where we keep our goats.
It was in horrible shape with rotting boards and some sections were actually falling down. In the spring our goat, Duncan, had figured out a way to escape through the broken fence, so my hubby knew it was time to repair it. In order to repair it though, he needed to tear the whole thing down and rebuild it, so we needed a temporary place to put our goats.
My husband scoped out our property and figured out that right behind the house would be the perfect place to house them. It butts up against our neighbor's property who agreed that the goats could live back there as long as we needed.
So, my husband hung a gate and started placing stakes in the ground preparing for a solar powered hot-wire fence.
Luckily he had a wonderful farm hand who helped!
Ridley was watching every move Bampa made.
He helped get stakes in the ground! haha It looks like we might have a lefty on our hands!
Once the temporary fence was made, my husband made this structure for the goats to live in and play on.
He used the tractor to drag it back to the new pen.
My husband is so thankful for his tractor, it was the best purchase he made as it helps him do so many things on our property and saves him many hours of back breaking work!
Okay, it's all set up, it's time to move the goats in.
We lured them out of their old pen with grain.
My husband, the Goat Whisperer! haha Hey, this is going great, this is going to be a piece of cake!
Uh...nope! The goats were spooked by the gate and did not want to go inside their new pen.
We kept calling them, shook the grain dish and finally lured them in with a tree branch.
Awesome sauce! They are all safely in their new pen and the hot-wire fence will keep them in!
Well, that didn't last too long. We looked up and all three of them walked right through the hot-wire and headed back to their old house.
I took my buckets and headed back to get the goats.
There you are you three naughty goats!
So, we lured them out once again with grain.
We got to the new pen and "urch!"...they slammed on the brakes refusing to go in.
So fast forward to my original picture, my hubby is trying to pull Nelly into the pen.
We finally got them back in. We realized that the solar fence was not strong enough. Daisy was the only one who got shocked when she touched it, so she respected it and stayed in.
Then Duncan got shocked and he stayed in. But Nelly never got shocked. I witnessed her several times walking right through the wires and didn't get zapped.
This was so very frustrating. We fought this battle for several days in a row. Here's Hayden helping us get Nelly back in, but she kept getting out. Finally, my husband determined that the solar system was not strong enough and he returned it and purchased an electric system and we put an extension cord out to the panel.
Finally, we got all three of them in there to stay for good!
They seem to like their house.
And they are really enjoying the lush smorgasbord of brush growing back there.
Happy goats! Happy husband! Happy wife! Happy life!
My husband finally was able to tear down the old fence and build the new one.
To remind you, this is the before......
...and this is the after! It looks so pretty! With such a hot, dry summer, we decided to leave the goats out back for a few more weeks as there is so much brush back there for them to eat and fresh water to drink. We will be moving them back real soon.

Just another adventure here at Blissful Acres Farm!

"Shouts of joy and victory resound i the tents of the righteous. "The Lord's right hand has done mighty things! The Lord's right hand is lifted high; the Lord's right hand has done might things! I will not die, but life, and will proclaim what the Lord has done!' " Psalm 118:15-17

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

Sharon, what a cute post. I am so glad Eric has his tractor too. It looks like the goats are happy now. You have such a great helper with Ridley there. I love your shadow picture of yourself. That is very creative. If I could give you a blog award for a photo this month it would be for that one. I love you, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I so love seeing all the pictures of your farm and reading your stories of your farm life. We also have goats so I know how that feels. We now have 7 babies and they are adorable. Ridley is getting so big and looks like he is a big help also. Thanks again for sharing your life. God Bless, Donna

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