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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Putting up food

 We had such a prolific garden this year! We've never had such a large garden, so we needed to learn how to "put up" our crop! I have canned jam and peaches before and made dilly beans, but I really am not a canner. My husband has actually canned salmon and tuna, but he has not canned vegetables. I admit I am a little afraid of canning, it just seems really hard! This is something I do want to learn, but this year we had too much going on, so we decided to stick with drying and freezing.
The first veggie we put up was green beans. We picked two of these huge basketfuls and picked them just about every night to eat for dinner, plus we gave away just as much! Our beans went bonkers! We decided to vacuum seal them and freeze them.
My wonderful father-in-law, Jim, came over to help us.
We had a nice production line going! First Jim picked the stems off.
We decided not to wash them as we had clean hands when we picked and handled them.
We have a Food Saver vacuum sealer and we need to buy special bags for it. Actually, we bought a roll of the special plastic, cut them to fit our need and then double sealed the bottom.
Then we filled the bag with a couple of handfuls of beans....
...put the bag into the sealer.... the vacuum and seal button....
...and watch the magic!!!
It sucked all of the air out and then sealed it tight!
 We all worked together and it didn't take that long. It was actually really fun.
 We put up 35 pounds of beans!
 Next we moved on to the tomatoes. Look at those beauties!
 I rinsed them and removed the stems.
 This is just the beginning, we have so many more tomatoes still growing!
 Then I dried them and laid them on a cookie sheet.
 Looking good!
 Placed the tray in the freezer as is.
 The next day they were frozen solid.
 Then I simply three or four in a zip lock bag..
 ...labeled them and put them back in the freezer! I haven't tried them yet, but am hoping they will be wonderful for stews and sauces.
 Next up...onions! My husband is proud of his crop!
 That's a lot of onions!
 We laid them out on the patio on a blanket to dry in the hot sun for two days.
 Then we moved them into the shade for another 10 days.
 I wanted to braid them, but didn't know how. I read a tutorial on the internet and gave it a whirl.
 It's pretty simple, you start with three onions with the stems toward you and start braiding.
 You gradually add more onions as you go.
 Not bad for my first try!
 Aren't they pretty!
 I hung them in our garden shed where it's really hot and dry. We are hoping they will keep all winter.
Eric and I both feel so good that we planted all of these vegetables, cultivated them and then reaped our harvest and put food up for the winter. We really are getting this farming thing down!

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord!" Colossians 3:23a

Hugs, Sharon


Denise said...

The beans and everything look wonderful! Y'all have done a fantastic job at this farming I know how you feel about being afraid to can. My grandmom used to do it all the time, but I never really had the knack for it. But I am definitely going to do the vacuum sealer next year. It looks like so much fun!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon ~ oh my, I just love your onion braids! I had to mention that right from the start! You did a wonderful job. The garden quadrupled in size since Spring. Wow! Love the assembly line and the smiles on everyone's faces. Fun work. Have you ever used a "Squeezo-Sraino?" Hope I'm spelling that right. You clamp it on the counter, put the tomatoes in the hopper ~ skins, stems and all. Hand crank and out comes perfect; and I mean PERFECT tomato puree. It removes the skin and seeds. I then put the puree in freezer bags and lay them in the freezer; stack them up.

Hope you are enjoying your Fall. It's beautiful here in NY. Can't complain. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope Ridley is feeling better.

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