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Friday, October 2, 2015

Hair raising issue....

This is a story of a girl who, on a whim, decided to dye her blond hair red. Click here to red that post. I apologize in advance for the plethora of selfies! I took a bunch of photos of myself knowing I was going to blog about my hair color.
 This is what I looked like before.
This is how I got my "natural" blond hair. haha Okay, real quickly I will tell you my hair history or "hairstory". Born a towhead, bright blond hair all my life until high school, became a summer blond, then after high school started turning more brown so I got professional highlights, then I started painting it myself with kits like the one above. I started going to a professional beautician again in my late 40s, then when we moved in 2013 I was so busy, didn't have time or money, so I started painting it myself again.
Then I had the wild hair idea to go red! I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought this little red box, 6R Light Red, washed it in and...
Bam!!! I'm now a redhead!!!  It was really a fun thing and I'm glad I did it! For the hectic stressful life I was having, this seemed like a good idea, a way to get some control, be spontaneous and to have a little fun.
This was, indeed, a fun and spontaneous thing...for awhile....
...then it started fading out.
So, just one month later I went back to Sally's and talked to the clerk. I told her that red was fun for awhile, but that I would really like to go to my natural color, whatever that is! She looked at my roots and suggested I try 7G Dark Golden Blonde. She also advised me that it would be hard to cover the red. On February 1, 2015 I dyed my hair again. Thankfully, it is super easy to dye your hair like this, you simply mix it and work it in all over your hair like shampoo and let it set for awhile and then hop in the shower and wash it out. Easy peasy!
This is how it turned out. It looks like a dark auburn.
I was pretty happy with it until.....
It started fading out. You can see in this photo where my tips are really faded and almost back to blond again.
I was tired of the red and wanted to go more natural, like the photo above; more brown with blond highlights.
I went back to Sally's and told the gal my situation. She advised me to try 8N Medium Blonde. So, on March 24, 2015 I dyed my hair again.
This is how it turned out. Uhmm, for a medium blond dye, I don't see any blond at all! It is a pretty shade of chestnut though, I kinda like it. This photo was taken on March 18, 2015.
This photo was taken two weeks later on April 2, 2015. I cannot believe how red it still looks.
Here we are in NY on April 4th and it looks more chestnut again. It's kind of a pretty color, but I didn't feel like me.
At this point I was really tired of the red-brown thing and I am missing my blond. I want my hair color like this again. I have decided to go back to blond, but how???
I set up a plan. I'm just gonna let it go. I will let my roots grow and see what my real hair color looks like. Maybe if I let it grow out a bit, it will be a little more healthy too. I had a crazy June with my Dad falling and getting emergency surgery, and then moving my parents from their home of 52 years, so it was a great time to just ignore my hair and let it grow out.
This was hard for me. I didn't feel pretty at all, but because I was so busy the time flew by. I noticed that my hair is so very thin and has no body.
Oh my goodness, I need help! Here I am with Ridley at the 4th of July parade. I don't even know what color you would call my hair in this photo. You can see my dark roots coming in.

I decided it was time for professional help! I have had the same local hairdresser, Nancy, for several years, but I was doing my own hair for the past two years. I made the brave phone call, told her what a mess I made of things and asked her for help and made an appointment. I was a bit worried she would be upset with me, but she was so kind! I told her I would like to try a permanent for more body and see if it lightens it and then I would like her to dye it back to blond. She said we could totally do this!
She gave me a perm which we knew would lighten my hair and then she was going to color it two weeks later. What a surprise when my hair turned into this orangey yellow.
This is what it reminded me of. A marmalade cat. Not quite the look I was going for.
I have copper cotton ball hair! The perm did give me the fullness I was hoping, but it was also a wild beast that I needed to tame. I had to learn new tricks with blow drying.

As a side bar, one thing I do enjoy about aging, I am losing my vanity. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I try to look my best, but back when I was young I never would go out without make-up and hair done and I always wore cute outfits. Now that I'm an old lady with confidence, it's kind of nice that I am able to walk around with goofy hair and it doesn't bother me so much. Hello!!! I finally learned this major outer looks do not define who I am!
 I tried to get in the sun as much as I could to lighten it, which was easy to do with Oregon's hot summer and living on a farm with lots of outdoor chores!
I've got this weird hair color, but I'm getting it dyed tomorrow. What will it look like???
On July 29th went in and Nancy dyed my hair blond! Yeah!!! It looks pretty! I am back to me again! I am so happy!
Well, that didn't last long. The next day when I washed it, the red undertones came back. It actually had a green/gray tone to it as well. Ugh, I am so frustrated!
I put lemon on it and sat in the sun hoping it would bring the blond out. My son was getting married in two weeks and I wanted to have normal looking hair.
It's actually looking better.
One day when I was getting ready for work, I realized my hair is the same color as my bathroom door...golden oak! haha
Mission accomplished though. This is what it looked like the day of the wedding. I wanted to have decent looking hair for the wedding and Nancy helped me achieve that. It's still not quite what I want, I'm definitely more blond, but I do have lots of orangey undertones.
I am, however, feeling so much more like me again!!!
My roots started growing out, so I went back to the salon last week. I normally get my hair done in the evening after work and no one else is in the shop, this time I went on a Saturday morning and it was so much fun!

I felt like I was at Truvy's from Steel Magnolias! All these local townspeople were in the shop. There were two men who were just battling it out over the local football teams, a lady came in to show her new puppy, two women came in for makeovers and of course I heard a little local gossip. I think I might always make my appointments on Saturday mornings from now on!
Anyway, here's the latest. I took these photos yesterday morning and I would say I am now definitely back to being a blond.

So, the moral of the story is...while it's fun to dye your hair at the spur of the moment, be very wise and careful. You might not be able to undo your new do so easily!

"But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore; ye are of more value than many sparrows." Luke 12:7

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I like the blond hair, it is just you, makes you look younger.

Tanza said...

I LoVe your blonde hair, the red was fun, but, I think the blond is more soft on your pretty face, much brighter, and, more of a youthful color for you, I might be a bit partial:):) I always feel that blond is a bit more playful looking too.... You are beautiful inside and out no matter what your hair color sweet one xoxo Blessings and love to you....

Curious Thinker said...

You hair looked great regardless, I but I like it better as a blonde. I just got my hair today myself. I don't dye it but got it straightened, as it tends to frizz up. Nice photos of your hair.

Kathi said...

Wow, I had no idea of your struggle when your hair was red, Sharon. I liked it, but I love you as a blonde. You are so pretty either way though. Kathi

Denise said...

You crack me up! Love your humor... marmalade cat...golden oak bathroom door! That sounds like something I would say. Haha I really love the blonde... it looks very pretty.

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