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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Annual sister time!

A couple of weekends ago I stayed with my amazing sister, Kathi, at her beautiful home in the country. I am blessed to have TWO amazing sisters, Kelli and Kathi! For some reason, Kathi and I started a tradition of staying at each other's house at least once a year and it was my turn to stay at her place. Her hubby was gone on a business trip, so it was just her and I and her son, Garrett.
The first thing we did when I arrived was take a walk around her pretty property and sit by the creek with a glass of wine and visit. Both of our lives have been so crazy lately, it was wonderful to just relax. We visited until it got dark and then went in, hung out with Garrett, had dinner and went to bed. Of course we talked until we fell asleep!
The next morning we had coffee and read devotionals. I just love talking with my sister about God. She always inspires me!
 Then we looked at things on the internet, like our blogs!
We went to town and visited Miss Vivian, Kathi's sweet mother-in-law. She's in an assisted living facility and actullay not doing that well, but she was in great spirits smiling and joking. I have known Vivian since I was a child and it was very nice to see her again.
No visit with my sister is complete without a Goodwill run! Here's a selfie with Kathi, Garrett and I. I like how Garrett is winking!

"Garrett, can you take a picture of Kathi and I please???"
"Ooops! Grarett, we're not ready for the picture!" haha
Now we're ready!
We stopped at the Deli where Kathi's eldest son, Harrison, works. He was so cute, friendly and helpful to us!
The sandwhiches he made were delciious! Perfect refreshement after a long day of thrifting!
It was such a fun day!
That night Kathi made taco salad with seasoned roasted shredded beef. I asked her how she seasons and she ended up showing me all of these spice packets that they use for different dishes. I took a picture of them to remember them and I am going to try them out! She said the Indian Butter Chicken is their favorite.
After dinner we played a rowdy game of Yahtzee!
Of course you need snacks to play! Popcorn and M&Ms are perfect! We also had fun 1930s music blasting!
My turn!
Garrett looks pretty amazed at Kathi's roll! haha Kathi got a Yahtzee and beat us all!
The next morning we went to Sunday School and this lovely lady taught a very good lesson from Genesis about Noah.
It was fun sitting next to my sister in class.
My visit was over too soon, but I was so happy we did it! Can't wait until next time!!!

"I will honor You, oh God, as long as I live, lifting up my hands to You in prayer. You satisfy me more than the riches of foods. I will praise You with songs of joy." Psalm 63:4-5

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

Sharon, I loved having you at my house. I'm so glad you got to see Vivian before she died. We are all still numb and grieving. It will take some time to heal and to process our loss of such a lovely lady. I enjoyed our visit with you so very much. I'm so thankful for you. I love you, Kathi

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