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Saturday, September 5, 2015

What a celebration!!!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson and Rachelle!

After the ceremony the happy couple took a little ride around the countryside in the horse and carriage and then joined the wedding reception.
I love this photo of my husband reaching out his hand to congratulate his son. What a proud moment.
Everyone was so excited to see them!
What a beautiful, happy couple they make!
I love their rings. Grayson said that he purposely picked a plain gold band just like his Dad's because his Dad is his role model and he respects him so much! Wow, what an honor!
It was so nice to celebrate this day with family! Eric's father Jim, sister Stacey and her husband, Jim, her son, Preston, and his girlfriend, Maudie, and my sister, Kathi.
My sister, Kelli, and her husband, Ralph, and my daughter-in-love, Brittany.
My beautiful daughter-in-love, Brittany and I.
My mother, Shirley, and father, Leonard, and my aunt Josephine.
The cousin table! Harrison, Joseph, Alex, Jessica, Victoria and Sam.
My sweet niece, Alex, flew in from California for the wedding. She's such a pretty girl!
Alex with her Grammie and Grandpa!
Me with my two sisters, Kelli and Kathi.
Time for the toasts! Garrett gave a beautiful toast about being more than friends, they are like brothers.
Rachelle's stepfather said such loving things about both Grayson and Rachelle.
They are enjoying the toasts!
My husband said such tender things and he even teared up.
They look like celebrities!
Rachelle's father gave a touching speech about giving his precious daughter away and how good he feels about Grayson.
You can just tell how happy they are!
Grayson stood up and thanked everyone for coming. I love the way she's looking at him!
Time for cake!
Love is sweet!
Time for the first dance!
They actually took dance lessons just for this moment!
It was beautiful!
I love how they are looking at each other!
The back of her dress is AMAZING!
The father and daughter dance.
The mother and son dance.
Oh my special boy! How can my little boy be all grown up and married now? Where did the time go? I'm so very proud of him and so happy for him!
Time to boogie! I couldn't believe it when I looked up and saw my mother on the dance floor with all her grandkids!
I ran out there to join them and we took a selfie! It was so much fun!
The night went on and it became a really fun party! Here's a selfie that Hayden took of him and I on the dance floor. You can see Grayson to the right and just barely see Rachelle. We had a blast!
After all the photos of the bride and groom, this is my favorite picture! The two moms getting their party on after the amazing wedding! We really enjoy each other and we are both so thrilled about this wedding!
After the dinner and dancing the newlyweds decided it was time to run away. They actually took the Jeep, which was decorated so cute by all the groomsmen, but sadly my phone battery died and I didn't get a picture.

I will end this wonderful day with this cute photo of the bride and groom leaving in the horse and carriage, just like a fairytale! Now they are off to their romantic honeymoon and then she will join him at their house in the country and they will start their life together!!!

"Let marriage be held in honor among all. " Hebrews 13:4a

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

golly what a gorgeous display of love. wow.

Barbara Beach said...

The pictures tell the story of a beautiful and special day ... fun too! Thanks so much for sharing!

Susan Russ said...

Sharon, thanks for the beautiful pictures. In this world of troubled times, it is so refreshing to read and see such happiness. May the Lord bless this new union and your entire family!

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, your photos make me feel like I was there. The wedding was absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations on gaining a new daughter.

Anonymous said...

really stunning pictures of the wedding and party. a beautiful couple. her dress was stunning. a wonderful celebration for you and the family and friends.

Farrah said...

Love this! I'm so glad that they're happy! I wish them nothing but love and commitment.

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