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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thrift store therapy...

I LOVE going to thrift stores! I know lots of you out there in blog land love thrifting too, but today I kinda wanted to talk about a reason I love to go thrifting besides getting super good bargains. For me it's flat out therapy. Thrift therapy!
Through my stressful times I've had over the past couple of years, thrifting is my drug of choice to help me cope. A few weeks ago before the wedding and after my parents moved into their assisted living facility, I had a couple of hours to kill after work when my husband was at his golf league. Yes, I could have gone home and found something to do, there's always projects and chores, but instead I decided that I would stop at my local St. Vincent De Paul thrift store and just veg out and look around.
My normal routine is that I walk in the front door, usually with lots of anticipation and excitement about what I might find! As soon as I'm in the door, I grab a cart and just start strolling. I always get a happy feeling when I walk in a thrift store. Sometimes I'm on a mission and have a few things I'm looking for and other times I am just looking and hoping to find a fun treasure. Sometimes I spend just a couple of bucks and sometimes it's about $25.00, but rarely over that. I really feel like the Lord blesses me through the bargains I find, which extends my spending budget.
I always head to the glassware and knick-knack section first.
Do I seriously need another mug? I think not, but I still look! I believe I really do have a mug addiction problem, just looking at this photo is making my mouth water! haha
Oh, this little blue creamer is sooo cute! I need another creamer like a hole in the head. I actually hope it's not super cheap because I'll buy it. I was happy to see that it was 3.99, I don't feel like spending that much on it. Bye, bye creamer.
When I have time I look through every single aisle. Today was one of those days!
I even look through the bathroom supplies aisle. Sometimes you can find really neat things here!
I love to just stroll through the store at a slow pace and get lost. It's a great time for me to think and pray. I see all kinds of things that evoke good memories of a loved one from any time in my past. Things remind me of my grandma's, my parents, my own childhood, the lady who I babysat for, my sisters, my friends, my husband and our newlywed years and our children when they were at various ages. I also find things that just plain old give me warm fuzzies!
I can't explain it, but I just relax when I'm in thrift stores. I especially like it when I'm not in a hurry. I could spend 2 hours in one store! I like to look at every single thing!
I was tempted by this cloche because of it's interesting shape and I would toss the fake tulips, but it was $7.99 and I thought it was too much.
This fall colored afghan would be cute on the front porch for my autumn display, but it's a little ragged. I passed on it.
Paint by numbers paintings are becoming collectible, but this one is a bit large and I don't really have a place to put this one. Pass.
I like this "Toilette" sign, it would be cute in my powder room. I turned it over and it was 6.99! I'm not paying that much for that, I could paint it myself!
It's really fun to go through the book section. I always head to the cookbook section first. I often times find really good devotional books and decorating books. I also think of others, for example I found this Toyota Owner's Manual for my son. I would have bought it for him, but it's so wonderful that now days we can snap a picture and text it to see if they want it. I did just that and he texted back that he already had it, but thanks anyway. I'm glad I didn't buy it!
I always start in the housewares department, then move on to books and if I have time I look through the clothes. I have found really cute clothes at thrift stores for a fraction of the price.
I can just get lost in thrift stores! I think it's just really fun to shop and it's just great down time for me.
Do you ever look down at your cart and like what you see? haha I do!
I liked the way my cart looked today, I found great treasures!
After looking at clothes, I looked through the shoes. Once I'm done shopping, I find a quiet corner and go through my cart to make my final decisions. And just so you know...I do put things back where they go, I don't dump them somewhere for the clerks to clean up later.
Time to go settle up. I'm buying a lot today, but my son, Mackenzie, gave me a St. Vinney's gift card for mother's day for $25.00 that am going to use, so I don't feel guilty!
My total was $37.09, minus my $25.00 gift card, I only owed $12.09! Sweet!!!
I love to go through my treasures when I get home! I think this is so much fun and therapeutic as well!
Look at my cute Forever 21 boots!!! They were 14.99, but half off, so I paid $7.49 for them. I found a similar pair on line for $35.00! To me it looks like they were only worn once!
This darling metal tea set was 50% off and I only paid $1.99! I bought it for all of my future grandkids. I might spray-paint it a neutral color. I wanted a metal set so it would never break.
I found a curling iron for $3.00. I hate to waste money on things like curling irons, blow dryers and toasters at the retail stores when I can get the same thing that is gently used for so much cheaper at a thrift store. I bought mismatched silverware to do a craft with for .25 cents each and I found some light globes for my outdoor chandelier for .99 cents each.
This was my favorite find! It's a fabulous mama hen with her little chicks at her feet. Look at the marvelous crackled glaze! It was love at first site when I saw her. She was my splurge item for the day, I paid $6.99 for her. I think she's worth it!
This is a queen size flat sheet that I am going to use for a patio tablecloth! I love the vintage pattern and thought it was worth $3.99 that I paid.
I couldn't believe that I found this darling 1940's looking dress for only $2.00! I also found the cute brown sling pumps for $2.00. The dress fits perfect! It's such a cute outfit!
I love vintage movies and I'm so thrilled that I found this cute Ester Williams movie for .99 cents. I still have a DVD/VHS player in the kitchen and love to watch old movies when I'm cooking.
I found this charming 1965 Farm Journal pie cookbook!
The illustrations are adorable and I'm always thrilled when I can tell that the cookbook was really used and it's a bonus when there are some sweet lady's old recipes stuffed inside!
I also found this cute 1963 Betty Crocker Cooky Book! I collect the wire-bound cookbooks and am so excited to find this rare book!
It too has the darling illustrations inside.
I was excited to add it to my collection on the bookshelf in the dining room.
See all of my wire bound cookbooks on the lower right?
Uh-oh! I already have it! haha Has this ever happened to you? Oh well, it was only $1.99. My sister collects them too, so I will give her my extra copy.
Last but not least, the container that held everything! It was $2.99 and 25% off, so I paid $2.25. Not bad! I will put it in my pantry to hold our plastic water bottles and travel mugs.
This is my happy place. Just give me an hour or two and a buck or two and I'll be a happy girl when I come out.

"But the fruit of the spirit" Galatians 5:22

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

I very much understand! The thrift stores in my area are not very good, but there are a few flea markets that have the same effect on me!

Barbara Beach said...

I get the same sort of feeling at book stores or craft/quilt stores so I understand. The 1940s dress and shoes are going to look darling on you - good find!

Mardell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!!! WOO HOO!! I've been thinking about you today on your special day. I hope it's been wonderful so far.

I adore this post about your love of thrift shopping. I too, get that feeling when I walk into a shop. Funny, I go to the glass and collectables first, too. There really isn't an aisle I don't go down. I can spend hours rummaging the books and cookbooks. Isn't that funny that you bought another "Cooky" book? Ha ha. I haven't been to a garage sale ALL summer and I am feeling very deprived. Please feel sorry for me. LOL

Love the pictures (as always.) Again, sending you special b-day hugs and well wishes. May you SHINE today!!

PS: I didn't know they sell gift cards! We don't have a St. Vincent DePaul's near here. The VOA (Volunteers of America) just shut down ALL of their stores around here. Boo hoo. We still have Goodwill, Salv. Army (Sally A's), and Am Vets.

Rue said...

Hi Sharon :)

Gosh, there was a lot to catch up on! I'm so sorry I'm late.

Your handsome son's wedding to his gorgeous bride and rehearsal dinner were AMAZING. So beautiful and I loved that you told the whole story of both days. It felt like I was there :)

Your romantic getaway... fabulous!

And thrifting... you're speaking my language LOL LOVE it too :)


Rue said...

Oops! And happy Birthday too!! I almost forgot.


Anonymous said...

Thrift is very relaxing for me as well. I love to spend time just walking around and checking items out. :)

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

I can identify with your love of thrifting! And it is so therapeutic! ...especially when you consider how much you're saving! :) Love your finds! The brown outfit is so pretty! And that rooster is pretty cute! ~Rhonda

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