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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet baby o' mine....

I found this old post that I never published. I can't believe my precious grandson will be two years old next month! Witnessing his birth was a miracle to me and will always be such a sweet memory.

We got the call on October 14, 2013 at 3:00am ....Brittany's water broke! I never got out of bed so fast!!!! Her due date was October 22nd, so this was a little early, but so exciting!!!! I was so very touched and so honored that they wanted me in the delivery room for the baby's arrival. This meant so very much to me.
 I quickly got ready and hit the road. I drove down to the hospital in the dark foggy morning, praying all the way!
 The hospital was so quite, not a soul around.
 I was so happy to see my kids! Brittany was doing great! What a big day this is!!!!
 She was feeling really good and was comfortable, even though her water broke and she was having light contractions, nothing was really happening yet.
The sun started to rise upon the city.
Brittany looked so cute, she's such a beautiful girl! She was in constant contact with her mother, Patti, who was en route at that time from North Dakota! Her flight was arriving in our town at 12:00 noon and we were praying that she would get here in time!
 Mackenzie and Brittany decided to take a walk around the hospital to see if they could get things going.
 My son in deep thought....he was going to be a Daddy soon!
Me with my sweet Brittany!
My sister picked up Brittany's mom at the airport and she got here on time!!! We had no idea at this time what a long journey we had ahead of us!
Things were pretty much at a standstill, so they decided to give her pitocin. This was hard to watch because her contractions started kicking in and it was hard to see her in pain.
I was so moved by their love for each other. Mackenzie was such a great coach and he was so in awe of his wife as he watched her labor. She worked so hard.
 Wow, what a beautiful sunset. We've been here for 18 hours now.
She was having regular contractions, but they were not strong enough to get things moving. We heard the baby's heartbeat the whole time, which was so reassuring. The nurses and doctor kept saying how strong his heartbeat was and that he was a happy baby!
We were concerned how long this was taking. Brittany was working so hard, but the baby was not coming. They finally gave her an epidural hoping she would relax and the contractions would work better.
She finally got to rest for a bit, all of us did. We turned off the lights and slept lightly for about 2 hours, all the while hearing the amazing sounds of the baby's heartbeat mixed with the beautiful instrumental songs that the kids chose to play during labor. It was a precious time. Mackenzie slept right by her side holding her hand. He was a wonderful coach.
Another sunrise. We pray that today is the day! Mackenzie is keeping in contact and giving updates to their close family and friends. So many people were praying!
Both the kids trying to get a little cat nap. Finally at about 12:30pm on the 15th things started happening! She pushed for 3 hours and worked so very hard and finally......
....he made his appearance at 3:29 pm! The moment I saw my grandson for the very first time and heard his little cry, and saw the look on my son's face and my daughter-in-love's face was such a miracle to me. I will never, ever forget that special moment. God is so amazing! This baby is so amazing! Patti and I left the kids alone for an hour so they could have special bonding time as a new little family. These pictures are actually taken about an hour and a half after he was born.
He's such a little miracle!
What a beautiful baby he is! He's absolutely perfect!!! He was 8.0 lbs even and was 19 inches long!
Here's Mackenzie calling his Dad telling him he's now a grandpa!
There's no bond stronger than mother and child!
....or, father and child!
Proud Oma, Patti!
Proud Grandma, Sharon!
Proud Grandpa, Eric! Brittany's father and stepmother were there too, but sadly, I didn't get a picture of them with my camera. Actually, the room was full of other family members who came to meet Ridley for the first time! This boy is loved by so many people!
Precious baby boy!
Daddy's already taking tons of pictures!
Baby Ridley is falling in love with his Daddy!
Brittany checking his diaper. She is such a natural at being a mama.
Mackenzie became a master at swaddling Ridley.
He's so precious! He's looking up at his Oma Patti.
He's so tiny!
He's so perfect!
I'm so in love with him!
Mackenzie took this beautiful picture of him. Oh how I love this baby!
Brittany took this amazing photo of father and son. I love this!!!
He's all bundled up and ready to go home! He's so precious!!!
They are now all settled at home and are a sweet family of three!  They are just loving their new life together!!! What a blessing little Ridley James has been to his Mama and Daddy and to all of us!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Oh Sharon,
How sweet. Hard to fathom that Ridley is going to be two very soon. What a LONG labor and delivery for Brittany. Oh my! And what a great mom she is. Any big party plans? This post made me cry happy tears, and also sad ones.

God bless your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post.
So sad considering the situation now.
I see sadness in MacKenzie's eyes today and I hope he soon sees the light.
I know that he is suffering and I hope that he can still be a good father to Ridley.

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