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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our youngest fledgling has left the nest....

Our last fledgling flew out of the nest Friday night. This was a picture I took of him Friday morning as he was getting ready for work. He moved to an apartment with two buddies and will attend Oregon State University which he starts Thursday.
 We actually had a test run of a complete empty nest when he went off to college right after he graduated from high school in 2012 (click here to read about it). After having my nest full with my four little boys, one by one they left and it was very hard on me. When Hayden went to college, it was a perfect way for us to test the waters. He left in August of 2012 to attend Pacific University which is several hours away from us. We went up to see him for his football games and he would drive down to visit us. He came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring break and then, of course, for summer. While he was home for the summer he decided he didn't want to go back to Pacific, he would rather live at home and go to the local community college.

So, we set up a bedroom for him in our new house and got used to him being around again.
He had a typical college kid room with posters and stop signs. Our dog, Blondie, slept in Hayden's room every night.
 I loved walking by and seeing him at his computer studying.
 Thank goodness I never had to help him with his math! He did great at the community college and finally figured out that he wanted to major in forestry. That is when he decided to go to Oregon State.
While I am so very proud of him and excited for him to finish his education and get his dream career, I will miss this boy! He made a lot of his own meals and one of his favorites is chipped beef on toast.
 He always had something fun going on with his Jeep.
One time he drove me to church in his Jeep. I probably looked pretty funny getting in and out of his Jeep that was lifted three feet off the ground!
I loved sitting with Hayden in church and teared up this morning when he wasn't there with us. I hope he will find a good church in his new town.
 I have a feeling I'm going to get really sad tomorrow when I won't see him getting ready for work. We always saw each other in the mornings while we had our coffee and chatted a bit.
 I realized I will miss him helping build fires.
 I will miss seeing him just hang out around here.
He actually has had his apartment for several weeks, but continued to live at home so he could keep working. He works as an intern for a land and timber company. He decided to move to the apartment over a couple of weekends rather than try to move all of his stuff in one day. Here's a picture of him taking up a load. Oh, I forgot to mention, he sold his beloved Jeep and bought this cute Toyota pick-up which has better gas mileage.
 It has been sad for me to see his room slowly get empty.
 I will miss him hanging out and watching TV with Eric and I in the evenings.
 I was being a stalker mom and taking lots of photos of him as he was preparing his lunch for the last time at our house.
 Love this boy so much!
He was saying goodbye to Blondie. My emotions are all over the place. The difference between when he left for college in 2012 and this time is that this time he is moving out permanently. Well, he actually might move back home next summer while he works, but there's a good chance he will keep his apartment. I told him that I am going to redecorate his room, but he is always welcome to come home if it helps him out and his life is moving forward. The photo on the bottom is him driving off to work for the last time from our home.
However, before he left for work, he surprised me and said, "Let's meet for lunch today!" So Ridley and I met Hayden at the Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was awesome!
That night the whole family came over to celebrate Hayden's 22nd birthday, which will be next Tuesday. He requested chicken Alfredo and Mom's lemon pudding cheesecake pie for dessert.
 For a moving out gift, Eric and I gave him a bucketful of goodies to make his apartment feel like home.
 How did this little cowboy grow-up so fast?
I am going to miss him so much, but the good news is he is not too far away, so we will still be able to see him quite often. I am so very proud of who he has become!
It is very sad for me to walk by his bedroom that is completely empty now, but I must remember that this is the natural cycle of life and it's all good. Soon I will start redecorating and turn it into another guest room, which will be a fun creative outlet for me!
So, it's official, Eric and I really do have an empty nest now. I know it will be a transition and I am hoping and praying that I will not cry.

I started my blog in the summer of 2007 as an outlet for my empty nest feelings. I wanted to be an encouragement to others, as well as myself, as I channeled through uncharted waters. My first two sons moved out in September of 2007, our third son in 2011 and now Hayden's official flight out of the nest in 2015. Blogging has certainly been therapeutic for me and I am looking forward to continuing on writing about our life and the many blessings the Lord gives us.

If you are interested, here are the links to my blog posts about my other little birdies leaving the nest....

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"O' Lord, have mercy on me in my anguish. My eyes are red from weeping; my health is broken from sorrow." Psalm 31:9

"I thank God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Oh Sharon,
I wish Hayden the best of luck! My goodness, he's become such a man. When I started following your blog he was a youngster. Where does the time go? Wow!

It's nice that your kiddos are still close to be able to come visit. You and Eric have a beautiful home and there won't be much stopping them to come and say hello or raid your fridge! Ha.

Had a few tears when I saw Hayden saying goodbye to Blondie ~ and then seeing your face. I'm a big ol' softie & cry easily.

Hang in there and focus on making the guest room as cozy and beautiful as I know you can. It's going to be awesome, just like you!


56Merlot said...

Sharon you blog is a joy for me. Your family, crafts, stories, thoughts, scripture, cooking, bargains, pets, camping, kids, boating, work, holidays, building, pots, pans, tears, laughs, ups, downs, friends, weddings, loss, gains, grand-baby, nature, coffee and everyday life in between. You have given me many gifts. For example I remember the post you did about your Dad teaching you how to make an egg. So simple. So beautiful and so many of these just said so much and have stayed with me. You are a special person and I thank you for sharing and who you are. Bless you. Della

Judy said...

I made a video clip of photos when our youngest left the nest, it was to Suzi Boggas-Letting Go, and to this day I still cry when I hear that song. He will do very well in life, you and Eric gave him a wonderful start and the tools to continue in life out of the nest.

Anonymous said...

It is ok to cry and be sad as well as happy for him and what his future will be and how he will continue to be a part of the family. we who have followed you are a bit sad as well. we sit at our computers and have our tears. It is always sad when my son comes to visit and then leaves. it takes a few days to adjust. I live in Texas and he is a student at the University of Michigan a lonnnnnnnnnnnn way off. Hope he has a really great year as I know you and Eric will too.

Molly Moore said...

Aww!!! Thanks for sharing! Prayers for you and your son!!! Glad he won't be too far away!!!

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