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Monday, September 7, 2015

Our little romantic get away!

The newlyweds aren't the only love birds slipping away for a romantic time!
My husband and I planned a little two day getaway, just the two of us! I know myself too well and I tend to get down after a big event and also empty nest syndrome. While I was so very happy about my son's wedding, I was worried the stupid blues would sneak up on me, so my hubby and I planned this fun get away trip. We were heading up to The Oregon Caves, where we stayed on our honeymoon 33 years ago!
We had things to do in the morning, so we left town a little before lunch. No big fancy lunch for us this time, we just grabbed McDonald's and kept driving!
However, we did stop at antique stores!!! I have always enjoyed antiquing, but my husband just started joining me in this hobby last summer! Thrifting and antiquing with my one and only is heaven for me!!!
We had a long drive up into the mountains and finally came up to the Chateau! It's just as I remembered with it's rustic charm.
I am so happy that they haven't changed a thing! It's so romantic!!!
We unpacked our bags and had a little drink in our room. The room is absolutely charming with old fashioned furniture and a country patchwork quilt on the bed. It was so nice for us to talk about Grayson and Rachelle's wedding and how proud we are of all of our kids. We also talked about the hard things in our life too, but we are trusting God.
This picture shows exactly how I felt! I was at rest. I was at peace. I was relaxing with my husband and didn't have a thing to do! After my extremely busy year and especially crazy June and July, I am thrilled to be here.
We had dinner reservations at 7:00 at the chateau restaurant, so we took a little walk around the chateau while we waited. We came upon this little waterfall and pond and rested.
I love this place!
We ate dinner in this very spot 33 years ago. They still have the creek running through the restaurant! It's so romantic! The food was delicious too.
We took another little stroll hand in hand.
There was no air-conditioning and no TV. We had the windows open and a fan going and we read in bed. It was heaven!
And did I say romantic? :)
The next morning my hubby brought coffee to me while I was getting ready.
We took a little walk around the chateau again. Look at the fabulous hand hewn log staircase.
We made our way to the darling little cafe. It's almost identical to when it was first built in the mid 1930s!
We walked around the mountain and found the opening to the caves, but we opted to not take the tour this time. We toured them back in 1982 and then brought our kids here about 15 years ago for a day trip and toured them at that time. We decided we're going to come back in the next year or two and do the whole cave tour again then. We wanted to get on the road and head to our next destination.
It was so fun driving through the countryside as we headed to Crescent City, CA. We saw dozens of old homesteads and this darling old fashion general store! We were looking for garage sales, but didn't have any luck. It was a beautiful drive though!
We did, however, see lots of smoke from all of the forest fires. It's really sad, but they have them mostly contained now.
We drove through a redwood forest and it was so majestic. Look how huge the tree in the bottom photo is! It's bigger than that mini van!
We made it to the coast! We stopped and took a little walk.
Then we went to antique stores and second hand stores and found a few treasures.
We asked the local folks where to eat lunch and we got three recommendations to eat at the Chart Room, so we headed over there. They didn't steer us wrong! It was delicious with great service, a fun atmosphere and a gorgeous view of the bay with sea lions and seagulls resting on the docks.
Then we went too our hotel to check in. My hubby wanted to watch a little golf and rest from all of the driving, and I actually took a nap, which I never do! This has been such a fun relaxing time!
We ate dinner at the hotel's restaurant and it was again, romantic, fun and delicious!
The hotel had a standard indoor pool with Jacuzzi, which we were going to use, but they are never that thrilling with the steamed up windows, sounds of kids yelling and the very strong odor of chlorine. We couldn't believe it when we stumbled across a private outdoor Jacuzzi at the back of the hotel when we were turning our truck around. It looked like it was part of the hotel, but it was way in the back set in a private garden area. We asked the front desk about it and they said that it was the hotel's and we are free to use it! We couldn't believe it! And an added bonus was when we got there, no one else was around! We had the whole thing just to ourselves! Just me and my honey on a beautiful summer night in California! We absolutely loved it!
We slept great after that great meal and hot tub and felt so refreshed in the morning. It was fun having coffee and seeing the sun come up. We did have a funny situation with the shower though!  The room was set up for wheelchair access and the shower is flush with the floor. It was really strange because there was no way to contain the water in the shower, it simply ran out into the bathroom and even into the living area of the room! We called the front desk and they brought us towels. It ended up being pretty funny.
We had a beautiful view of the ocean as we walked from our room to the restaurant to get our breakfast.
The sun was still rising as we got on the road at sunrise heading back to Oregon. We grabbed some coffee and I read Eric the morning devotional as we drove. We were on the lookout for garage sales!
Finally when we got to Bandon we found a few sales! We both found some great items.
We picked up some ice coffees and kept stopping at sales. We ended our trip the way we started with McDonalds! I know it's not the most healthy thing to eat, but it's fast and cheap and we both like it and we rarely get it. We had a wonderful time!
These are some of the fun things we purchased! The top right corner are some of Eric's treasures. I was surprised when he wanted to by the snowshoes, but they are actually really cool! I found the printer's box for only $3.00 and the antique wash tub for only $5.00! The rolling cart was only $5.00 too. I think I will paint it black and use it on the back deck. My husband also picked the other metal items in the lower photos. He is on the hunt for antique logging and farming equipment. We had so much fun and...
...I DIDN'T do any of this!!!
This little trip was so great to help me get through my crazy blues and to really get some rest after my exhausting June and July. This little trip was wonderful for our marriage. We had such a great time together.  I feel so blessed that I am married for 33 years to my best friend!

"May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife (husband!) of your youth!" Proverbs 5:18

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

such a fun and romantic getaway with great memories of 33 years past. :) six months ago we were at the very same thrifty type store in crescent city! didn't find much in the way of treasures there but fun to look around. paydirt deals on the yard sale finds........seriously! so thankful you and your honey enjoyed time away, holding hands, and smooching. wink.

Mardell said...

Oh really make me smile! What's there not to love about you?! So inspirational, so smart, pretty, funny etc. etc. I'm so happy that you and Eric had a wonderful little get away. You needed it AND both deserved it. Your pictures are amazing as always!! You're a pro! Glad you had a safe trip. I'm sure all the furbabies missed you, though.

Molly Moore said...

Oh Sharon--What a wonderful get away!!! So happy you got to spend time with your husband!!!

sue from Albany NY said...

Glad to see you had such a good time time and are feeling sunnier!��

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