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Friday, August 28, 2015

Wedding rehearsal!

The wedding will take place here at this gorgeous property owned by Rachelle's mother and stepfather in just 24 hours! It is simply breathtaking and the wedding is going to be so beautiful!
 What an amazing setting!
 Rachelle was so organized and typed up all the details and the agenda for tomorrow's events.
 The wedding party and immediate family arrived at 5:30 to practice.
 Pastor Dave has known the kids almost their whole lives! He did a great job of rallying all of us.
 I love this picture of Grayson and Rachelle sitting and listening, but also of Hayden in the far right corner. He's looking and smiling at his nephew, Ridley. :)
 We were sitting, listening and awaiting our ques to participate.
 She is having both her father and stepfather walk her down the isle.
 I love this shot of Rachelle's dad practicing giving her hand in marriage to Grayson. I love the smile on Grayson's face. Isn't her jumpsuit cute!
 I can't believe this is happening tomorrow!!! These two have loved each other since they were in high school and now they are finally, happily getting married!
 Notice the horse carriage in the back there? Yup...that is happening tomorrow!!!
 They are filled with anticipation and excitement for their special day....
..but I can't help but think that these two cuties could possibly steel the show! haha

All the details are taken care of for this beautiful wedding and the rehearsal is over, so now we will head back to our house for the rehearsal dinner in the barn!

"Let marriage be held in honor among all. " Hebrews 13:4a

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

anticipation for more pictures of the sweet event. i can only imagine how excited everyone is, especially the bride and groom. :)

Tanza said...

WoW!!! Just beautiful ..... what a perfect day xoxo LoVe always wins

Molly Moore said...

Oh Sharon!!! How beautiful this is--and the dinner in the barn!!!! I see your creative touches everywhere!!!

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