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Monday, August 31, 2015

The magical wedding venue

 I cannot believe how Terri and Rick (Rachelle's mother and stepfather), with the help of Grayson and Rachelle, transformed their property into the most magical place for the wedding. Everything was perfect. It was the most beautiful scene. When guest arrived they came to this cute little area to sign the board, leave their gift in the vintage Volkswagen and grab something cool to drink.
 Bales of hay served as seats for the wedding guests. They covered them with white floral sheets.
 The ceremony will take place in front of these to majestic oak trees. They hung an old limb between the two trees and then hung Rachelle's grammie's old window in the center. It is flanked by beautiful toil, wine barrels and roses. Notice the beautiful white horse grazing in the field in the background!
 Rachelle made these cute signs with their vows written on them. "From this day forward" "For better or worse" "Till death do us part". They are posted along the cute little trail leading to the back of the property where the reception will be held.
Grayson made the entry out of tree limbs from their property. I made the sign that's hanging there, "Live, Laugh, Love". I was so touched when they said they wanted to use the bike I painted and used for the rehearsal dinner. She had a friend do all the chalkboards and they turned out amazing!
 They rented the tables and chairs, which look so pretty!
 I can't believe how magical this all looks! There are lights hanging in all of the trees!
The bride and groom will sit here with the serene creek running behind them!
 A few months ago this whole area was covered in blackberries! They really worked hard to make this happen and it was well worth it!
 A friend of Rachelle's made this bar for her wedding and said they could use it and then pass it on to another couple getting married. It's perfect!
 She borrowed plates from family and friends. I love the way the mixed patterns look!
The rustic centerpieces are made of slices of a tree trunk. They placed beautiful flowers in mason jars on top. They turned out so pretty.
 Here's the display from our barn party that they wanted to use. It looks cute here!
 The cake table is wonderful! It's made from two whiskey barrels topped with a board and covered in burlap. Rachelle made the cute "Love is Sweet" banner.
 I love the simple, yet elegant cake sitting on this rustic chunk of wood with their initials carved in it! That is such a cute idea and they will always have the cake stand as a memento!
 They hung photos of the happy couple on string hanging in these trees. So cute!

Well, the place is ready, let's get this wedding started!!!

"All things were made by Him; without Him nothing was made." John 1:3

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

It is all so cute! Looks like it should be in a magazine. I think my favorite part is the VW full of gifts! Darling!

Judy said...

I'm loving your photos of the wedding Sharon.

Sherry said...

wow .. this is fanTASTic!

Dora Christensen said...

What a beautiful wedding idea. I never understood how people can spend their life savings away on getting married. Something like this is just perfect. It is about bringing two families together not on how much money you can spend. You have nature all around you giving you all the flowers and venue you need. I think this turned out perfectly. Thank for posting the photos!

Dora Christensen @ Fritz Chair

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