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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A dreaded project is finally done!

I can't believe I'm posting this horrendous picture of my disastrous china pantry. But thankfully this truly is a BEFORE picture and I do have a successful AFTER picture!!!
 First I'll tell you a little bit about my china pantry. When we bought our new home back in July of 2013, I was delighted to discover we had this extra little room attached to our family room. It's about 10' x 6' and houses the  furnace and water heater. The previous owners had their extra fridge in here and had freestanding shelves. The kitchen has a pantry, so we didn't need it for that and we decided to put our extra fridge out in the garage. We really did not have a designated use for this room. I immediately started dreaming about using it to house all of our china, crystal and various other serving pieces and it was decided that it would become the china pantry.
My handsome handyman hubby built me a whole wall of strong and sturdy shelves along the west side to hold everything. He purposely used strong boards and placed extra brackets to hold the heavy dishes.
 I loaded the shelves with all of my seasonal china and special serving dishes. It worked great for awhile but......
 ......enter this little peanut! He needed a place to store his vintage Playskool family school buses. :)
Since the china pantry is adjacent to the family room, it was a perfect place to start storing all of his toys. But some how it went from a small 16"x16" crate to this insanity! Yes, I am THAT grandma. The grandma who has just as many or more toys than the parents! I am having so much fun picking up fun toys to delight my little guy. My excuse is that I am buying all of these toys for ALL of my future someday grandbabies, not just Ridley. It's not a new addiction, it's a wise investment! Anyway, little Mister has figured out how to open the door to the toy room and I realized how a change was needed ASAP.
 My life has been really crazy for the past two years since we moved to this house. We've had the birth of our grandson, two engagements, a wedding (and soon to have another wedding!), a divorce, moved both of our parents, had all four of our parents in the ER and hospital at different times, lost my husband's mama, I had a job change, we've had our own health issues, we've hosted a party or dinner on average twice a month, and the list goes on and on not even mentioning all of the projects and chores that we have on our sweet Blissful Acres Farm! Anyway, due to all of the above mentioned things, this room slowly got to this insane mess.
My dish collection got out of control too. I do actually use most of these dishes for our big family dinners. I use the brown transferware for Thanksgiving and other special fall meals, the green, yellow and orange dishes and margarita glasses are used for our Cinco De Mayo celebration, the green dishes are for St. Patty's feast and I have black and orange dishes for Halloween. So even though I do use a lot of these, there are a lot that I don't use and my collection has gotten too large.
 Again, we use and need these paper products, but I need to go through them and reorganize this area.
I have too much stuff! Ugh, it's crazy in here.
I needed to take time and organize this stuff! The problem is that I DONT ever seem to have time! It just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, a few weeks ago I actually had a free weekend and I declared that I would get that room cleaned out and organized. And guess what??? I did it! It took me several hours, but I did it!

I started by hauling all of the toys out and putting them in a pile. Then I hauled out every single dish and set them on the farm table putting them in one of three categories, keep, donate and "still thinking about it". Some dishes were very easy to put in keep or toss, it was those dishes that went in the thinking pile that caused agony, but eventually I figured it out. I systematically placed my favorites back in the pantry. My goal was to create a safe and organized toy area for Ridley using the complete length of the bottom shelf and all of the floor space below it.
Now when I open the door this is what I see!
Everything is organized! I got tough and got rid of a lot of dishes and I donated a trunk load of dishes to the Goodwill!
I had way too many chargers. I tossed the silver and gold ones and just kept the brown rattan. I need my cute little red stool in here to reach the things on the top shelf. See the four boxes to the right? Those are my seasonal mugs that I enjoy changing out for every holiday. I know, it's a crazy thing, but it brings me joy.
I can actually see the top of this dresser! This dresser holds my farm table tablecloths, my extra silverware and the top drawer is a junk drawer. On top I have my tool box and my box of tealights. You can see on the shelves that I still have a lot of candlesticks, but honestly, I do use them for different occasions.
Oh this feels so much better!
The most important thing is that Ridley's toys are all organized and he's safe when he goes in there. He actually never goes in alone, but just in case he sneaks, I know he will be safe.
I have all of this toys organized. I am having so much fun picking up things that he loves at garage sales and Goodwill. He loves tractors, cars and trucks.
He also loves playing with the vintage Playskool buses and barn. I am now on the hunt for the Playskool school family home and school house. I love that they close up nicely and hold all the people and accessories inside them and they are small enough and have a handle for Ridley to carry.
My dishes are all organized now and will be so much easier to find and use. I know I have a lot, but I really do use them and I have a place to store them, so why not? Also, my collection has not cost me very much. I am a bargain hunter and purchased all of these dishes at yard sales, thrift stores or the dollar store.
I am so thankful this job is completed! Now I keep going over there and opening the door just to look at how clean and organized it is!

"Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty." Proverbs 14:23

Hugs, Sharon


Mary said...

You tackled a huge job and did it beautifully! I cleaned out every drawer,closet and cabinet before I started watching my now nine month old grandson. It felt so good when it was done.I chuckled when you wrote that you keep opening the door to look at it. I thought I was the only one that did that!

Kathi said...

Sharon, You did a great job organizing your "butler's pantry." I think that's what it's called, when you have a pantry not for food, but for dishes. I love it. It's great that Ridley has his own space for special toys too. Is there a pantry name for him too? Love you, Kathi

Jan said...

Great job! I have not had a china pantry since I left the farmhouse, four years ago...but the cute I decorating and entertaining ideas I stole from you were not optional. You would think that two old people living in a four bedroom, ten room house would not have storage issues, but I am finding I need to be creative. I love stealing ideas from you...hmmmmm, wonder if hubby would 'donate' half his office space to create a new china pantry???

I'm enjoying the bad(?) influence you have on us!

I'm always happy to see a new blog post from you...


Mardell said...

Me too! So we're not alone. I always go back to look to see how great it looks when I've completed a big task/project.

Sharon ~ your closet is amazing. You did a wonderful job organizing and purging. The shelves are perfect. I love how Ridley's toys are all on the bottom. And of course he loves cars, tractors and trucks ~ he's ALL boy. The vintage toys are the best; esp. the Playskool. Why did they ever stop making them?

It's hard to believe you've been at the house for 2 yrs. now. How's the garden growing?! Can't wait to hear.


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