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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Planting the garden...

 We got our garden planted at the end of April! I love having a garden, we have been married for almost 33 years and we have had a garden almost every year except for the years we have moved, so I would estimate 30 different gardens! As you know, my husband prepared our garden space last fall and made this beautiful deer fence all around it. Click here to read that story.
We had been discussing the design of the garden and what kinds of fruits and vegetables we wanted for some time now. After we got home from our trip back east we started working in the garden and got it all planted. First my husband tilled up the soil.
 He planted 18 blueberry bushes.
 Then he made these beautiful posts for the raspberries to climb.
 Here he is making furrows to plant the raspberries in.
 The raspberries came just like this, in a bag of what looks like useless, dead roots.
 I laid them in the furrows and covered them with soil. It's hard to believe that they will grow!
 My father-in-law, Jim, came to help us. Here he is planting a different variety of raspberry, they are actual small starts of the plant.
 We appreciate his help so much. It's really fun for us to spend time like this with him. We are so thankful that he moved to our little town and is so close to us now.
 I bought this windmill for my husband over a year ago and now it finally has a home! We wanted it elevated so we could see it better and we also wanted to make sure it was very secure so the wind wouldn't take it away. Eric came up with this wonderful idea of attaching it to a flower box made of railroad ties. I love it!
I planted petunias in the center of the flower box.
 My husband planted a whole row of strawberries! Yum!
 The next weekend we finished up the garden. Again, he tilled up the soil and made more furrows.
 It was fun to go shopping for all the plants and seeds and so much fun to plant them all!
 It looks so nice!
 We planted cucumbers, artichokes, tomatoes and peppers from starts.
 We used seeds for the green onions, but starts for the sweet and red onions.
 We used seeds for the bush beans and corn.
 Oh what a great feeling it is to look across this garden knowing it's all planted!
 In this row we have sweet peas, zucchini and pumpkin starts. We also planted gourds seeds.
 Such satisfaction!
 We still have to come up with a cute idea for the herbs!
 I can't wait to see this little boy out running around in the garden picking fresh blueberries and eating them!
Now we water, weed and wait!!!

These pictures are obviously a few months old. I will be posting what the garden looks like now soon! It has grown a tremendous amount!

"Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them." Jeremiah 29:5

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

is it strange that i consider dirt to be beautiful? your dirt, and established garden and plans, are beautiful. :) love seeing the picture of your daughter-in-love and your grandson. treasures.

Judy said...

Hi Sharon, you have a nice big garden. I bet it's looking really nice with everything growing now. I thought I'd share with you a wonderful seed catalog that my husband and I love. They have wonderful seeds and we've had such good luck with them. We look forward to the catalogs coming in the winter so we can plan our garden out.
Your daughter-in-law and grandson look so happy :)

Here are the links...

Their website

Their blog

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden!!!!! Makes me want to grow ours out more! :) We are from the you all have to worry about alot of wild animals besides deer for your garden? Blessings, Stephanie

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