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Monday, July 13, 2015

Be my little baby bumble bee, buzz around, buzz around, keep a-buzzin' round

We got bees here on the farm! I am so excited! The good news is that we really don't have to do anything! Our friend, Kerry, is a beekeeper and he said that if we offer the space he will place a beehive on our property. He brought over the boxes and left them until he got a phone call of someone who found a swarm looking for a new home.
We decided to put the hive at the back of our property.
It's within view, but it's a safe distance from our home and patio area.
My husband with the help of his father made a fence with a gate to protect the beehive and also to protect our dog and grandchildren from getting too close.
Kerry told Eric to put the hive on a strong wooden base.
Just a few days later Kerry called and said that he found a swarm! When he arrived he put on his bee suit.
I was so surprised that the way he transported them was in a big 5 gallon bucket with a screened lid that's just duct-taped on! I would not feel safe driving down the road with a bucket filled with thousands of bees!
He carried the bees to the beehive.
He took the top layer off the hive saying that they will start with just one box until they acclimate to their new home.
It was interesting to see the old honeycombs from the previous occupants!
He prepared the hive for the new colony to move in.
I stepped way back for this part. He simply took the bucket, shook down the bees to the bottom of the bucket, removed the lid and.....
...shook and poured them into the hive. He could tell that the queen made it safely into her new palace.
He said that it will take a few days for them to start working and advised me to make a syrup for them by dissolving sugar in hot water. I set it outside to cool and the next day he came by and "fed" them the syrup.
He said that there is a risk that the queen will not like it here and she and her swarm could leave. If we see a lot of activity around the hive within the next few days that would be really good sign that they have decided to stay.
The next day I went out there and I saw lots of activity!
We are super excited to have these wonderful creatures on our property! Kerry said they should be very happy here with all of the wild blackberries around. It will be wonderful to have them help pollinate our   gardens.
A few weeks later he came to check on them and he added the second story to their home! They are doing marvelous and thriving! We should be able to harvest honey by August!

"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

busy busy terribly busy ..
more than a bumblebee
more than an ant!
{do you know this little song?}


Lydia said...

How lovely.

I found your blog on Roxy 's blog, and she is a personal friend of mine.

I live in the Willamette Valley, only probably in a much drier area, and also out in the country.

Molly Moore said...

A friend of mine, who is an avid beekeeper, just shared this process with me ! She gave me a jar of honey--which was delicious! She explained that the color of the honey depended on what was available to the bees. My jar was dark, but later batches were lighter colored! Amazing!!! Enjoy and hope you get some delicious honey soon!!!!

Barbara Beach said...

Happy to see buzzy-busy-bees-buzzing around your lovely farm!

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