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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's already been a year!

 One year ago today I started my new job! It has been a wonderful job, I am so happy here!
 I thought I would share with you kind of a typical day for me at work.
It's been really different because before I only had a 5 minute commute and parked right next to the building. Now I have a 30 minute commute and I have to park in a 6 level parking structure. I usually park on the 3rd or 4th level, but some days it's busy and I have parked at the very top.
 One good thing about the parking structure is that I do get a little bit of exercise!
 After I park I have a little walk to get to the hospital. I enjoy it.
 I walk through the vacant lobby, which is really sad to me. I used to work in this building 8 years ago and it was constantly jammed packed with people. They built a new building and that's where all the activity is, but they kept this campus open and just a few departments and offices are open here now. I really miss all of the hub-bub of activity and people.
 I walk through two sky bridges.
It's a beautiful morning!
 Looks like I'm the first one here today, I need to unlock the door.
 When I get there the first thing I do is turn on the lights and open the blinds.
 It's a bit early, so no one is here yet.
 I sit at this giant desk. Before they opened the new hospital, this was the HR department and three people sat at this desk.
 I've organized it and made it professional and comfortable.
 I enjoy sitting here because I get to chit-chat with all of my co-workers as they come into the office.
 I recently brought in a few accessories to make it more cozy and inviting.
 If no one has made the coffee, I'll make a pot.
 I sit down with my coffee and water and log onto my computer.
I check for phone messages, but there usually aren't any. I am thankful the phone does not ring much; my phone at my old job rang all the time, sometimes I would get 100 calls! I've noticed that I don't get the neck and upper back pains like I used to when I answered all those calls!
 I do however, get many emails and sift through them first thing.
 I love the work I do!
 I love my 20 hour a week schedule!!!
 I am an education associate, which is basically an administrative assistant in the Education department.
I help the full-time education associate get everything done. We enter all of the classes that the 4,000 employees take. We also teach the computer portion of the new hire training. I have lots of other duties that I do too. I love knowing that I have a lot of work to do when I get to the office.
Lately I have really been enjoying my job as I have created a SharePoint site for the education team. It has really stretched me and been so rewarding. I had to figure out how to do it all on my own as there is no IT support for this program and it feels really good to me that I accomplished this!
 With the stress and sadness that I've been going through with one of my kids, my job has been such a delightful thing in my life. I am so very thankful to God for giving me this job. I think if I were still at my old job during my son's issues, I would have been really down. It's been so nice to have a job that I look forward to going to.
 I work with wonderful people and they value me.
 I get to dress up too, which I enjoy. I work hard, accomplish a lot, stretch myself, enjoy my office mates, have fun and to top it off,  the days fly by! Oh, and I got a nice raise and have collect a paycheck! It's perfect!
 Before I know it, it's time to clock out and hike the stairs to my car.
 There's my little red car! Now I get to head home to the farm!
One year and one month ago, I was very unfulfilled and kind of depressed at my job. I had been looking for a new job for a long time, I had interviews, but was never hired and felt like I was stuck (click here to read about it). God gave me this miracle job and now I am rejuvenated and very fulfilled with my work. I am so thankful I work for a company that promotes within and for a great supervisor and co-workers who value my work. I am so thankful for such nice co-workers who have become my friends.  I am so very thankful to God for giving me this job!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Hugs, Sharon


Sherry said...

what a lovely post, sharon. first off, i'm praying for your son. i don't know details and don't need to - God knows all and quickens the hearts of His children to pray a certain way. so, i'm praying. i know about having a child going through 'difficulties.' on another note, how neato it is that you have a job you *love* . the pictures of your morning process are great - and i see your fingerprints in making your space lovely, as is your way - making yourself and your surroundings lovely. :) bless you dearly this day.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see your post today - I live across the pond but really enjoy your blog and worry a bit that you are ok if you haven't posted for a while. Your work place looks great as does the new colour hair.


Tracy from the UK

Molly Moore said...

Thanks for the tour of your office. I love the homey touches you have brought with you! The job sounds very interesting! I have not worked outside the home since I had children--almost 23 years! I really need to update my skills!!! I am very impressed!!!! You look fabulous as always!!!

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
What a lovely post to read this morning. I felt as if I was walking beside you. What a nice office you work in, and you've got the most beautiful desk. Love all the special "Sharon" touches. You certainly have a long walk to get there. I was always afraid of parking garages. They scared me, people drive like crazy in them. My husband always drove. I can officially say I'm no longer frightened by them.

Yes, you look wonderful with your gorgeous hair color. I'd sure love a job like that. So glad they treat you well!

I'm still praying for your family.


Farrah said...

I'm so glad that you like your job even if it's not convenient.

I hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, your back! I missed you. I don't need to know details.... I'm praying for you, your family, your son.

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