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Monday, March 2, 2015

A beautiful winter day....

 Last Saturday we had the most beautiful winter's day. We had a busy fun work day out on our property.
 The day started with our son, Grayson, coming over and borrowing our tractor. He bought a 17 acre place just 1 mile from us where him and Rachelle will live together after they get married! Right now he is fixing up his property and borrowed the tractor to help with his latest project of building a fence.
 The rest of us were up on the grassy knoll working hard. I love this picture that I snapped of Eric walking towards me and Grayson is driving the tractor away.
 There goes Grayson. I absolutely love having him for a neighbor. The wonderful thing about it is that he lives down a curving road, so him and Rachelle will still have their privacy, yet they are so close to us. I teased them and said I'm going to just show up unannounced like the mom from "Everybody Loves  Raymond."
Last year we planted 100 trees just below this area and sadly we lost about 30 of them (click here to read about that). Eric thinks that it was because we planted them later in the season and the seedlings were not the best quality. This year my hubby purchased 200 more trees to plant to finish off this part of our property. The first thing he did was cut back all of the wild blackberries and other brush.
We had a very special helper on this day, Eric's father, Jim.
Our son, Hayden, was helping too. Here he is dismantling an old fence.
Jim and I had the job of picking up large sticks and throwing them on the burn pile.
This was hard work!
We got a pretty good little workout carrying those sticks up this little hill.
It was so much fun working together on this beautiful sunny February day!
The burn pile got pretty big. I didn't think it would burn because the limbs were wet, but it did!
Time for a little break.
Blondie is hoping that we will throw a stick her way! haha
It was really fun for us to see that we had a little more property than we realized once we got in here and cut down the brush.
Working hard!
Playing hard!
Eric's teaching Hayden how to plant trees. I love this shot of the two of them together.
Eric had the trees soaking in water to make sure they were hydrated before getting planted. He purchased Ponderosa Pine and Incense Cedar.
A gorgeous day!
Hayden caught on to tree planting right away and did a wonderful job.
Grandpa Jim tended to the fire.
I love the smell, it reminds me of camping!
Hayden with his Grandpa. What great memories we created today!
And someday there will be a forest here to commemorate this day!

"Let the trees of the forest sing, let them sing for joy before the Lord, for He comes to judge the earth." I Chronicles 16:33

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

How exciting for your son and future DIL to be living so close to you and Eric. I enjoy reading about how you are adjusting to country life and all that you are doing. We are finally settling in here as it's been almost 5 years but now we seem to know what we want to do and we have the maple sugaring down pat so it's on to the next step, which is animals.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice post Sharon! I love reading about your place and what all you and your family has done with it. So much work, but I am sure so rewarding and fulfilling too! That is especially neat to have your son as your neighbor! (The 'Everybody Loves Raymond' comment was cute! haha)

I really do enjoy your posts as you put a lot of content and show things and their outcome... One of the very few blogs left out there that is real and enjoyable to read. I appreciate your 'realness'.

Blessings to you and your family :)

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