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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Look what I did!!!!

 On New Year's Day I decided to start 2015 with a bang! I dyed my hair red! I really did not plan this, let me explain how it came about.
I love my blond hair, but it's high maintenance and I'm getting tired of it. I am tired of it growing out and looking this the picture above with my dark roots showing. Also, I have lots of breakage. I used to do it myself for years with a hair painting system, then I went for years to a professional salon and got weaves. I quit going to the salon because it cost $60.00 and it would grow out in about 2 months. I went back to painting it myself and that worked pretty well for the past two years, but then back in October when I did it myself and I ended up getting brassy blobs with breakage. The brassy color did fade and I got through the holidays, but was time to dye my hair again and I wanted to find an easier way to make it blond.
The week after Christmas I went to the beauty supply store to find a blond hair dye that you pour all over your head and work in like shampoo. The lady at the store told me that if I used the all-over blond bleach I would have a high chance of either turning it bright orange or having it all fall out. Uhmm..two choices I'm not a big fan of. I asked her about the brown dyes and she helped me pick a color that matches my true dark blond/light brown hair.
I was so ready to just bite the bullet and be my natural self, but at the last minute I asked if they had a brown wig I could try on. I tried it on and did not like the way it made me look. There was a pretty red wig there and I tried it on and we all loved it. She helped me find the perfect shade of red that matched the wig.

On New Year's Day I decided to go for it! I was very, very nervous, but it was so easy! I simply mixed the dye with the developer and worked it into my hair covering every bit of it. I left it on for 40 minutes and took a shower. I have to admit, it was a bit scary and reminded me of the movie Psycho with all of that red hair dye running down the shower drain! I was pretty shocked when I pulled the towel off my head and saw that crimson shade, but once I blew it dry, I immediately liked it.
 Boy, that's really red in the direct sun!
 This is not the best photo of me, looking right into the sun, but you can see how it looks more auburn in this photo. I like it that it is fluid and has different hues and highlights to it. It is so very soft and shiny too!
 It's a new sassy me and I'm having fun!
 It's kind of shocking, but a refreshing change. Most people have been very favorable of the change, but a few don't like it. The girls at work really like it. My husband said he needed time to get used to it, but that he did like it.
 So to remind you, here's a before picture of me with my blond hair at work and..'s an after shot (wearing the same outfit!). It's been a month now and it's lightening up, which I think I like better. What do you think of my red hair? Please give me your honest opinion.

I do believe I will be going back to blond, but I am first going to experiment with some of the lighter chestnut browns. I told my husband that I am really enjoying the freedom of no grow-out lines. I also think that my hair really needs a break from all of the harsh bleach. I'm hoping to keep it brown/red for a few months and let my hair get healthier before I go back to blond.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29-31

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I like the red:) ~Mary Anne

Donna said...

I love the red on you Sharon , please keep it . I think it brightens your face and works well with your skin tone. I am very happy you are back to posting again I look forward to it . Donna

Heartfelt living said...

Sharon you look beautiful either way but honestly I like the red! It looks very natural on you and brightens your face. It's so fun being a girl and being able to make these changes!
After a year planning my daughter's wedding and just being so busy, I needed a change too. I cut my long hair to the end of my neck. It feels great doing something a little different. It's like you get a fresh start!
I will admit I miss the long hair and I'm growing it out but for now I'm feeling sassy too! 😉

Anonymous said...

I love the red!! Its so shiny and healthy looking. So glad you are back to blogging. God bless you and your family. Donna

Joanne Roach said...

The red, keep the red, you look far younger and your face glows

Anonymous said...

I agree with these folks, the red is good. I have colored my hair for about 10 yrs and the gray no longer takes the color in places so I am going to have to find another brand to use. it is expensive to have it done. But the red is very nice and bright.

Anonymous said...

Love your new hair color. It goes so well with your complexion.

Mardell said...

You look BEAUTIFUL, Sharon! I totally agree with what the gals have said. I'm a big chicken ~ have never colored my hair. (I need to, though!)

Again, you look amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I think the red is beautiful.
It is always nice to have a change now and again :)

Tanza said...

You look beautiful in either color ..... It is very warm and charming against your sweet face !!! I am a fan tho of BLOND .... I get mine weaved every three months, by a professional, and, totally get what you mean by going and paying for the service, but, she only weaves the roots, and, it is soooo soft, shiney and healthy ...... I always try to remember that most blondes have darker roots, the CA sunshine definitely helps to bring out the natural blond, and we don't always have to have blonde roots .... hope that makes sense, but, in the mean time just enjoy your fun new color, and be a sassy one all you want ... You are a doll, and I always enjoy reading your shares ....
Love to you sweet one ~Tanza~

Sue said...

I think it is beautiful Sharon, I like both, change is always good! You look so youthful!

jAne said...

love it.. it offers a gentle frame and tone for your pretty face. :)

Jim and Sandy Bertrand said...

Hi Sharon, I have been reading your blog for a number of years and love it. I really miss when you are not blogging. As for the hair color stay with the red. It is very becoming and softens your face and makes you look younger. The color is a winner. Sandy

Molly's Art Designs said...

The red looks gorgeous Sharon! You have such beautiful skin tone that looks good with red or blonde! I have been experimenting with henna on my dark hair since I am allergic to hair dye. My daughter went red for awhile and loved it, then she got light hi lights, and now she has something called ombre which is dark and fades to almost blonde at the ends!
Blessings- Molly

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