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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cleaning The Storage...

 One year ago my sisters, Kelli & Kathi, and I met at our parents house to do a big project. Our parents still live in our childhood home, the home we grew up in. They have lived in this house for 52 years!
They have a little family room above their garage with an adjacent attic which we always referred to as The Storage. The Storage is absolutely full of stuff and has not been cleaned out for probably 30 years. We knew that we had to tackle this job at some point in the future, so decided that we would go over and tackle this huge task while we had time and energy and also that our parents were still alive.
 We asked Daddy to make a fire in the old wood-stove in the garage like he used to do when we were little. We were all so impressed that at his age of 85 he could still chop wood!
 I will segue a minute here and tell you about this wonderful old stove. We have so many fond memories of playing around this antique stove. On a rainy day my Dad would pull the car out of the garage and build a fire in the old stove and turn on his antique radio to the country/western channel. All of us four kids would roller-skate, play darts, play dolls, play board games, table tennis, etc. out in that cozy garage. What fun we had! I always felt so safe and secure, those were truly good times!

The storage room we were cleaning does not have heat and is very cold. The room is right above the wood stove, so the heat radiates up and warms it. Notice my father's cool old antiques hanging behind the stove. He is a collector and those items have been up there since I was little.
 Ok, let's head up and see what we are dealing with. You would never know what lies beneath this cute little white door, lets take a peek, shall we...
 ....dunt, dunt, duh...
 ....decades of saved items, memories, useful things you don't know what to do with,
 useful things you only need once a year, no so useful things that were just left here. We all contributed to it, so there is no blame here. It's just a big job that somebody's gotta do!
 We just dug in and started hauling everything out into the adjacent family room. We made lots of headway!
We ordered pizza for lunch and made a fun day of it. We found lots of lost treasures.
 We had lots of laughs too. We also had moments of being completely overwhelmed with the size of the job and also moments of sadness as we reflected on the way things used to be when our parents were young and healthy, but for the most part it was fun.
 It was really great because we were cleaning out our parents things, but they were safely alive and well downstairs. This is the scene I observed when I went downstairs for a coffee refill; my Daddy is lovingly reading the Bible to our Mamma just as he does every morning.
 We went over there several different days and onetime we had a visit from a very special little boy! So even though we almost feel like we are tearing down memories, we actually are building new ones!
Another reason why it's great to do this cleaning now is that our Daddy is still with us and he can explain to us what things are and why they are meaningful. For example he told us that this little whisk broom was his during the navy. All of the sudden this seemingly piece of junk has turned into a very special treasure! I have it hanging on a little hook in my kitchen now!
 He was very interested in going down memory lane with us.
 This is a poster from the car company when he bought his first car! Kathi took this home to her husband where he hung it in his shop. The good news about my parents is that they were not trying to hold on to this stuff, they wanted it gone, but it made them feel good when us girls were able to use some of the things.
My mom was an excellent seamstress and she made many of our clothes. We found boxes and boxes of fabric and boxes of patterns. This poncho pattern touched all of our hearts. Mom made us all matching wool plaid ponchos with matching skirts and matching berets for Easter one year.
This pattern had my name on it in her writing along with notes about what her plans were. She did make me this outfit and I still remember it! It was very similar to the center outfit made with a soft ocean blue fabric with little pink flowers. It was really cute. The love she put into all of her beautiful sewing projects is immeasurable. Needless to say, I saved this pattern.
 We found a huge stack of old record albums.
 Oh the memories these old albums bring back! Our parents played records every evening as we were falling asleep. My mother also woke us up on special occasions to the voice of Engelbert Humperdinck or Tom Jones.
 Then we came across this old gem! Who remembers this cute teen heartthrob? I think Bobby Sherman was my first crush.
 We had so much fun playing these old albums and FYI, Bobby Sherman's voice still melts my heart!
 Kelli found an old project she made with our Daddy. It was a story she had written, but the neat twist is that it was in this box and wrapped on dowels that you could turn to read the story. This gave all of us warm fuzzy memories and we love that our Daddy was so involved and helpful with our projects.
 After three different weekends, we finally finished it!
 It's completely cleaned out except for our mother's hope-chest, which I will be taking home. I have plans to paint it and shabby chic it.
 This past weekend we all met over there again this time to tackle our mother's clothes closets.
 Here we are being silly modeling fabulous 80's clothes with the huge shoulder pads! Again, we made it a fun day with Chinese food for lunch. We cleaned and organized things keeping the clothes our mother still wears. We all tried on many outfits and we all took several pieces home and then donated the rest.

These projects are hard work, but working together made it so much more fun and as I said before, it's really nice that even though we get moments of sadness we are happy that our parents are still with us. Some day they will be moving to an Assisted Living facility and the more we can take care of in advance, the easier that transition will be. It feels really good to get so much done already.
My parents a few years ago at our old house
I am so thankful for my loving parents and I'm so thankful they are still with us. I'm so thankful for my dear sisters and that we can work hard together and we enjoy each other so much.

"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you."

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Sharon, you and your sisters are so cute! And, I admire how you all take such good care of your sweet parents. What a blessing to have them both still with you all. That looked like a big job but you all persevered! I bet that feels great having that task behind you all. I think it looked like fun! Especially for a treasure hunter! :) Plus, the 'treasures' have meaning behind them.
SO enjoying your more frequent posts. Praying for you!

Molly Moore said...

Oh Sharon--
What a sweet post!!! I am an only child, so I had to do this alone. It was really hard until the 90 year old woman across the street started coming over to help me--she had so much fun looking through the boxes that her joy helped my sadness. She was just so funny--I know that she was sent by God to help me!!! I listened to Bobby Sherman as well lol!!! Your parents are so sweet and look absolutely marvelous!!!
Blessings, Molly

Judy said...

What a job you and your sisters tackled, not only physically but emotionally. Your parents are so blessed to have such wonderful loving daughters. I'm sure it was much easier though to go through all of it now and not after your parents have passed on.
My mom sewed all of mine and my sisters clothes and those patterns bring back a lot of memories for me.

Sara Hardaway said...

What a lovely post!! You all will treasure that time together. Loved the patterns. My mother sewed too as did my sister and me. we made almost all of our clothes. I saved patterns and sewing items too. Enjoy your parents.

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