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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple Harvest

 This past fall our apple trees produced a great harvest! We have two varieties, this pretty red one, which is sweet and a green apple that is more sour.
 They are so beautiful!
 They taste wonderful too!
My beautiful daughter-in-love, Brittany came over to pick a few apples with her precious son, Ridley.
I took the opportunity to do a little fall photo shoot with them.
 These photos turned out so cute!
 Mama's protective, loving hands.
 I love this one!
 Ridley was fascinated by the apples and loved the taste!
 Aren't they beautiful!
We don't spray them, so I did find a few worms, but not too many!
I decided to make an apple crisp on this cozy fall afternoon.
 I peeled and sliced the apples and sprinkled cinnamon on them.
 Then made a crumbly crust and.....
 ....sprinkled it on top and popped it in the oven.
 And what will I do with all of these peels?
 I fed them to the goats!
 Mmmm! They found them delicious and at them up lickety-split!
 We still had plenty of apples left, so my friend Mary, invited me over to her place to make apple cider.
They have a wonderful, easy to use cider press. It's handmade and gorgeous. It's also electric, so it's super easy to use!
 Her chickens kept trying to get into our apples! Shoo little chicks, shoo! You get away from those apples they're ours!
 We simply plugged the apple press in and.....
 ....threw the apples down the shoot, where the motor ground them all up.
 This is what the ground up apples look like.
Do you ever get that feeling that someone is lurking around, watching you? haha
 Next we put this round board on top of the ground apples.
 We pressed the apples down as much as we could by hand and then....
 ...attached the crank....
 ...and started turning it to compact the apples expressing all of the juice out of them.
 It was really fun!
 Look at all that beautiful juice!
 This was such a fun day!
 It tastes absolutely delicious!
 After we squeezed all the juice out, this is what remains.
 Mary put all the left over apple skins into a garbage bag to give to the chickens.
 We took a little break and enjoyed the fruits of our labor!
 It was well worth it for these ladies to hang around, they got to eat all the scraps!
 I am so thankful for our apple tree and the fruit that it bears!

"Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances." Proverbs 25:11

Hugs, Sharon


Donna said...

That looks like so much fun. Your apples are beautiful. Thank You for sharing your blog . Donna

jAne said...

oh wow what a fun day making apple juice! i've never seen this done.. :) learned something new. :) and what a darling little grandson. precious.

gin said...

That's such a neat project to make your own Apple cider. And happy birthday to your baby grandson turning 1. Such special times! I'm glad I get to follow your blog and catch up on all your news.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post Sharon :)
I am so glad that you are posting again. I find myself envious of your life at times. I would love to live in a place like yours. You are very blessed. This just seems like a storybook dream come true to have your own apple trees, goats etc.
I continue to pray for you and hope that as you press on, you find blessings from God everywhere you look. Blessings to you!

Curious Thinker said...

Hello, Sharon, I haven't just started reading your blog again. I'm glad you're black blogging and hope you and your family are doing okay. Nice photos and hoped you all had a great time. God Bless.

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