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Friday, February 28, 2014

She said yes!!!!

He asked and she said yes!!!!
Yep...Grayson and Rachelle are engaged! They have been talking about it for several months and he decided to go buy her ring and he asked her on Valentine's day!
 We had a family dinner to celebrate with champagne!
 Isn't her ring gorgeous!
 This is the first time we met Rachelle, she came over for a family dinner. They were so young! He was 17 and she was 15, he was a junior and she was a freshman.
 High school sweethearts!!!
 They both played basketball, so rode the buses together to the games and that's how they got to know each other. Here they are after a game. Grayson's hair was dyed black back then.
 Here they are again after a game and his hair is growing out!
 They were together for a long time.
 Here they are for Cinco de Mayo.
 He had this cute picture of her taped inside his truck.
 Fun time in the summer time!
 School started back up and Grayson was on the football team and she was at all of his games. He was a senior and she's now a sophomore.
She always painted a #14 on her cheek! sweet!
 She came along for the photo shoot for his senior pictures and I asked the photographer to take a few of them together. I sure am glad I did, because now they are getting married!
 What a beautiful couple they are!
 These photos look like they're from a catalog!
 They could be models!
Uh...what did I just say??? Models? haha
 Aren't they cute! They're all dressed up for homecoming week.
 He played He-Man volleyball and she played Powderpuff football! So cute!
 Last game of the season....
 ...such a sweet picture!
 Homecoming dance!
 Together at Mackenzie and Brittany's wedding!
 One of Grayson's birthday dinners!
 They shared a locker and Grayson made this sweet!
 A kiss for luck before he ran his race at the State prelim track meet!
 Her kiss worked! He made it to finals!
 Grayson was prom king and Rachelle was his queen!
 My husband and I were secretly invited, so we got to see him be crowned King and watch the royal courts first dance!
 What great memories!
 Graduation! That's Rachelle's beautiful mother behind them.
 This couple reminds me of my husband and I.
 They are fire and ice. They have great chemistry and play and flirt a lot, they are so in love, but they squabble a bit.
 Because they have been together so long though, they have learned to talk things out more and don't squabble as much.
 They've been together for 6 years now with a break-up in the middle about 2 years ago.
 It's neat that they have such a long history together!
 They are very compatible.
 They have many neat memories together.
 So many fun times!
 This was when Rachelle was a cheerleader for her Junior year and Grayson had graduated. She's so cute in her uniform!
 He decided to give her a promise ring!
 She was so excited to get it!
 Camping and riding the trails!
 It's so neat to see that they work together so great.
 They go to church together and are strong in the Lord.
They are so excited to start their life together! They are planning to get married summer of 2015!
We're so excited that they are taking the plunge!!!

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2:25 

Hugs, Sharon
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