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Friday, January 31, 2014

Shelves in my closets!

I am truly blessed and so thankful that I am married to a talented and gifted man. He is so handy and can do so many different projects for me. He is an excellent carpenter. One project he recently completed was to build shelves for me for four of my closets in just one afternoon! He started with this little broom closet in our laundry room.
When we first moved here I was so excited to have a broom closet, but as the months have passed, I realized that I really don't need it and would rather have this closet serve as a second pantry for my kitchen.
Enter this cute Mr. Fix-it!
 He measured and cut and hammered and.....
 ....this was the finished product!
 I am so thrilled! This area now will house my small appliances such as the bread machine, my mixer and my crock-pots. It also will hold all my baking supplies. This will free up much needed space in our kitchen pantry.
 The next project was this large hall closet. It has a shelf way at the top with a bar to hang clothes or coats, but we just don't need it for that. We have a hall closet by the front door for coats and the vacuum, so we are turning this into more storage space for other items.
 More measuring!
 Measure twice, cut once! He amazes me with his knowledge and abilities.
An hour later there were three big nice shelves hung! This area will now be my crafting supply closet. I'm so excited to have all of my paints, scraps of fabric, special card stock, glue gun and other supplies all so handy!
 Next up.....the guest room closet! Oh my goodness, what a mess it is now!
 Not to worry, Mr. Fix-it to the rescue!!!
He hung two nice big shelves in this one. I am planning on putting our linens in here and probably all of my gift wrap.
 The last one is this little closet in the guest room.
 He hung four shelves in here for me.
This closet will probably hold just that extra stuff that we all seem to have in our homes, extra picture frames, decorative pieces, etc. I am so thankful to have all of this extra storage space!
I am so thankful for my husband. He works so hard and so quickly too, also, I had fun flirting all day with the handyman!

"I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." Galations 2:20

Hugs, Sharon

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A very special Wedding Album.....

Last week I told you about the "Say Yes to the Dress" brunch I had for my beautiful future daughter-in-love, Megan. For the table centerpiece I displayed all kinds of fun vintage wedding items and today I'd like to share more with you about one of the books that I displayed (I will be sharing the other one soon too!).
This book is very old and very special. It's the wedding book of my great grandparents, Bessie and James Jackson!
They were married June 3, 1908! It's amazing to me that this book is 105 years old!
It's just a wonderful piece of family history. They were betrothed on August 28, 1907.
Here are their pictures.
Mr. James G. Jackson.
Miss Bessie Gray.
What's so cute is they had a chaperon, Miss Virgie Williams, and it was such an important thing that they event mention it in the wedding album and placed her picture above theirs. What a lovely innocent time period that was!
This is their wedding announcement, it's simple yet, elegant. I love it that it was on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 at the location of her parent's home.
I thought these pages were adorable! It says, "The trousseau...frills and bows and furbelows"!

Trousseau: The personal possessions of a bride usually including clothes, accessories, and household linens and wares.

Furbelow: 1. A pleated or gathered piece of material; especially: a flounce on women's clothing. 2. something that suggests a furbelow especially in being showy or superfluous.
I just love it that she actually pasted fabric swatches from her dress!
She also saved pieces of fabric from her other dresses. This is soooo darling! I love the brown polka-dot fabric!
She noted the details from her wedding shower.
I found it interesting that she had her shower just two days before she was married, unlike today when we often do them a month or more prior to the wedding. Also, I noticed that almost every gift was a handkerchief!
I love this bride's poem and especially love the last line, "I am thine."
Here's the big day! I wish that they had more photos of the wedding and her dress, but this was all that was there.
I love this beautiful wedding certificate. She even glued in a picture of the minister.
Here's a picture of the bridal party. James and Bessie are sitting on the right.
Again, simple, yet elegant and affordable; for refreshments they simply had several choices of cake, ice cream and fruit punch.  They served Angel Food cake, Devil's Food cake and Bride's cake.  Sometimes I wish we could go back to these simpler times, getting married on a Wednesday afternoon in your parents backyard and serve cake. It sure would help the newlyweds with a better financial start.
They received many gifts!
I love this picture! It says "Piano from Jim" I'm assuming this is a gift that the groom gave to the bride and that's her playing it with her darling white blouse, black skirt and her hair up in a lovely bun.
The handwriting was so pretty. I read through the gifts received and people were so generous.
Their first home!
Isn't it amazing! Oh how I would love to see this house!
Here's a picture of Mrs. Bessie Jackson it says, "when first married 1908-1909" What an amazing horse and buggy!
A year later that got formal photos taken.
He was a handsome man.
And she was a beautiful woman.
Then they went off on their honey moon!
Here's the article from their newspaper. I love that it says "They left on the evening train for Topeka and other western points." Soooo cute!
She saved this business card from the Hotel Throop in Topeka. I'm assuming this is where they spent their honeymoon. How romantic!
In the back of the book there were these two pictures torn from a catalog with notes on them. I'm assuming that this top one is her wedding dress and she's made some changes to it. Aren't they darling dresses!
I'm wondering if this was her traveling dress. It's so pretty too. I'm thinking that all the women had formal white dresses and formal black dresses for different social events.
I also thought it was so cute that the newspaper even printed an article  about them entertaining guests for dinner for their sixth anniversary. I wonder if this was common for all couples or if they were in a high social group. It's pretty amazing that it was considered news!
Oh how I loved going down memory lane with my great grandparents on their wedding day! What a treasure to have this piece of family history!

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22

Hugs, Sharon
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